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Miss World Philippines 2014 (1st Update): Will this be another Aces & Queens versus Kagandahang Flores Face-Off?

Binibining Pilipinas 2014 has barely started and Miss Philippines Earth 2014 is just on its screening stage but let me throw in another exciting news to you courtesy of Miss World Philippines 2014. Huh! Some might consider this post as too pre-mature but if we are talking about the national pageant which produced the very first Miss World crown for the country, the stakes are just too big :)

In last year’s national finals, us fans witnessed one of the biggest face-off between the two biggest beauty camps in the country. Kagandahang Flores fielded around 15 ladies in the competition. On the other hand, Aces & Queens, fielded its lone entry via Megan Young! Despite the numbers of KF girls, Megan emerged as the winner and went on to win the coveted blue crown in Indonesia! It was not a hand-over win for Megan and A&Q as KF girls did an amazing job as well. One of these girls is Megan’s runner-up – Janicel Lubina.


Photo Credits: Emerson Cebanico

Janicel was a worthy contender for Megan last year and as what we are seeing in the photo above taken at the birthday party of Rodgil Flores, she is still in perfect fighting form. With Janicel being a no show in Binibining Pilipinas 2014, will we be seeing her again in Miss World Philippines 2013? Will she be headlining the roster of Kagandahang Flores ladies this year and avenge the camp by claiming the crown? Possible but it is surely not a walk in the park as Aces & Queens is “rumored” to be fielding Valerie Weigmann!


Valerie with Jonas Gaffud of Aces & Queens
Photo Credits: Sash Factor

There might just be some truth to this rumor as Valerie fits the Megan prototype – Pinay Mestiza, with excellent communication skills, great personality and a TV Personality. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – this phrase might just be the mantra of A&Q this year! My biggest question now is if A&Q will be sending just a lone entry this year, as this speaks highly of their confidence on that candidate!

Whether or not Janicel and Valerie will be screening for Miss World Philippines, just the mere fact that the reigning queen is from here and with the rumors that the country is interested in hosting the international pageant, it will surely be an epic pageant season for us! I can’t wait!


An Open Letter to Janicel Lubina


Dearest Janicel Lubina,

Greetings from Cebu City!

I am sure that you don’t know me or my blog but I decided write this letter for you because I wanted to let you know about some things. First, I would like to personally extend my greetings to you for an impressive 1st runner-up performance in Miss World Philippines 2013. Winning two major awards that night – Best in Swimsuit and Miss Photogenic - were enough proof on how good you were on that stage. You earned another fan through me and I will surely be supporting you just in case you decide to join another pageant! Please do because the Philippine pageantry always has a room for a beauty like you! I am also writing to give you some unsolicited advice. I am sure that your handlers already have some plans laid out for you but I will just be giving you what I think would be desirable as your “next move”.

I advice that you take the remainder of 2013 and the rest of 2014 to 2015 away from beauty pageants. You are still very young – probably 18 or 19 years old – and I am sure that there is a very bright future ahead of you. Your 2014 and/or 2015 should be spent improving on your areas for improvement (AFI) and letting yourself gain the wisdom and maturity of a beauty queen who is ready to step into an international beauty pageant’s stage.

I observed during the Miss World Philippines 2013 competition that you still need to work on your Question & Answer performance. It was probably because you were nervous and yes, it is understandable. However, judges will not take nervousness into consideration when giving you points so you have to make sure that you get past that. I also would like to tell you that your answer during Q&A sounded too rehearsed. Please try to avoid it next time because judges will always appreciate answers from the heart. I can suggest to you some ways to improve your skills in Q&A but it will lengthen this letter (probably I will send you another one). As a start, you can watch this video and I am sure that you will be learning a lot from this:

Video Credits: TheABSCBNNews of YouTube

I also suggest for you to gain more experiences in the next year or two – find a job, travel, be a volunteer, go back to school, take a short course, learn a new language, start a hobby, fall in love etc. – anything that will give you new experiences. Take each experience as a way to enrich yourself, gain a bit of wisdom and be the mature lady that is mentally and emotionally prepared to take on the responsibilities as an international role model. You can also take the time to improve on your catwalk skills and work on improving your body. You have a 21-inch to-die-for waistline, it would be perfect if you can pair it with a very toned arms and legs and a defined abs that will let you shine during swimsuit round. I am not saying that you will be away from the limelight. I am just suggesting for you not to join another beauty pageant. While you are on a quick hiatus, strengthen your social media status. Assign and maintain an official Facebook account where you can post latest pictures and videos and a way to connect with your fans. You can participate in photo shoots (make sure that there is no topless or overly-sexy swimsuit shoot)  and post the photos on your FB page. While doing this, start experimenting on hairstyle and make-up as well as the outfit that suits your body type.

