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Beautiful Binibinis

As I was checking-out some updates over Facebook, I saw a post from the FB page of Mary Jean Lastimosa. Then I realized how I miss writing about the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 queens.

Today, I would like to share with you a photo collage shared by MJ. It features the queens in their Filipiniana and crowns – Bianca Guidotti, Parul Shah, Kris Tiffany Janson, Yvethe Marie Santiago and MJ Lastimosa. Oh, how I missed these  ladies and I just can’t wait to see them compete.

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas & FB Page of MJ Lastimosa

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas & FB Page of MJ Lastimosa

What happened to my favorite Kris Janson?!? Bad photo, I suppose.

I think Yvethe looks best here!


The Cebuana Queens

I am a self-declared Cebuano so I will forever be supportive of Cebuana queens. After several years of getting snubbed at various national pageant stages, Cebuanas are back with vengeance after clinching two of the most coveted titles in the Philippines this year. Yes, I am talking about two of my favorites – Kris Tiffany Janson (Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental 2014) and Jamie Herrell (Miss Philippines Earth 2014). Both ladies are proud members of Kagandahang Flores. They were on top of my list during their respective national pageants and both ended up with a crown! Cebu (and Cebu City) is so proud of you two!

Jamie & Kris Tiffany Photo Credits: Benjo Leoncio

Jamie & Kris Tiffany
Photo Credits: Benjo Leoncio

And oh, that cutie eye candy?!? He is also a proud Cebuano. He is Benjo Leoncio and he is currently a contract star of TV5! Isn’t he a pleasure to stare at?

My only wish is for another Cebuana to reign supreme in Miss World Philippines 2014!



Miss World Philippines 2014 (3rd Update): Of Aces & Queens and Miss World Philippines

I can’t wait for Miss World Philippines 2014 to start :) In fact, I can’t stop talking about it! Today, I discover the successful “relationship” of the Miss World Philippines Organization and Aces & Queens. We all know that for the three years that Miss World Philippines is crowning a delegate for the Miss World pageant, they have crowned Aces & Queens delegates. Unless you lived under a rock for the past decade, then you are most likely aware that Aces & Queens is one of the biggest beauty pageant camp in the Philippines headed by Jonas Gaffud.

Photo Credits: AQ FB Page

Photo Credits: AQ FB Page

Gwendoline Ruais (Miss World 2011 1st Runner-up) and Queenierich Rehman (Miss World 2012 Semifinalist) were A & Q trainees when they competed in their respective national pageants. Reigning Miss World Megan Young was the lone A & Q delegate in the national pageant last year. It is an impressive 3/3 for the winning beauty camp :)

I already mentioned to you the possibility that Valerie Weigmann will be representing the camp this year. Now, as we look forward for the 2014 pageant, let me float more names :) This only proves that A & Q has a handful of ladies in their stable, ladies that they can field in any day for Miss World Philippines 2014.

The MWP Trend

I am not sure if I am seeing a trend on some random things but I must dare say that Gwen Ruais and Queenierich Rehman were Binibini semifinalists on the year before they joined their respective Miss World Philippines pageants. If we will base it on this trend then I must say that Mariel de Leon and Shan Apuad fit the bill. Mariel and Shan were both A & Q entries in Bb. Pilipinas 2013. Both failed to clinch a crown but was lucky to be in the semifinals.

One of Mariel's latest photo Photo Credits: Sash Factor

One of Mariel’s latest photo
Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Shan’s Official Portrait in BBP2013 Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

The Hot Properties

Assuming that the trend I mentioned above is just a pigment of my imagination, Aces & Queens may also opt to field three of its hottest candidates. These three are fresh from their Binibining Pilipinas 2014 experience. All were expected to do well in the pageant but some really disappointing reasons failed to enter the winning group. Yes, I am talking about Kimverlyn Suiza, Diana Arevalo and Pia Wurtzbach. I am not so sure on the age requirement of Miss World Philippines but I hope that they will be qualified to join the pageant.

One of my BBP2014 frustrations.. Photo Credits: Sash Factor

One of my BBP2014 frustrations..
Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Diana has been loyal with Binibini and did not dare dip her toes in other national pageants. Despite the loyalty, a Binibini crown was still elusive. Will this be the perfect time for Diana to explore outside of Binibini?

