Miss Universe 2018 Poll

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Now that the Miss Universe 2018 pageant is underway, let me complete our coverage by opening our staple poll. Friends, let me open our Miss Universe 2018 Poll to determine who is your favorite Miss Universe 2018 candidate.

Here are some reminders for you:

  1. Our poll is an initiative exclusively for this blog and WILL NOT affect (in any way) the official results of the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.
  2. Voting in this poll is FREE and UNLIMITED.

This poll will close on December 15, 2018 (12:00PM Manila Time)


❤ ❤ ❤


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Miss Universe 2018 (4th Update): The Wuttisak Snail Farm Visit

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

A selected number of Miss Universe 2018 candidates kicked off the Miss Universe 2018 activities with a visit to the Wuttisak Snail Farm. The farm breeds snails and uses it as ingredients in some cosmetics products.

Myanmar (Hnin Thway Yu Aung), Laos (On-anong Homsombath),
USA (Sarah Rose Summers), Dominican Republic (Aldy Bernard) 
& Japan (Yuumi Kato)

This activity was a game changer! Several items that I want to highlight here:

  • USA’s biggest strength is her personality! She may not be your first on the face and body departments but her warmth and glow is making up for whatever you think is lacking (which I personally think is baseless).
  • Thailand is shaping up to be one of the best host delegates. I love how she takes care of her MU sisters.

Philippines (Catriona Gray) & Thailand (Sophida Kanchanarin

  • Catriona is proving everyone why she is the “Girl to Beat” in this competition. From her impeccable styling to the faultless camera register, she is slowly crushing the competition. However, leaning back and getting comfortable should never be an option for her as I can name at least 5 ladies who are hot on her heels ready to take over.
  • Japan, who is dressed by an all-Filipino designers, is making waves with her classy approach to the competition.

Look at the ladies in motion here.

Video Credits: Games & Beauty Pageants

Who is heading your lists now? Share them by leaving a comment below.


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Miss Universe 2018 (3rd Update): Registration & Fittings

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Today is the official start of Miss Universe 2018! We have seen the arrivals of the official delegates and they were immediately whisked into the registration and fittings. Check out some of the photos here ❤

I am sure that you are all giddy for the start of the biggest beauty pageant of the year!

Photo Credits: HO/The Miss Universe Organization

Japan (Yuumi Kato), Denmark (Helena Heuser),
British Virgin Islands (Ayana Phillips), Dominican Republic (Aldy Bernard)
& Mexico (Andrea Toscano)

Vietnam (H’Hen Nie), Thailand (Sophida Kanchanarin),
El Salvador (Marisela De Montecristo) & Curacao (Akisha Albert)

Russia (Yulia Polyachikhina), Kazakhstan (Sabina Azimbayeva)
& Great Britain (Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers)

South Africa (Tamaryn Green), Egypt (Nariman Khaled)
& Kenya (Wabaiya Kariuki) 

Russia, Mexico & Finland (Alina Voronkova)

You may refer HERE for my pre-arrival favorites who already made a good impression prior to landing in Bangkok. However, I am pleasantly surprised with Puerto Rico, Guam, El Salvador & Canada upon arriving in Thailand. Keeping an eye on these ladies!


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Miss Universe 2018 (2nd Update): The Crossover Beauties

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2018 is already underway. You have met our official candidates yesterday. In the next few days, I will try to dig deeper into these ladies to help us get to know them better.

Today, let me start with some of the crossover beauties. These are few of the ladies who participated in other international beauty pageants and are expected to use their experiences as an advantage. Meet some of the ladies who are expected to sway and glide on stage with much more familiarity and confidence because of their .

  • Let us start with the titleholders! More is expected from Costa Rica (Natalia Carvajal) for winning the Miss Eco International 2016 title. The experience of being on an international stage competing against delegates from other countries will surely come in handy for Natalia in Bangkok. Two more titleholders this year with El Salvador (Marisela de Montecristo) who won the reality television beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013 and Nicaragua (Adriana Paniagua) who won the Miss Teen International 2011 title.