Let me end my letter by saying that I wish to see you joining the 2015 or 2016 edition of Binibining Pilipinas. I am hoping that you will be given a chance to represent the country in Miss Universe. I know that you can handle the responsibilities well!

Thank you very much and my apologies if this is longer than a usual letter.



Miss World Philippines 2013 (28th Update): The Answers to the Final Question

Final Question is the last (but the most challenging) hurdle that a candidate needs to conquer before reaching the crown! Here are the answers of the Top 5 candidates of Miss World Philippines 2013 in Final Question earlier. Miss World 2013 – Wenxia Yu - had the opportunity to ask the candidate the final question. Determine if their answer justified the placement they got.

Final Question: Why do you want to be Miss World Philippines?

4th Princess: (18) Omarie Osuna

I am ready. I have what it takes: beautiful face and body, strong heart willing to serve others. I can bring home the Miss World crown.

3rd Princess: (19) Bianca Paz

I’ve been through many challenges. I can’t think of a better venue to inspire people other than Miss World.

2nd Princess: (5) Bianca Saldua

When I was 10 years old, I told my parents I wanted to be part of the United Nations. I wanted to be an Ambassadress of Goodwill. Whether I win or not, I want to continue with my charitable work, and I hope you give me that chance.

1st Princess: (10) Janicel Lubina

Because I would like to unite physical beauty and a message of hope, perseverance to the world, knowing people can relate to my humble beginnings, that poverty is not a hindrance, that’s the essence of Miss World. Beauty with a purpose, beauty with giving.

Miss World Philippines 2013: (20) Megan Young

Miss World Philippines is selfless and to be selfless, you need to have a heart. If I win Miss World Philippines, I would give myself wholeheartedly to be of service. Beauty with a heart.

Looking at the transcript, Megan’s answer was not the best answer to the question BUT it was her sincerity and confidence that made her answer a stand-out! What do you think?


Miss World Philippines 2013 (27th Update): The Official Results

 Here is the official results of Miss World Philippines 2013:


Miss World Philippines 2013: (20) Megan Young

1st Princess: (10) Janicel Lubina

2nd Princess: (5) Bianca Saldua

3rd Princess: (19) Bianca Paz

4th Princess: (18) Omarie Osuna

Top 13

(6) Karla Patricia Alas

(7) Samantha Bernardo

(11) Mercegrace Raquel

(12) Angelica Lopez

(13) Paula Estenzo

(17) Jennifer Hammond

(22) Patricia Lae Ejercitado

(24) Zandra Flores

I am in an indescribable state as of the moment! My heart is filled with pure joy! If you are an avid reader, you are probably aware that Megan and Janicel were my top two bets for the pageant. Both landed right on the spot that I wanted them to be! The last time I felt this was in 2010 when Venus Raj and Krista Kleiner bagged the titles that I wanted them to win! This is just incredible! My agony of watching GMA‘s telecast of Miss World Philippines 2013 seemed all worth-it after learning the list of winners.

To Megan, enjoy the feelings but don’t let your guards down! The fight isn’t over yet! Miss World 2013, Megan is coming!


Kattera’s Fave List – Miss World Philippines 2013

This is it… Our Miss World Philippines 2013 queen will be crowned tonight! After the screening that lasted forever and the initial “fear” for the quality of the pageant’s candidates, Miss World Philippines 2013 proved (once again) its stature as one of the country’s elite national pageant with enough activities to interest the fans and a handful of stunning ladies to compete for the crown! Without much delay, I am happy to share with you the list of my favorites for the title! I wish all 25 candidates the best in tonight’s show…

Thank you to Sash Factor, Missosology & Rappler for the photos used below!


Here are the ladies who I feel can easily penetrate the semifinalist row if lady luck is on their side tonight. Basing on my previous experience, girls on this list end up being called in the finale!


(13) Paula Estenzo

(17) Jennifer Hammond

(16) Aikah Dindah

Top 12


12th Place: (23) Ria Rabajante

I feel sad that I am putting Ria on this position! I would love to be proven wrong tonight. Ria is such a nice lady and I love her to death. However, I feel that she was overshadowed (big time) by her peers. Coming from the same camp with Patricia Ejercitado, Ria needed double her efforts to be noticed. I am crossing my fingers that Miss World Philippines Organizers noticed it too :)

11th Place: (14) Vina Openiano

Vina has something that attracts me to her and it’s probably her height + Filipina feature combo! In a group full of stunning women, you can’t just ignore her beauty. I still believe that her 1st Runner-up finish during the Miss World Laguna competition was because of her own merits and I expect her to duplicate the same feat tonight! Remember, she ended up victorious during Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 despite the presence of the so-called heavyweights so placing as a semifinalist tonight will not be very difficult!

