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Miss World 2013 Finale Updates: The Top 10

I can’t connect to the live streaming so I will watch the show later over GMA 7! As of the moment, I am online waiting for updates from Sash Factor ( This is the leaderboard after all points were awarded from the challenge event of Miss World 2013Megan Young of Philippines is on the lead!

Top 10

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

1st Place: Philippines (Megan Young) – 328 points

2nd Place: Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)- 323 points

3rd Place: Australia (Erin Holland) – 316 points

4th Place: France (Marine Lorphelin) – 308 points

5th Place: Nepal (Ishani Shrestha) – 290 points

6th Place: England (Kirsty Heslewood) – 282 points

7th Place: Indonesia (Vania Larissa) – 282 points

8th Place: Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez) – 281 points

9th Place: Jamaica (Gina Hargitay) – 280 points

10th Place: Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter) – 278 points

I am so missing Ukraine and Italy!

Scores will be back to zero!


Kattera’s Fave List – Miss World 2013

This is the day :D For four weeks, 127 candidates went through various activities of Miss World 2013. Tonight is the glittering finale and we all await for the crowning of our first grandslam queen for 2013! Here are 20 of my favorite candidate for the crown. Choosing my Top 7 was really easy but deciding on their final placement broke my heart! This is a very difficult decision, and is infamous for that matter, but I will follow what my heart desires!

I would like to apologize as well for not putting any graphics here. 

The Alternatives

20th Place: China PR (Wei Wei Yu)

19th Place: England (Kirsty Heslewood)

18th Place: Nepal (Ishani Shrestha)

17th Place: South Sudan (Modong Manuela Mogga)

16th Place: Australia (Erin Holland)

The Semifinalists

15th Place: Slovakia (Karolina Chomistekova)

14th Place: Netherlands (Jacqueline Steenbeek)

13th Place: Cyprus (Kristy Marie Agapioy)

12th Place: India (Navneet Dhillon)

11th Place: USA (Olivia Jordan)

The Finalists

10th Place: Jamaica (Gina Hargitay)

9th Place: Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez)

8th Place: Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter)

7th Place: Cameroon (Denise Valerie Ayena)

6th Place: Italy (Sarah Baderna)

The Top 5 

4th Runner-up: Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)

3rd Runner-up: Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

2nd Runner-up: Ukraine (Anna Zaiachkivska)

1st Runner-up: Philippines (Megan Young)

Miss World 2013: France (Marine Lorphelin)

I will be very happy if Megan will end up winning Philippines’ first Miss World crown!

Good luck to all the ladies!


Miss World 2013 (33rd Update): According to the Results of the Challenge Events

A day before Miss World 2013 is crowned, Miss World Organization released the winners of the challenge events. Click HERE for the results :D Now, if we will follow the process of the pageant in awarding points to each candidate, I believe that the following ladies will comprise the Top 10 finalists.

The Point System

In order to arrive into this list. I used the following point system:

10 points for the Winner

9 points for the Second Placer

8 points for the Third Placer

7 points for the Fourth Placer

6 points for the Fifth Placer


4 points each for 6th-10th/11th Placer!

The Top Ten Candidates

Before I share with you the list, please note that this is NOT the official point system of Miss World 2013. I created this point system just for this specific post :D

Philippines (Megan Young) – 23 Points

Top Model (Winner) – 10 points
Multimedia (Fourth) – 7 Points
Beach Fashion (Fifth) – 6 Points

Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen) – 22 Points

Beach Fashion (Winner) – 10 points
Top Model (Fifth) – 6 points
Beauty with a Purpose (Fifth) – 6 points

France (Marine Lorphelin) – 21 Points

Beach Fashion (Second) – 9 Points
Top Model (Third) – 8 Points
Beauty with a Purpose (Finalist) – 4 Points

Ukraine (Anna Zaiachkivska) – 19 Points

Talent (Third) – 8 points
Top Model (Fourth) – 7 points
Beach Fashion (Finalist) – 4 points

Nepal (Ishani Shrestha) – 18 Points

Beauty with a Purpose (Winner) – 10 points
Multimedia (Third) – 8 points

Australia (Erin Holland) – 18 Points

Beauty with a Purpose (Second) – 9 points
Talent (Second) – 9 Points

India (Navneet Dhillon) – 14 Points

Multimedia (Winner) – 10 points
Beauty with a Purpose (Finalist) – 4 points

Indonesia (Vania Larissa) – 14 Points

Talent (Winner) – 10 points
Beach Fashion (Finalist) – 4 points

Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez) – 13 Points

Sports (Second) – 9 points
Beach Fashion (Finalist) – 4 points

Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter) – 12 Points

Beach Fashion (Third) – 8 points
Beauty with a Purpose (Finalist) – 4 points

What do you think?