Photo Credits: Angelopedia

Natalia Carvajal in the Miss Eco International 2017 poster

  • We also have a handful of runner-up placements in this year’s roster of delegates. Though unsuccessful, their experiences should not be ignored as these placements are achievements on its own. Let us start with Philippines (Catriona Gray) who finished in the Top 5 of Miss World 2016. Akisha Albert of Curacao had an amazing performance at Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 and was an awarded with a 1st runner-up placement. A 3rd runner-up placement was also a huge achievement for Ornella Gunesekere who represented Sri Lanka in Miss Supranational 2016. This list also includes Brazil (Mayra Dias) who placed 2nd Runner-Up in Reina Hispanoamericana 2016 and Bolivia (Joyce Prado) & Paraguay (Belen Alderete) who are fresh from their 3rd Runner-up & 2nd Runner-up successes in Reina Hispanoamericana 2018.

Photo Credits: Missosology

Fans of Catriona will never forget this heart-breaking photo at the conclusion of
Miss World 2016

  • Some of this year’s front runners also participated in other international beauty pageants. We have Ecuador‘s Virginia Limongi who participated in both Miss World 2014 and Top Model of the World 2016 but failed to place in both. Marta Magdalena Stepien of Canada participated in Miss International 2017 but failed to advance.

Miss Universe was once called by Billy Bush as the “Superbowl of Beauty”; thus, it requires so much from a candidate. Though a prior experience is not a guarantee for a placement, it will surely come in handy on a competitive pageant like this.


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Miss Universe 2018 (1st Update): Meet the Official Candidates


Photo Credits: Miss Universe

The competition is ON as Bangkok City welcomes the delegates of Miss Universe 2018. Let me take this very first update by sharing with you the complete list of candidates this year. One of these candidates will be ending this beautiful journey with a crown on her head and the bragging rights of becoming Miss Universe 2018. Who do you think will win this all?

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Albania (Trejsi Sejdini)

Angola (Ana Liliana Aviao)

Argentina (Agustina Belen Pivowarchuk)

Armenia (Eliza Muradyan)

Aruba (Kimberly Julsing)

Australia (Francesca Hung)

Bahamas (Danielle Grant)

Barbados (Meghan Theobalds)

Belgium (Zoe Brunet)

Belize (Jenelli Fraser)

Bolivia (Joyce Prado)

Brazil (Mayra Dias)

British Virgin Islands (Ayana Phillips)

Bulgaria (Gabriela Topalova)

Cambodia (Nat Rern)

Canada (Marta Magdalena Stepien)

Cayman Islands (Caitlin Tyson)

Chile (Andrea Diaz)

China (Meisu Qin)

Colombia (Valeria Morales)

Costa Rica (Natalia Carvajal)

Croatia (Mia Pojatina)

Curacao (Akisha Albert)

Czech Republic (Lea Steflickova)

Denmark (Helena Heuser)

Dominican Republic (Aldy Bernard)

Ecuador (Virgina Limongi)

Egypt (Nariman Khaled)

El Salvador (Marisela De Montecristo)

Finland (Alina Voronkova)

France (Eva Colas)

Georgia (Lara Yan)

Germany (Celine Flores Willers)

Ghana (Akpene Diata Hoggar)

Great Britain (Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers)

Greece (Ioanna Bella)

Guam (Athena Su McNinch)

Guatemala (Mariana Garcia)

Haiti (Samantha Colas)

Honduras (Vanessa Villars)

Hungary (Eniko Kecskes)

Iceland (Katrin Lea Elenudottir)

India (Nehal Chudasama)

Indonesia (Sonia Fergina Citra)

Ireland (Grainne Gallanagh)

Israel (Nikol Reznikov)

Italy (Erica De Matteis)

Jamaica (Emily Sara-Claire Maddison)

Japan (Yuumi Kato)

Kazakhstan (Sabina Azimbayeva)

Kenya (Wabaiya Kariuki)

Korea (Ji Hyun Baek)