10th Place: (7) Samantha Bernardo

This is Samantha’s first foray into the national beauty pageant scene! She made a very good first impression as she held her ground during the 1st screening, standing neck-on-neck with “experienced” queens like Patricia E. and Ria R. She is a very competitive lady and I feel that she has a lot to offer. She might not be the most competitive lady “facially”, but the way her handler packaged her is impressive! She is still young and needs to master every skills there is to learn for a beauty queen aspirant! I want her to join Binibini in a year or two!

9th Place: (24) Zandra Flores

I believe that Zandra is at her peak today! She learned a lot from her Binibini stint this year and used it to her advantage when she joined Mutya ng Pilipinas. She proved that she can learn from her experience after landing as a semifinalist in the pageant. And as she face the Miss World Philippines challenge, Zandra will use her Mutya experience as launching pad onto the title. I wish her the best of luck!


8th Place: (6) Karla Patricia Alas

Fresh from her Miss Philippines Earth stint, Karla bloomed into a seasoned beauty queen the moment she stepped in the Miss World Philippines stage. I love the air of confidence every time she glides on that stage! I also noticed the improvement on her make-up that helped her highlight her best feature – her smile! I love the way she smiles. It is mysterious but it draws me to her!

7th Place: (18) Omarie Osuna

I consider her as the bombshell this year! Her face and body screams sexxxxxy! Being assigned into #18, Omarie is just right on the heels of the heavy favorites – Bianca and Megan! The fact that she is not washed-out by these two and people still notices her are proofs that she is one of the strongest delegate this year!

6th Place: (9) Pia Ochengco

Pia will surely charm her way to the semifinalist group tonight! She is the most charming candidate this year with a very face that we Filipinos call “maamo“. She is an every inch a candidate that fits the Miss World mold – sophisticated and a face that is pleasing to the eyes! Add to that a strong catwalk skills, Pia will surely stand-out tonight!

Top 5

4th Runner-up: (22) Patricia Lae Ejercitado


Oh dear Patricia! Her road to the crown is not easy considering that there are 4 formidable ladies who are just as focused on the same goal! However, I personally know Patricia as a lady who never disappoint and someone who never turns her back on the end goal. Her authentic Filipina flare, her top of the class catwalk and her down-to-earth personality will help her navigate the road to the crown! I’ll be the happiest fan if she’ll end up higher than this placement…

3rd Runner-up: (5) Bianca Saldua


Bianca Saldua doesn’t fit the bill of an “ideal beauty queen”. Her body is not the best in the group and her beauty has the tendency to be overshadowed by the favorites. However, Miss World Organization has the tendency to select sophisticated candidates with a very wholesome background (read Kaiane Aldorino). If Miss World Philippines follow this formula then Bianca will be seen entering the group of the elite 5. She is a court side reporter who pursued a career in journalism. She is confident and can work the stage to her advantage. Her Muslim lineage also adds to her points knowing that a Muslim-dominated country (Indonesia) is hosting the Miss World pageant this year.

2nd Runner-up: (19) Bianca Paz


Another Bianca here! Bianca has the face, the body and the experience to re-enter Top 5. I am sure that her decision to join the pageant again was made after a gazillion of reflection and analysis. However, I am seeing an uphill battle for her before reaching the crown. Megan, and even Janicel, proved in several instances during the pageant that they can outshine an experienced beauty queen like Bianca. If I have my way, I’ll award her the same title she received two years ago.

1st Runner-up: (10) Janicel Lubina


Janicel has this ideal Filipina beauty that will surely be hit in an international pageant stage. It would be the biggest injustice if she will end up clapping for some of her peers! However, I think Janicel is still too young for an international pageant. I can see the need to polish things to ensure a good placement abroad. Her communication skills need a bit of a push and she should develop her personality for her to shine through in a bevy of beauties. I would love to see her in Binibining Pilipinas – 2015 would be good – and be our representative in Miss Universe. The pageant and the timing is not just right!

Miss World Philippines 2013: (20) Megan Young


Megan is the best delegate in Miss World Philippines! She has the class, the sophistication, and the personality that is sought after by the Miss World Organization. Miss World 2013 is just weeks away and Megan is the only candidate that is ready enough to board a plane today and be in Indonesia to compete! My money is on Jonas Gaffud and his confidence in sending a lone representative of his ward! Celebrity or not, Megan has everything to win this competition!

Miss World Philippines 2013 (25th Update): They are also Talented!