Photo Credits: Bong Tan of Missosology

Photo Credits: Bong Tan of Missosology

Pia was one of the top bets for Binibining Pilipinas 2014 by beauty pageant fans. We had the biggest surprise of our lives when Pia was left out of the Top 7! After recovering from all the disappointment, fans were thrilled to see her in Eat Bulaga – the noontime show of GMA. Of course her appearance in the show made the headlines as (1) She was a Star Magic talent – the talent arm of ABS-CBN – the main TV network rival of GMA and (2) GMA is the media partner of Miss World Philippines. This just opens a lot of possibilities.

Pia in Eat Bulaga Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Pia in Eat Bulaga
Photo Credits: Sash Factor

I’ll most likely faint if these 5 will be official candidates of the pageant. I surely can’t wait.

Who do you want to see on the Miss World Philippines stage?

Me?!? I’ll go with Mariel de Leon & Kimverlyn Suiza


18 of A Million Reasons to be Thankful For

In life, there should be no shortage of things/people/events to be thankful for. For the opportunity to share my passion to the whole world is something that I am thankful for. For the Aces & Queens team headed by Jonas Gaffud, there are a million reasons to be thankful for and here are 18 of them :)

Photo Credits: Ellaine Moll’s FB Page

18 of the most beautiful ladies from Aces & Queens. This only proves that A&Q still has some of the most beautiful Filipinas :) Pia Wurtzbach is on fire! And Laura Lehman is slowly reaching her potential.

Team A&Q received a lot of bashing from Pinoy beauty pageant fans. Unimaginable words were hurled to their side. The biggest setback (I think) was loosing the Miss Universe Philippines title to a lady from another camp. Good thing that the team seems to be focusing on the things that they should be thankful for. They have 2 crowns with them and one runner-up post in Binibining Pilipinas 2014! And like a true Filipina beauty, I am pretty sure that the team is keeping all the lessons from this season and will only emerge stronger, better and ready for the next pageant season :)

To celebrate their success, Team A&Q had a Thanksgiving Party over the weekend. Here are some photos courtesy of the OPMB Worldwide Team and Jory Rivera.

Tres Marias: Mary Ann Ross Misa, Ara Arida & Pia Wurtzbach

Oh, Diana Arevalo…

Seriously, what happened to Yvethe Marie Santiago?!? Tsk Tsk

Still my greatest respect to Jonas Gaffud!

Congratulations Aces & Queens…

More Power!


Another Cebuana Aims for a National Crown…

After the success of Kris Tiffany Janson‘s foray into the national beauty pageant scene via Binibining Pilipinas 2014, another Cebu City beauty is competing for a national crown. This time, Jamie Herrell tries her luck in Miss Philippines Earth 2014. Aiming for the opportunity to represent the country in Miss Earth 2014, Jamie has prepared herself for the demands of a high-level competition.

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss Philippines Earth 2014 candidate!

Jamie is carrying the name of my beloved city and I can’t be happier as to how she is holding up with the competition. I believe that with Jamie’s beautifully unforgettable face, she has a clear sight of the crown. Here is the lovely Jamie in her swimsuit fighting form!

Photo Credits: Edwin Joseph Castaneda

Photo Credits: Edwin Joseph Castaneda

Way to go Jamie!

Viva Jamie!

Viva Cebu…


The Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Queens in Raymond Saldana’s Eyes

Raymond Saldana is one of the few beauty pageant photographers that I look up to. When most beauty pageant photographers just capture the moment, Raymond has the ability to capture what lies beneath. Thus, I am always excited to see Binibini glam shots captured by him. Imagine my disappointment when I failed to compile the complete set of glam shots by Raymond for Binibining Pilipinas 2014. Thank Heavens, he decided to post the glam shot photos of the 2014 queens on his Facebook page! Now, I am sharing these photos with you hoping that it will make you smile just before you hit the bed… Thanks again Raymond for sharing your views to us!

Photo Credits: Raymond Saldana Photography

Hannah Ruth Sison (2nd Runner-up)

This photo smashes the skeptics with enough proof that this lady deserves the placement. She looks extremely radiant! Oh, that heartwarming smile…

Laura Lehman (1st Runner-up)

What did you do to Laura? The person who decided to contour Laura’s face this way and the one who chose that eye shadow should submit a 3-page explanation behind their actions… She looks funny here!