Is this a very plausible Top 10 for you?


Miss World 2013 (28th Update): Profile Videos – Part 3

I continue presenting to you the profile videos of the candidates (you can check other profile video posts HERE). Let us know more about the ladies who are vying for the Miss World 2013 title :D

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss World 2013 candidate!

Video Credits: Miss World YouTube Page

China – Wei Wei Yu

I like Wei Wei! There is genuineness in the video and it seemed to me that all her words were heartfelt. I would have preferred if she styled her hair better. It bothered me while watching the video! Other than this, I am very satisfied!

Ghana – Carranzar Naa Shooter

Ghana’s video was only for 25 seconds and I felt that it was too short! She was already eating her words at the end part of her video. How I wished she could have spoken slowly, took her time and let the audience be awed by her natural beauty!

Puerto Rico – Nadyalee Torres

Another short video from Nadyalee! Why can’t they extend it for several seconds and explain more about themselves. I seriously don’t get it! It is a pity seeing her for just 15 seconds because I so love her face and her accent!

Australia – Erin Holland

I prefer this compare to the shorter videos above. In just 38 minutes, Erin was able to discuss her work and explain about her experiences. She even had a time to thank the people of Bali for their warm welcome. I am not sure about her chances in the finale but I will be happy seeing her called-out as a semifinalist!

Indonesia – Vania Larissa

I must say that I was expecting more from Vania. I had high hopes from her but sadly, she had pauses in between the video making her hesitant and her thought, not fluid. I can’t deny the fact though that she is beautiful :D

Hope you enjoyed watching the videos…

If I need to choose, I will vote for China and Australia here!

Did we just hear from our next Miss World?!?

We will find out this Saturday!


Miss World 2013 (26th Update): Beauty with a Purpose TV Show

Photo Credits: Miss World

Miss World 2013 declared September 23 as their Beauty with a Purpose Day or BWAP (I will be posting more about this tomorrow!) Throughout the day, the contestants were busy with activities that highlighted the charitable activities of Miss World Organization. It was also a good opportunity for the candidates to rally for support for their own Beauty with a Purpose campaign. What is very interesting here is that a chat show intended for television was shot earlier yesterday! Featured were Julia Morley (Chairperson of MWO), Wenxia Yu (Miss World 2013), Liliana Tanoesoedibjo of MNC Group (MW 2013 Sponsor) and 10 candidates! Similar to the Press Conference right before the Opening Show, the candidates were there to share their experiences with their own Beauty with a Purpose activities back home. The 10 “lucky” candidates were:

Front Row (L-R)

Australia (Erin Holland)

Belgium (Noemie Happart)

Botswana (Rosemary Keofitlhetse)

Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)

France (Marine Lorphelin)

Back Row (L-R)

Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter)

Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

Jamaica (Gina Hargitay)

Nepal (Ishani Shrestha)

Peru (Elba Fahsbender Merino)

There is definitely nothing behind the choice of invitees and these 10 are NOT the finalists of the BWAP Challenge Event. However, these 10 are surely lucky because this was an opportunity for them to be noticed by the organization and the fans. Being invited means to me that these girls enjoy the trust of the organization :) Now, if you will read my post about the press conference, you will observe that there were ladies who were invited in the Press Conference and were again invited in the TV Chat show. These are: Jamaica, Indonesia and Australia!

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss World 2013 candidate!

Here are the photos from the event.

Photo Credits: FB Fan Page of Miss World

What do you think?


Miss World 2013 (25th Update): The Talent Competition Finale

The finalists of the Miss World 2013‘s talent competition took the center stage for the talent competition grand finale. To refresh your memory, there were 12 candidates who made it as finalists – 5 singers, 4 dancers and 3 musicians. Each gave it their all as they try to win this competition. Of course the winner will be awarded a point and will move herself forward ahead of the others in the finale.

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss World 2013 candidate!