I am currently working on my fave list and in order to finalize my list, I had to go through some pageant activities – those that matters to the Miss World organization. One of the fast-track events in Miss World is the Talent Competition. In fact, the reigning queen – Wenxia Yu – won the Best in Talent award last year. It seems to me that Miss World is looking for a well-rounded lady to represent the organization. They usually prefer someone who is beautiful, with a healthy body, talented, smart and someone with class.

Miss World Philippines 2013 patterned the format of Miss World and planned for some activities same as its mother pageant. One of which was a Talent competition that happened last week. I had to wait for a week for an updated video but unfortunately, I only found three. Nevertheless, I am glad to share these videos to you. And yes, you will see Megan Young singing her heart out with a Bossa piece.

(5) Bianca Saldua

Video Credits: PTV PH of YouTube

This is just a news clip from PTV about the Talent competition although the focus was mainly on Bianca who is apparently a talent of the program. Bianca presented a very interesting talent performance. She had a wonderful voice and was very comfortable on stage. I think that with the kind of performance, she probably got higher scores. It was just ironic that the news anchor to present the news clip was no other than Miss Philippines Earth’s Cathy Untalan.

(17) Jennifer Hammond

Video Credits: Missosology Coverage of YouTube

Hmmm… I got bored with the presentation. There was nothing special about me. Jennifer was too busy putting down and picking up props that she had limited time dancing which was the main point of her talent. Her intention to highlight tourism in the country is appreciated!

(20) Megan Young

Video Credits: Missosology Coverage of YouTube

Megan’s voice is really not the best voice you’ll hear but it is her confidence that’s selling the performance. She knows how to communicate with the audience and I can’t feel a bit of nervousness in her performance. Her experience as a host is really helping her in this bid.

Too bad that some of the performances were not in YouTube. I heard that the talent performances of Janicel Lubina (belly dancing), Melanie Barrett and Samantha Bernardo (Pandanggo sa Ilaw) were impressive. Kindly share if you have a link to their videos :D

I will not dare put my money on someone specially that I wasn’t able to see the other performances so I can’t compare :)

VOTE for your favorite Miss World Philippines 2013 candidate HERE!


My Top 10 Favorite Head Shots – Miss World Philippines 2013

I shared with you the head shots of the candidates of Miss World Philippines 2013 HERE! Now, i am very happy to share with you my 10 favorite shots. I was specifically looking for the personality and emotion. I was also on the look-out for the ladies who know her best angle and capitalized on it. Thank you to Missosology for the photos…

VOTE for your favorite Miss World Philippines 2013 candidate HERE!

10th Place: (10) Janicel Lubina

With her natural Filipina glow, Janicel could have placed a bit higher on this list if not for that very awkward smile. I can feel tension and nervousness all over this picture. I can’t deny though that she is one of those with beautiful faces in the competition and this photo proves it all.

9th Place: (22) Patricia Lae Ejercitado

Looking through the photos, I can’t help but be disappointed with Pat’s head shot! I know that she can deliver more. The big smile and the expressive eyes speak about the potential. It is not her best angle I believe, thus the placement!

8th Place: (14) Vina Openiano

Her eyes tells me a million stories! The glow of her skin and the timid smile claims her Filipina heritage. The simplicity of the photo speaks strength! Good job :)

7th Place: (1) Nicole Marable

Hello there Ms. Glamorous! I love Nicole’s photo… I appreciate the big smile and being all dolled-up! She came prepared and the end product is something that she should be proud of.

6th Place: (23) Ria Rabajante

I’ve been seeing a new Ria – one that is totally different from her aura during her Binibini stint! Despite the teeth stain, I am still head -over-heels for this picture because of the photo’s simplicity. The tendency of the candidates is to go overboard to impress forgetting that it is with simple poses that the true beauty comes out.

5th Place: (17) Jennifer Hammond

I’ll be honest in saying that this photo converted me into a believer! The mystery in her eyes draw me to her photo! I also loved the make-up and how her coral lips complemented the gold accessories. I am in love…

4th Place: (6) Karla Patricia Alas

I am really impressed with Karla! The moment I saw this photo, I already told myself that it belongs to this list… It is a very strong photo that showed how beautiful she is and gave her the needed spotlight and shine!

3rd: (24) Zandra Flores

This photo might just qualify Zandra a CoverGirl commercial! She is beautiful, sweet and there is a hint of mystery somewhere!

2nd Place: (19) Bianca Paz

Fresh-faced, Bianca looks young and fabulous in this photo! (I am not even bothered by her nose, unlike in some candids…) I also love the fact that she looks very happy and contented…

1st Place: (20) Megan Young

Nothing brings-out confidence best other than the awareness that you will always be gorgeous whichever angle you’ll be snapped in! Megan is simply beautiful and this photo is a big testament to that fact!

What do you think?


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