Parul Shah (Bb. Pilipinas Tourism)

I am a bit lost in her eyes but this should give you a clear definition on what RAVISHING is :)

Yvethe Marie Santiago (Bb. Pilipinas Supranational)

And Yvethe here is how you define GLOWING :)

Kris Tiffany Janson (Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental)

Kris deserves the Miss Photogenic award and this photo is one of a million reasons why :)

Bianca Guidotti (Bb. Pilipinas International)

This is not Bianca’s best photo. I terribly miss the personality that shines through in every picture of Bianca!

Mary Jean Lastimosa (Miss Universe Philippines)

I am bothered by the intense eye liner but all in all, I feel that MJ is so ready to conquer the Universe!

Who are your favorites?!?

My Top Three would be in this order:

Kris, Parul & Yvethe

How about you?


Gabriela Isler’s Visit to the Philippines (In Photos)

The last time that a reigning Miss Universe was in the Philippines was when Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico attended the Miss Universe 1994 here in Manila. Filipinos are known to be the best pageant fans and we sure know how to love our queens. Dayanara appeared in movies and television shows in the country. Just imagine the news, when it was announced that the reigning Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler of Venezuela will be attending the coronation night of Binibining Pilipinas 2014. Fans got crazy and speculations floated around on the real reason behind the visit. BPCI prepared one of the biggest production ever. And fans who are based in other cities (like me) flocked to Manila to see The Queen LIVE :)

Gabriela’s schedule during her 5-day visit to the country was a bit hectic as she had to attend to several interviews, functions with BPCI and Binibini candidates, a visit to Yolanda-affected island in Palawan (which I will cover separately) and of course, attending the coronation night. Here are some beautiful photos for us to enjoy chronicling Gabriela’s stay in the country!

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Gabriela is seen here with Paula Shugart (Miss Universe Organization President) and Mdm. Stella Araneta (Chairperson, BPCI). The photo was taken during the arrival press conference. By the way, I saw Paula Shugart in person and she was just radiant!

Gabriela posing for photographers in between interviews with members of the press. Ms. Joyce Burton of Adventures of a Beauty Queen shared the same sentiment – Gabriela looked way more beautiful in person than in photos!

Gabriela with the candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2014. This was taken on her first night in the country when 18 candidates presented their national costume through a mini-fashion show. I can’t help but notice Yvethe Marie Santiago here!

Gabriela poses with the Chairman of ABS-CBN Corporation, the media giant partner of BPCI, Gabby Lopez

Such a rare moment… Three of the reigning queens in the world in one photo op! Gabriela is seen her with Bea Santiago (Miss International 2013) and Mutya Datul (Miss Supranational 2013). Joining in are Ara Arida & Venus Raj!

Gabriela is enjoying the infamous sunset of Manila

Gabriela is all smiles in this photo with 4 of the most beautiful Filipinas who made history by consecutively placing in the Top 5 of their respective Miss Universe pageants – Venus Raj, Ara Arida, Shamcey Supsup Janine Tugonon. I must admit that Janine was my favorite on that night.

Judging duties… Gabriela poses with her boss – MUO President – Paula Shugart! Even Paula looked exquisite that evening. That neck piece was a true statement.

Latina represent… Mdm. Stella who hails from Colombia and Gabriela – a proud citizen of Venezuela – surely had a lot to talk to :)

I fell in love more with Gabriela when I saw her in person.

I hope that she enjoyed her stay in the Philippines!


All About Miss Intercontinental!

So what really is Miss Intercontinental? And why am I hearing about this pageant just now?

These are two of the most common questions I received from friends and readers who followed the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas 2014. The pageant is really something new to the ears of those who are not keen followers of beauty pageants. Thus, I am writing this post so that more readers will be aware of the pageant :) This is to make sure that we will be much more passionate in supporting Kris Tiffany Janson in her bid for the Miss Intercontinental 2014 title.