Here are some photos from the finale:

Photo Credits: Miss World Website





Hong Kong China




Trinidad and Tobago



British Virgin Islands

Here is the official results of the Talent Competition of Miss World 2013:

Winner: Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

2nd Place: Australia (Erin Holland)

3rd Place: Ukraine (Anna Zaiachkivska)

4th Place: British Virgin Islands (Kirtis Malone)

5th Place: Canada (Camille Munro)

I am sure that you are excited to see how each finalist performed. The video I have here is not the complete performance video of each candidate BUT you will see the highlights of their performance! This is already good :D And with that whistle of Indonesia, she definitely deserves the win! Here is the video:

Video Credits: lis Liyanatul Ulwiyah of YouTube

I am just happy with the result because Australia & Indonesia were the two singers that I favored to win the award! Yay!



Miss World 2013: Leader Board – Week 3

My Miss World 2013 leader board is back! This was one of the toughest leader board that I created ever… I arrived into 37 candidates and identifying my favorite 15 was hard! Last week was full of activities, with Sports and Talent finalists being announced! You also know that I started sharing candid photos which made me crazy because I realized that there were a lot of wonderful ladies this year! So, here are the girls who made it into my Top 15 for Miss World 2013 Week 3!

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss World 2013 candidate!

Here are the links for my Week 1 and Week 2 Leader Board!

Photos used in these collage are from several websites… Credits to the owners!!!

15th Place: China (Wei Wei Yu)

14th Place: Cote D’Ivoire (Aissata Dia)

13th Place: Thailand (Kanyaphak Phokesomboon)

12th Place: Slovakia (Karolina Chomistekova)

11th Place: Puerto RIco (Nadyalee Torres)


10th Place: Australia (Erin Holland)

9th Place: Jamaica (Gina Hargitay)

8th Place: Ukraine (Anna Zaiachkivska)

7th Place: Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter)

6th Place: France (Marine Lorphelin)


5th Place: Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)

4th Place: Italy (Sarah Baderna)

3rd Place: Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

2nd Place: Philippines (Megan Young)

1st Place: Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez)


What do you think of my choices?!?

I am excited about the Top Model event this week! I am sure that it will be a game-changer!


Miss World 2013 (24th Update): Candid Photos – Part 2

The candid photos are back :D

This is a continuation of the candid photos of Miss World 2013 candidates that I posted HERE! I want you to look at the candidates from a different point of view as these photos were taken while they are not on a “candidate mode”!

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Credits to Missosology and to the owners of the photos!

Latvia (Eva Dombrovska)

Kyrgyzstan (Zhibek Nukeyeva) & Kazakhstan (Ainura Toleuova)

These two look like they are sisters. I find Kyrgyzstan more beautiful though!

Lesotho (Mamahlape Caroline Matsoso) & South Africa (Marilyn Ramos)

Oh Marilyn, why are you so silent?

Iceland (Sigridur Dagbjort Asgeirsdottir)

Kenya (Wangui Gitonga) & Lesotho

I love Kenya’s smile :D Lesotho, on the other hand, is giving me her usual head tilt! And it’s not working…

Italy (Sarah Baderna)

She is beautiful but I have this feeling that she is doesn’t fit the Miss World mold. She is too “model-ey” for the pageant!

India (Navneet Dhillon) & Trinidad & Tobago (Sherrece Villafana)

I am still appreciative of India’s beauty though I am now disappointed with her performance! I miss the times when Indian queens just rule Miss World from Day 1 of the pageant.


Not a good photo of India. She is inconsistent. Even her styling during the opening show was not impressive!

France (Marine Lorphelin), Ecuador (Laritza Parraga) &
Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sanda Gutic)

I am not a big fan of Ecuador’s beauty but I must admit that she overpowered France here…


That wide smile is the reason why I love this lady!

Gibraltar (Maroua Kharbouch)

Such an underrated beauty :( I actually like this lady!

Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

As the days go by, I am slowly enamored with Indonesia. She seems sweet and innocent. Though I am not (yet) sold-out to the idea of a hometown winner again! It would be a very big mistake for the organization…

Curacao (Xafira Urselita)

She is a beauty :) One of the few black delegates that impressed me!

Honduras (Monica Alexis Elwin Gough) & Malaysia (Melinder Bhullar)

I am not a fan of both ladies…

Guatemala (Loraine Quinto)

What happened?!? She looks a bit old here!

England (Kirsty Heslewood)

El Salvador (Paola Ayala)

Not really rooting for her to win a crown during the national finals… Still not a fan now! I remembered her during the opening show. Not impressed with her walk!

Cyprus (Kristy Marie Agapioy)

I am really in love with this lady <3

Dominica (Leslassa Armour-Shillingford),
Peru (Elba Fahsbender Merino)  & Guam (Camarin Mendiola)

Just for this photo, I’ll most likely give it to Dominica!