Kosovo (Zana Berisha)

Kyrgyzstan (Karybekova Begimay)

Laos (On-anong Homsombath)

Lebanon (Maya Reaidy)

Malaysia (Jane Teoh)

Malta (Francesca Mifsud)

Mauritius (Varsha Ragoobarsing)

Mexico (Andrea Toscano)

Mongolia (Dolgion Delgerjav)

Myanmar (Hnin Thway Yu Aung)

Namibia (Selma Kamanya)

Nepal (Manita Devkota)

Netherlands (Rahima Dirkse)

New Zealand (Estelle Curd)

Nicaragua (Adriana Paniagua)

Nigeria (Aramide Lopez)

Norway (Susanne Naess Guttorm)

Panama (Rosa Iveth Montezuma)

Paraguay (Maria Belen Alderete Gayoso)

Peru (Romina Lozano)

Philippines (Catrina Gray)

Poland (Magdalena Swat)

Portugal (Filipa Barroso)

Puerto Rico (Kiara Ortega)

Russia (Yulia Polyachikhina)

Saint Lucia (Angella Dalsou)

Singapore (Zahra Khanum)

Slovakia (Barbora Hanova)

South Africa (Tamaryn Green)

Spain (Angela Ponce)

Sri Lanka (Ornella Gunesekere)

Sweden (Emma Strandberg)

Switzerland (Jastina Doreen Riederer)

Thailand (Sophida Kanchanarin)

Turkey (Tara de Vries)

US Virgin Islands (Aniska Tonge)

Ukraine (Karina Zhosan)

Uruguay (Sofia Abigail Marrero Moreira)

USA (Sarah Rose Summers)

Venezuela (Sthefany Gutierrez)

Vietnam (H’Hen Nie)

Zambia (Melba Shakabozha)

Who will win the most prestigious beauty pageant this year?!?

Leave a comment below with the name of your favorite!


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Kattera Beauty’s Miss Universe 2018 Pre-Arrival Favorites

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

TODAY is THE DAY! The ladies of Miss Universe 2018 are now enroute to Thailand for the biggest beauty pageant this year. And before the competition begins, let me share with you my favorite ladies for the crown. This list is based on photos and videos from their national competitions and the preparations that they have shared to the public. Here are my pre-arrival favorites:

16th: Venuezuela (Sthefany Gutierrez)

15th: Australia (Francesca Hung)

14th: Lebanon (Maya Reaidy)

13th: Thailand (Sophida Kanchanarin)

12th: Puerto Rico (Kiara Ortega)

11th: Ireland (Grainne Gallanagh)

This women’s health advocate, finished her Bachelor of Science degree with honors.

10th: Japan (Yuumi Kato)

9th: Colombia (Valeria Morales)

8th: Vietnam (H’Hen Nie)

7th: Ecuador (Virginia Limongi)

6th: Spain (Angela Ponce)

She already made history being the first transgender woman candidate of Miss Universe!  Now, she is ready to use this opportunity to diversity and equality!

5th: USA (Sarah Rose Summers)

4th: Mexico (Andrea Toscano)

3rd: Canada (Marta Magdalena Stepien)

2nd: South Africa (Tamaryn Green)

1st: Philippines (Catriona Gray)

The Girl to Beat!

-All photos courtesy of Miss Universe-

This list, for sure, will change the moment all ladies step foot in Bangkok! The Miss Universe 2018 fever is ON!


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Zara Carbonell wins Miss Tourism Worldwide 2018

Photo Credits: Joy Arguil for Missosology

Some beautiful news to start your week ❤

We have another crown for the Philippines!

Zara Carbonell is Miss Tourism Worldwide 2018. She was crowned in Indonesia earlier today and became the very first winner of the Miss Tourism Worldwide title. The pageant should not be confused with the Malaysia-based Miss Tourism International pageant.

Zara was declared 2nd runner-up at Miss World Philippines 2017. The Miss World Philippines 2017 batch seems to be one of most successful batches with 4 crowns already.

Congratulations Zara!




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