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Miss International 2009 Official Results

Photo Credits:

Miss International 2009
Chengdu, China

Miss International 2009: Mexico – Anagabriela Espinoza

1st Runner-up: Korea – Soo Eun-mi

2nd Runner-up: United Kingdom – Chloe-Beth Morgan

Top 15

Belarus – Yana Supranovich
Belgium – Cassandra D’Ermilio
Brazil – Rayanne Morais
Canada – Chanel Beckenlehner
Cuba – Patricia Rosales
Dominican Republic – Victoria Fernandez
Finland – Linda Wikstedt
Japan – Yuka Nakayama
Panama – Joyce Jacobi
Philippines – Melody Gersbach
Spain – Melanie Santiago
Venezuela – Laksmi Rodriguez

Photo Credits: yel for

Photo Credits: yel for


Miss International 2009 (2nd Update): Official Candidates (Part 1)

Miss International 2009 is just around the corner :) Yay… Seems like Christmas right?!? Below are the ladies who will be dancing their butt out battling it out for the Miss International crow. This will be the first batch! All pictures were from the official website :)

Aruba (Christina Trejo)

Australia (Kelly Louise Maguire)

Bahamas (Amanda Appleyard)

Belgium (Cassandra D’Ermilio)

Bolivia (Laura Olivera)

Brazil (Rayanne Morais)

Chinese Taipei (Wang Hsuan Chi)

Colombia (Lina Mosquera)

Costa Rica (Jennifer Miranda)

Cuba (Patricia Rosales)

Czech Republic (Darja Jacukevicova)

Dominican Republic (Victoria Fernandez)

El Salvador (Vanessa Hueck)

Ethiopia (Rahel Woldekirkos)

Finland (Linda Wilkstedt)

France (Mathilde Muller)

Georgia (Maria Sarchimelia)

Greece (Diana Igropoulou)

Guadeloupe (Joelle Clamy)

Guam (Clarissa Damian)

Next: Part 2 :)

Love, Peace, and Excitement to the World.

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