Cote D’Ivoire (Aissata Dia) & Cameroon (Denise Valerie Ayena)

I also don’t understand the hype on Cameroon. She bores me to death which is the total opposite of Cote D’Ivoire. Clearly, Cote D’Ivoire is one of the best black delegate this year!

Denmark (Malene Riis Sorensen), Poland (Katarzyna Krzeszowska)
& Malta (Donna Borg Leyland)

Poland for me here! She is a pleasant surprise :D

Cote D’Ivoire, Netherlands (Jacqueline Steenbeek)
& South Sudan (Modong Manuela Mogga)

Ouch, not the best photo of Cote D’Ivoire BUT South Sudan is gorgeous!

Cyprus, South Africa, New Zealand (Ella Langsford),
Thailand (Kanyaphak Phokesomboon) & Korea (Min Ji Park)

Didn’t recognize Cyprus, not her best photo… I’ll give this to Thailand and South Africa!

Bermuda (Katherine Arnfield), Gibraltar
& Northern Ireland (Meagan Green)

These three are totally underrated! I love Gibraltar while Bermuda and Northern Ireland are pleasant surprises this year!


She is a beauty! I’m sure you’ll agree!

Colombia (Daniella Ocoro)

She just faded the moment she landed in Bali!

Venezuela (Karen Soto)

I am really not buying here! Even if she ends up placing in the finale, I am still not a fan!

British Virgin Islands (Kirtis Malone) & Samoa (Penina Maree Paeu)

China (Wei Wei Yu), Chinese Taipei (Cinzia Chang),
Hong Kong (Jacqueline Wong) & Singapore (Maria-Anna Zenieris)

China might be a Miss World powerhouse and will most likely place this year – considering these four! Still, my vote goes to Chinese Taipei here!

Bahamas (De’Andra Bannister)

I love her :) I wish that she will not be wasted…

Argentina (Maria Teresa Kuster), France,
Equatorial Guinea (Restituta Nguema), Ecuador
& Bahamas

Austria (Ena Kadic), South Africa &
Bosnia & Herzegovina

It’s South Africa for me here but something draws me to Austria!

This is it for now…

I really hope that you had fun!

Feel free to leave a note below for your personal comments!


Miss World 2013 (18th Update): The Talent Competition Finalists

Miss World 2013 is on a full blast as the candidates go through each and every challenge event – which are Miss World staples. The finalists of both the Beach Fashion and the Sports Challenge have been determined already. Now, Miss World revealed the ladies who were declared as finalists in the Talent Competition.

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss World 2013 candidate!

This year, the twelve finalists were grouped into three – each one represents a distinct talent. There were 5 singers, 4 dancers and 3 musicians. Here are the ladies!

Photo Credits: Miss World


From L-R: Australia, British Virgin Islands, Ukraine, Wales & Indonesia

Australia (Erin Holland)

British Virgin Islands (Kirtis Malone)

Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

Ukraine (Anna Zaiachkivska)

Wales (Gabrielle Shaw)

I am rooting for Australia & Indonesia in this group!


Canada (Camille Munro)

Dominica (Leslassa Armour-Shillingford)

Hong Kong China (Jacqueline Wong)

Panama (Virginia Hernandez)

My favorites are Dominica & Panama!


Cameroon (Denise Valerie Ayena)

She will showcase her African Drumming skills!

Slovakia (Karolina Chomistekova)

Trinidad & Tobago (Sherrece Villafana)

I’ll put my bet on Cameroon in this group…

The finals of the talent competition is this weekend! I am so excited…

Remember, Miss World 2012 – Wenxia Yu – won the Talent competition last year!

The winner will surely make an impact…


Miss World 2013 (17th Update): The Beach Fashion Finalists Photo Shoot

I have shared with you HERE the list of candidates who qualified as finalists in the Beach Fashion event of Miss World 2013. Now, the organization released the pictures from the photo shoot of the eleven finalists! Really special to watch :D Here are the behind-the-scenes photos. I don’t think that these are the final beach fashion photos!

Photo Credits: Miss World

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss World 2013 candidate!

Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)

China PR (Wei Wei Yu)

France (Marine Lorphelin)

Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter)

Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

Italy (Sarah Baderna)

Jamaica (Gina Hargitay)

Moldova (Valeriya Tsurkan)

Philippines (Megan Young)

Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez)

Ukraine (Anna Zaiachkivska)

Just basing on the photos above, my bets for this event are
Brazil, Philippines, Ukraine, Ghana & Spain!

What do you think?!?


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