The Logo of Miss Intercontinental Photo Credits:

The Logo of Miss Intercontinental
Photo Credits:

 Miss Intercontinental is a beauty pageant owned by World Beauty Organization. The Panama-based corporation is also the owner of Top Model of the World pageant. The pageant traces its roots to Aruba in 1971. It started as a teen pageant and as a promotional tourism event for the country. The pageant went on until 1984 when it stopped for the next 10 years. Finally in 1993, the German organization took over and the pageant has been staged in Germany 13 times since it was “resurrected” in 1993. In the 42-year history of Miss Intercontinental, it has given 5 crowns to Venezuela and another 5 crowns to USA. 5 crowns were awarded to Asian countries – 2 crowns each for India Lebanon and a crown won by Iran. One of the notable winners of the pageant is Lara Dutta who won the crown in 1997 and ended winning the Miss Universe 2000 title as well :)

The Philippines participated in the pageant several times already. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm the exact number as there no enough data available. I can confirm though that we have sent delegates to the pageant every year since 2004 except 2007 & 2008. Recently, the local franchise for Miss Intercontinental was with Mutya ng Pilipinas. It is noted that the country has 6 placements already :) The highest placement we received is the 3rd Runner-up finish of Koreen Medina last year. This year, it was a big news for me that BPCI will now be sending the delegate to the international competition! I am really wondering why this happened!

Let me share with you a “rumor” that I heard last Sunday. Note that this is merely a “hearsay” that the Miss Intercontinental management offered the local franchise to BPCI without any franchise fee. This is because the organization was amazed on the support and popularity that Miss Supranational gained after BPCI had the franchise and after Mutya Datul‘s win. This sounds like it is a very realistic scenario BUT this will remain as a rumor unless confirmed :)

If the rumor is true then  I am extra excited for Kris Janson. Check out my reaction to her Intercontinental win HERE!

I hope that you learned more about Miss Intercontinental with this post!


The Goofy Selfie of our Binibini…

The queens of Binibining Pilipinas 2014 are such busy bees nowadays with several guestings, appearances and press conference lined up. In between these activities, the queens (Hannah Ruth Sison, Laura Lehmann, Parul Shah, Yvethe Marie Santiago, Kris Tiffany Janson, Bianca Guidotti and Mary Jean Lastimosa) still have the time to goof around :) Good to know that they are having fun and that they are slowly forming a special bond as sisters. Relax and enjoy ‘coz you all deserve it!

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Lolz on the faces of Hannah and Yvethe! They really are a bunch of funny queens :) I love it…


Kris Janson’s Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental Win

I am back in here in Cebu but part of my mind is still in Araneta Coliseum. I loved my Binibining Pilipinas 2014 experience and I enjoy reliving every minute of it. One of the questions that my Cebu-based friends asked me when I arrived last Monday was if I am happy with the result and if I am happy with Kris Tiffany Janson‘s Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental win. If you remember, Kris was my favorite for the Miss Universe Philippines title.

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

MJ Lastimosa – Miss Universe Philippines 2014

First (and let me clear about this), I am very happy and contented with the results of the pageant. I am very happy for Mary Jean “MJ” Lastimosa. She was my ultimate favorite in 2011 and 2012. And when I heard the host announced her name, I couldn’t stop myself from shouting and jumping! MJ will forever be an inspiration to me :) I can’t wait to start covering her Miss Universe 2014 experience.

On Kris’ Intercontinental title…

Kris Janson was my ultimate bet for the crown so it was only normal that I felt bad that she got a different title. However, I must admit that MJ’s win made everything a little bit easier to accept:) After giving it some thought, I realized that it was a very “wise” decision for BPCI to award her the Intercontinental title.

From the onset of the competition, I really felt that it was not a matter of “Crown or None” situation for Kris but more of a “which crown”. Since she was not considered for the Universe title, what was left for her were the International, Supranational, Tourism & Intercontinental titles. I would not want her to win the Tourism title. I feel that sending a candidate to a pageant where there are two host delegates is just non-sense. I actually don’t understand why we keep on sending delegates to the pageant.

From the three titles left, I would not want Kris to represent us in International & Supranational. Not that I am not confident with Kris’ performance but it is normally an “uphill” fight if we are aiming for a back-to-back victory. A back-to-back win is something that never happened in the 50+ years history of Miss International. I am also not confident that Miss Supranational will award a back-to-back victory at this early stages of the pageant’s existence.

This leaves us with Intercontinental title for Kris! I say that this is the best title for Kris not just because of the reasons I gave above, but also because we need a very strong candidate in order to establish our name. This is a historic placement for Kris as she is the first Binibini to win the Intercontinental title. If in case she will be successful and will win the crown, she will be the first Filipina to do so.

So dear fans of Kris Janson, let us get up and get over the disappointment. Let us start preparing for Miss Intercontinental 2014 and express our support for Kris!



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