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Photo of the Day (05.09.10)

Photo Credits: Mabuhay Beauties

The queens of Miss Philippines Earth 2010

together with

Alejandra Echevarria & a rep of Ever Belina

The Singing Bee-auty Queens

I saw this on TV and was amazed that Alejandra Echeverria is still here!! Yay! I love my Miss Earth 2009 :) Check the video below (@5:38)!!! She looks amazing… I would love to see her entering the Philippine Showbiz World.

Karla Henry looks gorge! And Sandra Seifert was wearing WHAT?!?

Video Credits: honeyjemgar of 

Kattera Awards 2009: Face of Miss Earth 2009

Presenting to you the unforgettable faces of Miss Earth 2009 in Boracay! These faces will surely define the said pageant :) Please vote for your favorite! The winner of this poll will have a grand face-off with the winners of Face of Miss Universe 2009, Face of Miss International 2009, and Face of Miss World 2009.

Jamillette Gaxiola – Cuba

Photo Credits:

Eye still couldn’t understand the snub… Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Nona Diakonidze – Georgia

Photo Credits:

Those luscious lips are killing me! Soo happy to see her being called a semifinalist!

Izabela Wilczek – Poland

Photo Credits:

Oh, another personal favorite of mine! Look at those eyes and you will see :)

Alejandra Echevarria – Spain

Photo Credits:

My Miss Earth 2009….

Jessica Barboza – Venezuela

Photo Credits:

Another proof why Venezuela is the ultimate beauty pageant powerhouse!


This poll will be closed on December 23… So please, please VOTE!


You may also vote for the Face of Miss Universe 2009 poll —->  HERE!

Miss Earth 2009 Final Results

Photo Credits: Bong Tan and Ric Galvez of


Miss Earth 2009: Brazil – Larissa Ramos

Miss Earth Air 2009: Philippines – Sandra Seifert

Miss Earth Water 2009: Venezuela – Jessica Barboza

Miss Earth Fire 2009:  Spain – Alejandra Echevarria

Top 8

Colombia – Alejandra Castillo Munera

Martinique – Pascale Nelide

Poland – Izabela Wilczek

Thailand – Rujinan Phanseethum

Top 16

France – Magalie Thierry

Georgia - Nona Diakonidze

India – Shriya Kishore

Korea – Park Ye-ju

 Northern Ireland – Kayleigh O’Reilley

Paraguay – Gabriela Rejala

Singapore – Valerie Lim

South Africa – Chanel Grantham


I will give my review of the Finale soon :)

Kattera’s Official Miss Earth 2009 Fave List!!!

Miss Earth 2009 has a very competitive batch of ladies and this is a very good sign for the organization. Honestly, despite an increased number of semifinalists, I had to revise my list three times. Tsk! Tsk! There are just a loooot of ladies that could survive the first cut! After much three revisions and much thought, I am presenting my fave list for Miss Earth 2009 and I am soo proud of it!

(All Photos Below) Credit:

Kattera’s Dark-Horse Candidates
(Girls who can pull a pleasant surprise)  

5th – Latvia (Diana Kubasova)

4th – Sweden (Giulia Simone Olsson)

Giulia is one of my faves this year. I love the chic aura!

3rd – South Africa (Chanel Grantham)

I am impressed with Chanel’s timid yet competitive aura. I will be very much happy if she enters the Top 18

2nd – Korea (Park Ye-ju)

I love her bubbly personality! Also love the fact that she is a short-haired beauty queen :)

1st – Turks and Caicos (Alison Capron)


Kattera’s Top 18

18th – Italy (Luna Isabella Voce)

This girl is both Telegenic and Photogenic! Her lips are oh so sexy that it melts me :)

17th – Jamaica (Jenaae Jackson)

A black Barbie-doll! I wish that she will excel in catwalk… Miss Earth adores this type of beauty!

16th – Switzerland (Graziella Rogers)

This might be too risky for some of my friends but I think her natural beauty will be adored by Miss Earth.

15th – Paraguay (Gabriela Rejala)
She is beautiful and I totally adore her! I am a bit off with her body though!

14th – Colombia (Alejandra Castillo Munera)

She is definitely strong and I think one of the best Colombian Miss Earth delegates!

13th – Mexico (Natalia Quinones Perez)

She may not be as strong as previous Mexican delegates, but I love the competitiveness she is showing!

