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Things are heating up in London for Miss World 2014! Let me start my pageant coverage with our coverage staple – our public poll. Here is Miss World 2014 Poll.

Same reminders apply here:

  • This poll is exclusively use of Kattera Beauty only. The results of this poll will not affect the results of Miss World 2014.
  • The poll will be closed on December 12, 2014 11PM (Manila Time)
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I’m Back!

I’m back from a self-imposed hiatus…

With a heavy heart, I left Cebu City to pursue an opportunity here in Iloilo City

And I am loving every second of my stay here :D

I am back in time for Miss World 2014 & Miss Universe 2014!

A special shout-out to Joy for the very sweet message she left… This one is for you!

back-from-hiatusPhoto Credits:


I have expressed it HERE how I want to see Janine Gutierrez try out for Miss World Philippines 2014. It seems that Janine is too busy with her acting career for her to join a beauty pageant. Seeing this photo motivated me to “shout just a little bit louder” and Janine might just hear my plea.

Janine Gutierrez

Photo Credits: Philippine Star & Fashion Pulis

Just Beautiful :)


It is (by far) the hottest Pinoy beauty pageant brouhaha for 2014. It made me hit my keyboard again during a self-imposed hiatus. The story has the ingredients of a top-rated teleserye plot:

  • Beauty Queens
  • Rival Camps
  • Backstabbing Allegations
  • Secret Audio Recording
  • Deleted IG posts
  • Meaningful FB posts

You must have been asleep if you haven’t heard about the audio recording that surfaced over the weekend. “Allegedly” (being the key word here), the ladies in the recording were Janine Tugonon and Venus Raj and they were “allegedly” bad mouthing MJ Lastimosa. 

I tried searching for a copy of the audio recording but I wasn’t able to find one (if you have a copy, it’ll be nice if you can share it with me – Thus, I am in no position to comment if the allegations against Janine and Venus are true. I am also reserving my reaction until such time that I will be able to prove that indeed Janine and Venus said something off against MJ. At this time when anyone can hide behind  an alternick, we can easily accuse others and point fingers just for the fun of it. However, let us try to be discerning and understand the facts before we react..

Me?!? I have nothing but questions…

  • Who recorded the audio? And who released it to the public?
  • Was this recorded during Bb. Pilipinas 2014? Or is this a video from 2012?
  • Who will benefit/benefited with the release of the audio recording?
  • Is this a camp rivalry as much as beauty queen bickering?
  • How’s MJ Lastimosa doing with all the issues being thrown at her? – I certainly hope that MJ will not be affected by the issue. Instead, focus on the bigger picture – the Miss Universe crown!

Jonas Gaffud chose to stay quiet…

Rodgil Flores warned us against the sin of not speaking up…

Photo Credits: Pageant Talk Overload-Philippines

Photo Credits: Pageant Talk Overload-Philippines

I don’t have the answers but it seems that MJ Lastimosa (herself) have something to say to her admirers and bashers. Here is what is written on her FB page:

“One must not criticize other people on grounds where he can’t stand perpendicular himself. – Mark Twain”



I miss Kris Tiffany Janson :(  I haven’t seen her in major activities after she was crowned. I was trying to search more information about Miss Intercontinental 2014 few days ago when I decided to write about the pageant through its numbers. I thought that it would be a very unique way to introduce the pageant to those who are not familiar :)

Photo Credits: Missosology


The year that Miss Intercontinental was born in Aruba


The most number of participants in a Miss Intercontinental pageant. This happened in 2005.


The  total number of Miss Intercontinental pageant. No pageant was held from 1984 to 1992.


The number of times that Germany hosted the pageant :)


Countries that placed seven times already but are still searching for its Intercontinental crown


Countries with the most number of Miss Intercontinental win – USA & Venezuela – with 5 crowns each!


Miss International crown for the Philippines

Let me close this by saying that I am confident that Kris Janson will bring home the country’s first crown!


Let us start our week on a very positive note. Sharing with you The “curves” of Mary Jean Lastimosa. Seriously, I can’t wait to see this bangin’ body on the stage of Miss Universe 2014.

Photo Credits: FB Page of MJ Lastimosa

Photo Credits: FB Page of MJ Lastimosa

 Whew! Those curves… Watch-out Universe!


Yomatsy Hazlewood captured the right to represent Panama in Miss Universe 2014  :) The ebony beauty was not the fan favorite going into the finals but she surprised everyone after clinching the crown. She was not my favorite either but I feel that she a lot of potential. She has a very classic beauty. With enough preparation, Yomatsy might just do well in Miss Universe later this year. The cheekbones, the chin and that forehead are making me hopeful.

Photo Credits: Missosology &


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