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Another day has just ended which means that we are getting closer to the biggest night for Mother Earth. May 11 is the day to remember as we await the crowning of Miss Philippines Earth 2014 :) Just like in the pageant, the competition in our poll is tough as a new lady emerges on the lead toppling the frontrunners! Will this trend continue? Or are we expecting a retaliation from the camp of the frontrunners? We will see in the next few days…

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Margie Alatan (Zamboanga City) – 36.76%

Jamie Herrell (Cebu City) – 16.45%

Diane Carmel Querrer (Tanauan City) – 7.97%

Angelie Crizelle Ocampo (Sta. Rita, Pampanga) – 6.94%

Jennifer Kaye Allego (Tigbao, Zamboanga del Sur) – 3.60%

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I can’t wait for Miss World Philippines 2014 to start :) In fact, I can’t stop talking about it! Today, I discover the successful “relationship” of the Miss World Philippines Organization and Aces & Queens. We all know that for the three years that Miss World Philippines is crowning a delegate for the Miss World pageant, they have crowned Aces & Queens delegates. Unless you lived under a rock for the past decade, then you are most likely aware that Aces & Queens is one of the biggest beauty pageant camp in the Philippines headed by Jonas Gaffud.

Photo Credits: AQ FB Page

Photo Credits: AQ FB Page

Gwendoline Ruais (Miss World 2011 1st Runner-up) and Queenierich Rehman (Miss World 2012 Semifinalist) were A & Q trainees when they competed in their respective national pageants. Reigning Miss World Megan Young was the lone A & Q delegate in the national pageant last year. It is an impressive 3/3 for the winning beauty camp :)

I already mentioned to you the possibility that Valerie Weigmann will be representing the camp this year. Now, as we look forward for the 2014 pageant, let me float more names :) This only proves that A & Q has a handful of ladies in their stable, ladies that they can field in any day for Miss World Philippines 2014.

The MWP Trend

I am not sure if I am seeing a trend on some random things but I must dare say that Gwen Ruais and Queenierich Rehman were Binibini semifinalists on the year before they joined their respective Miss World Philippines pageants. If we will base it on this trend then I must say that Mariel de Leon and Shan Apuad fit the bill. Mariel and Shan were both A & Q entries in Bb. Pilipinas 2013. Both failed to clinch a crown but was lucky to be in the semifinals.

One of Mariel's latest photo Photo Credits: Sash Factor

One of Mariel’s latest photo
Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Shan’s Official Portrait in BBP2013 Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

The Hot Properties

Assuming that the trend I mentioned above is just a pigment of my imagination, Aces & Queens may also opt to field three of its hottest candidates. These three are fresh from their Binibining Pilipinas 2014 experience. All were expected to do well in the pageant but some really disappointing reasons failed to enter the winning group. Yes, I am talking about Kimverlyn Suiza, Diana Arevalo and Pia Wurtzbach. I am not so sure on the age requirement of Miss World Philippines but I hope that they will be qualified to join the pageant.

One of my BBP2014 frustrations.. Photo Credits: Sash Factor

One of my BBP2014 frustrations..
Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Diana has been loyal with Binibini and did not dare dip her toes in other national pageants. Despite the loyalty, a Binibini crown was still elusive. Will this be the perfect time for Diana to explore outside of Binibini?

Photo Credits: Bong Tan of Missosology

Photo Credits: Bong Tan of Missosology

Pia was one of the top bets for Binibining Pilipinas 2014 by beauty pageant fans. We had the biggest surprise of our lives when Pia was left out of the Top 7! After recovering from all the disappointment, fans were thrilled to see her in Eat Bulaga - the noontime show of GMA. Of course her appearance in the show made the headlines as (1) She was a Star Magic talent – the talent arm of ABS-CBN – the main TV network rival of GMA and (2) GMA is the media partner of Miss World Philippines. This just opens a lot of possibilities.

Pia in Eat Bulaga Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Pia in Eat Bulaga
Photo Credits: Sash Factor

I’ll most likely faint if these 5 will be official candidates of the pageant. I surely can’t wait.

Who do you want to see on the Miss World Philippines stage?

Me?!? I’ll go with Mariel de Leon & Kimverlyn Suiza


This is my very first update for this blog’s Miss USA 2014 Poll. I just wanted to share with you that the competition is brewing as fans are pulling all the stops to make sure that their favorites will lead :)

I have seen a couple of ladies on top of our poll but the fans of New York’s Candace Kendall ensures her success at the end of the day! I am much more keen to see how this will shape-up!

Photo Credits: Miss USA

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Candace Kendall (New York) – 29.17%

Jesica Ahlberg (Alabama) – 25%

Charisse Haislop (West Virginia) – 20.83%



This should put off all rumors that there was a bit of animosity between Jennifer Barrientos and MJ Lastimosa which allegedly stemmed from the fact that MJ jump shipped from Aces & Queen to Kagandahang Flores for Binibining Pilipinas 2014. Jennifer (as we all know) is a proud member of Aces & Queens.

Photo Credits: Maricar Lastimosa's FB Page

Photo Credits: Maricar Lastimosa’s FB Page

The bottom pics on this collage are saying that these are still friends and it looks like there is no trouble in the beauty queen paradise. At the end of the day, both are Binibinis and will surely be seeing each other in events and soiree of BPCI. I really believe that the photo is genuine as this was taken in Hong Kong during the girls’ vacation. Since they are outside of the country, they could have chosen to ignore or avoid each other if there is really something between them.

MJ and Jennifer are seen here with fellow Binibinis - Shamcey Supsup and Elaine Kay Moll.

What do you think guys?


I love them girls when they can walk the talk :)

I have great respect for beauty queens who can present themselves well on stage through a powerful and distinct walk! Thus, I am hats off to the winners of the Catwalk Challenge of Miss Philippines Earth 2014. As announced earlier tonight, it was Pasig City’s Jashmin-Lyn Dimaculangan who reigned supreme on this challenge :)

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Photo Credits: Miss Philippines Earth

Photo Credits: Miss Philippines Earth

Crowned as the second placer in this challenge was Cebu City’s Jamie Herrell. This lady is sweeping all the important challenges by managing to place in the swimsuit challenge and the Trash to Class event. Third place went to Janelle Tee of Davao City!

Congratulations ladies!


When we hear the word “beauty queen”, we immediately think of crowns, make-up and gowns. We think of a well-lighted stage, spotlights and a yelling crowd. However, behind the glitz and glamour of the beauty pageant stage is a whole lot of sacrifices and a bunch of good old hard work from our beauty queens.

Photo Credits: Angelo Mendez

Kris in Pink shirt and MJ in Blue shirt

Despite the fact that there pageants are not yet set, MJ Lastimosa and Kris Tiffany Janson are already in the middle of intense work out session to make sure that they are on their best form during the competition. Lastimosa will compete in Miss Universe 2014 while Janson will represent Philippines in Miss Intercontinental 2014.

The best of luck for Kris and MJ…

I am sure that all these hard work will be worth it in the end :)


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