12th – Brazil (Larissa Ramos)

11th – Canada (Lateesha Ector)

This is a gamble for me! She may not be in other’s fave list but seeing the press presentation videos, I think she will make it! Yay!

10th – Thailand (Rujinan Phanseethum)

One of my fave Asian delegate! Her sweet personality and competitive aura will put her on top!

9th – Georgia (Nona Diakonidze)

A true Miss Earth beauty!

8th – Martinique (Pascale Nelide)

The best black delegate this year!

7th – Poland (Izabela Wilczek)

She has one of the most gorgeous faces this year!

6th – Czech Republic (Tereza Budkova)

She is my ultimate favorite this year! From the day I saw her in her national pageant, I knew that she will be performing well. Her subdued beauty makes her shine and her sweet personality will make her win! She soo deserved the Miss Photogenic award!

5th – USA (Amy Diaz)

This Jordin Spark look-alike excelled in almost all areas: beauty + comm skills + personality + catwalk! I will not wonder if she will penetrate the Top 4 tonight!


Kattera’s Top 4

Miss Earth – Fire = Philippines (Sandra Seifert)

She won both Best in Long Gown and Best in Swimsuit Awards! This is a big proof why she should be in the Top 4!

Miss Earth – Water = Cuba (Jamillette Gaxiola)

No doubt the face of Miss Earth 2009!

Miss Earth – Air = Venezuela (Jessica Barboza)

She will surprise everyone by being one of the last two girls standing tonight!

Miss Earth 2009 – Spain (Alejandra Echevarria)

Photo Credits: Bruce Casanova for

Simply, the perfect girl for the crown!


Good luck Ladies!


Miss Earth 2009 (13th Update): Preliminary EG (Group 3) & Preliminary SS (Group 1)

Miss Earth 2009 candidates are very very busy… The contestants were divided into three and will compete in the preliminary competitions for evening gown, swimsuit, and talent. Finalists of each group will compete in the finals to determine the winners of the Best in Evening Gown, Best in Swimsuit, and Best in Talent awards.

Yesterday, preliminary evening gown competition of group 3 and preliminary swimsuit competition of group 1 were held.

Swimsuit (Group 1)
Venue: Golden Sunset Resort & Spa in Batangas

Photo Credits: gharyjohn of

Finalists were:
Colombia (Alejandra Castillo Munera)
Cuba (Jamillette Gaxiola)
Hungary (Korinna Kocsis)
Spain (Alejandra Echevarria)
Venezuela (Jessica Barboza)

Minor Awards were given at the event:
Ms. Golden Sunset Resort: Cuba
Gandang Ricky Reyes: Spain

Evening Gown (Group 3)
Venue: Subic Bay Yacht Club, Subic

Finalists were:

Brazil (Larissa Ramos)

Photo Credits:

Guam (Maria Luisa Santos)

Photo Credits:

Mexico (Natalia Quinonez)

Photo Credits:

Paraguay (Gabriela Rejala)

Photo Credits:

Thailand (Rujinan Phanseethum)

Photo Credits:

Congratulations Ladies….

Vote HERE for your favorite Miss Earth 2009 candidate!

Photos of the Day (November 5, 2009) – ” I’m Torn between Two Lovers”

I am torn between two lovers… Grrrrrrrrr! I hate it! Help me decide :)

Cuba – Jamillette Gaxiola

Photo Credits: Julles Roberto for PSG & yander14 of


Spain – Alejandra Echevarria

Photo Credits: Bruce Casanova & ecurb of

Oh Gawd! Help me!!!

Miss Earth 2009 (8th Update): Pics.Pics.Pics

My head is literally in pain after reviewing some pics I saw online. I posted the welcome dinner video yesterday and I saw a lot of potential. However, I am getting nervous with the pics that I will be posting below. I think it is NOT the quality of the pictures because I am aware of Mr. Bruce Casanova’s pics and they are just simply gorgeous… It is either the venue is not well-suited for a photoshoot or the girls are just simply plain :( I am encouraging myself that it is the former! And if indeed this is true, as what I can tell from Ms. India’s face, I hope Carousel Productions and Miss Earth Foundation can address the issue… 

I am dividing the girls into sub-groups :) This will be exciting!

