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Miss Earth 2013 Poll

A Kattera coverage is never complete without our staple pageant poll. A way to determine your favorite candidate on each major beauty pageant, this poll became an avenue for most of you to express your support for your favorite candidate. Let your voices be heard and VOTE NOW! Simple reminders :) This POLL is intended for… Continue reading Miss Earth 2013 Poll

Miss Earth

Miss Earth 2013 (2nd Update): The Official Candidates!

I am finally letting go of Miss Universe 2013 and I am now ready to face Miss Earth 2013 :) I am excited to cover Miss Earth 2013 as I have some “interesting” things to do during the pageant. I will be sharing them with you next week. This weekend marks the official start of the pageant!… Continue reading Miss Earth 2013 (2nd Update): The Official Candidates!

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Bangon Visayas: Be a Volunteer

If you have nothing to do this weekend, I highly request that you spend several hours in helping our brothers and sisters who suffered from the wrath of Super Typhoon Yolanda. If you have extra cash, you can donate them to several agencies working on some relief activities for them. Click THIS for more information. If… Continue reading Bangon Visayas: Be a Volunteer

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Shout-Out of the Day (11.15.13): What to Expect?

I just came home from work and I am about to leave again. I thought that it would be best to leave you a not explaining my absence for the past few days. I told you about the Super Typhoon Yolanda that caused a lot of destruction in the Visayas region. As a proud Bisaya, I am… Continue reading Shout-Out of the Day (11.15.13): What to Expect?

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Miss Cebu 2014 (2nd Update): The Profile Photos

The official candidates of Miss Cebu 2014 were introduced last month through an event attended by Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama. The 12 candidates are now going through some pre-pageant activities which include packing of relief goods for those who got affected by the Super Typhoon. Today, I am sharing with you the official Profile Photos of the… Continue reading Miss Cebu 2014 (2nd Update): The Profile Photos