Photo Credits: All photos are courtesy of Bruce Casanova for

Girls Who Had A Good Start

Colombia (Alejandra Castillo Munera)

Czech Republic (Tereza Budkova)

Korea (Park Ye-ju)

Martinique (Pascale Nelide)

South Africa (Chanel Grantham)

Spain (Alejandra Echevarria)

Sweden (Giulia Simone Olsson)

Thailand (Rujinan Phanseethum)

Philippine Fashion Week Spring SUmmer 2010USA (Amy Diaz)

A beauty queen is always a beauty queen, 24 by 7… It doesn’t matter if you are fresh from the aiport or just walked-out of bed, you should be a true beauty queen! That is why I appreciate the candidates above who showed up at the Welcome Dinner looking exquisite despite the fact that some of them just arrived while some haven’t had the luxury to rest. Since it was a simple gathering, candidates showed up in cocktail dresses while some didn’t even bother to “suit-up”. I guess it not needed that much since both Martinique and USA wore simple floral dresses that could be inappropriate BUT it really went well for them! Good way to pair their sunny personalities :) I lurve lurve and lurve Spain and Colombia! I just think that they gave their best an pulled an elegant/sophisticated look! Korea, South Africa, and Czech Republic were the cutest with their chic/girly outfits… Lurves! I love comparing Thailand – who arrived in a queenly fashion and perfectly hit the dot with her hair and make-up – and Sweden – who was so chic/fashionista that night. They were tooo different yet sooo perfect! How I wish everyone will see their examples!

What the Hell Happened?

Albania (Suada Saliu)

Georgia (Nona Diakonidze)

Honduras (Alejandra Mendoza)

Luxembourg (Theodora Banica)

These girls should know that there is a limited supply of make-up! They should also know that make-up is there to enhance their beauty and not ruin it! Lastly, Ms. Albania should be aware that it was not the Halloween Party and for the rest, that it was not a Be Tranny Contest! Maybe Ms. Ping Valencia, the new Head Chaperone, will be gracious enough to remind them!


Brazil (Larissa Ramos)

India (Shriya Kishore)

Mexico (Natalia Quinonez)

Philippines (Sandra Seifert)

Puerto Rico (Dignelis Jimenez)

Venezuela (Jessica Barboza)

These girls can easily penetrate the Top 16… They are the so-called powerhouses! However, they should not depend only on the achievements of their predecessors! They should be, at all time, be prepared to battle it out with the rest of the candidates! Puerto Rico and Philippines should learn how to style themselves for them to look younger! Venezuela on the other hand should look better than what she is giving! India should be trembling… Her predecessors did well so I am putting much pressure on her! A facial tissue will sure be helpful :) Brazil and Mexico?!? I am not sure!

That’s all for now! Vote HERE for your favorite Miss Earth 2009 candidate!

Miss Earth 2009 (7th Update): Welcome Dinner

Posting here the Welcome Dinner video courtesy of! This is it… Love Misses Thailand, Colombia, Spain, Martinique, China, Georgia, and USA!

Miss Earth 2009 (2nd Update): To Add To Your Excitement

To add to your excitement, I am posting the another batch of pics of the official candidates for Miss Earth 2009:

All Photos below corteousy of!

Albania (Suada Saliu)

Bolivia (Dominique Peltier)

Costa Rica (Malena Orozco)

England (Kirsty Nichol)

Georgia (Nonna Diakonidze)

Guadeloupe (Marie-Ange Seymour)

Guam (Maria Luisa Santos)

Her name sounds so Filipino for me!

Honduras (Alejandra Mendoza)

Jamaica (Jenaae Jackson)

Korea (Cha Ye-lin)

Malaysia (Mandy Nandu)

Mexico (Natalia Quinones Perez)

New Zealand (Catherine Irving)

Nigeria (Modesta Alozie)

Northern  Ireland (Kayleigh O’Reilly)

Paraguay (Gabriela Rejala)

Peru (Leticia Rivera)

Puerto Rico (Dignelis Taymi Jimenez)

Scotland (Sarah Finlay)

Slovak Republic (Lea Sindlerova)

South Africa (Chanel Grantham)

Spain (Alejandra Echevarria)

Turks & Caicos (Alison Capron)

Ukraine (Kateryna Samokysh)

Wales (Dominique Dyer)

Zambia (Andella Chileshe Matthews)

I would like to congratulate Miss Earth Organization for a very good line-up of candidates this year. I am seeing some top-caliber girls here! I am assuming that you have your pre-arrival faves already! I am just hoping that they will not disappoint me!

Click HERE for the first batch of gorge ladies!

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