Miss Intercontinental 2016 – Official Results


What a night, I must say! It all started with the exclusion of Philippines in the Top 5, then the Final Q&A was a mess with no proper interpreters available and Ghana & Italy were tied and it had to be resolved via “live” and “manual” voting which was won by Ghana. It was crazy!!! It was humiliating for Italy. I am not sure why the organizers and the judges did not deliberate secretly before announcing the winners. It was weird!

micwinnerPhoto not mine.

Now, let us focus on the things that went well – (1) 9/15 of my favorites went on to place as semifinalists. Visibly missing were England, Mexico & India. (2) It was a pleasure seeing Jacqueline Aguilera (Miss World 1995 from Venezuela) as one of the pageant’s judges. It was weird though that she is a winner of a competing pageant. (3) Predicted the placements of Ghana (2nd Runner-up) and Puerto Rico (Winner). Heilymar is such a deserving winner!

Top 15

Costa Rica (Maria Amalia Matamoros)

Colombia (Carolina Morales)

Seychelles (Isabel Lavigne)

Thailand (Atitaya Kunnalaphat)

Philippines (Jennifer Hammond)

China (Xiaoyan Liu)

Czech Republic (Natalie Muslikova)

Scotland (Abigail Leille Gliksten)

Poland (Paulina Rulka)

Ukraine (Valeria Samehylieiwa)

Top 5

4th Runner-up: Venezuela (Amal Karina Nemer)

3rd Runner-up: Italy (Floriana Russo)

2nd Runner-up: Ghana (Silvia Commodore)

1st Runner-up: Sri Lanka (Tracy Zilva)

Miss Intercontinental 2016: Puerto Rico (Heilymar Rosario)

Congratulations Ladies!!


Miss Intercontinental 2016 – My Fave List


How time flies when we are enjoying. One pageant (of the four this month) will come to a beautiful close tonight. Here are the candidates that I will be rooting for later tonight during the grand finale:

Photo Credits: Miss Intercontinental



Poland, Costa Rica, South Africa, Myanmar & Portugal

15- Colombia (Carolina Morales)

14- Czech Republic (Natalie Muslikova)

13 – Mexico (Martha Suarez)

12 – Russia (Kseniya Kopylkova)

11 – Sri Lanka (Tracy Zilva)

10 – Thailand (Atitaya Kunnalaphat)

9 – Italy (Floriana Russo)

8 – India (Aarushi Sharma)

7 – Zimbabwe (Hildah Mabu)

6 – Venezuela (Amal Karina Nemer)

4th Runner-up: Brazil (Sabrina Sancler)

Exotic – I love Sabrina’s face. She looks uncommon, exotic & natural.

3rd Runner-up: England (Chloe Othan)

Experience – with several international beauty pageant experience under her belt, Chloe is expected to shine in the competition.

2nd Runner-up: Ghana (Silvia Commodore)

Expensive – Silvia is tall and will capture your attention. She looks extra expensive with her on point styling.

1st Runner-up: Philippines (Jennifer Hammond)

Beauty – Jennifer possesses one of the most beautiful faces in the competition. She carries herself well and has captured the attention of the organizers.

Miss Intercontinental 2016: Puerto Rico (Heilymar Rosario)

Smile – She got me with her sweet winning smile. She is relaxed, confident & beautiful; bringing her to the top of everyone’s list.

Best of luck girls!!!

PS. I’d be very glad to be proven wrong and for Jennifer to bring home the crown!


Miss Intercontinental 2016 – Readers’ Choice Award


We are hours before the coronation of Miss Intercontinental 2016. Before I present to you the choice of my readers for the title, let me first thank everyone who participated in our poll. It only lasted for 10 days but the support that it received was just enormous. Again, thank you for your continuous support with my projects🙂

Now, sharing the delegates that received the most number of votes in our poll. Here are the winners of the Miss Intercontinental 2016 Readers Choice Award:

Sri Lanka (Tracy Zilva) – 46.70% of the total votes

srilankaPhoto Credits: Tracy Zilva FB Page

Philippines (Jennifer Hammond) – 17.48% of the total votes

Venezuela (Amal Karina Nemer) – 4.01% of the total votes

Malta (Jade Ceni) – 3.72% of the total votes

Zimbabwe (Hildah Mabu) – 3.72% of the total votes

Congratulations Ladies and Best of Luck in the pageant later!


Miss Earth 2016 Poll


I have introduced to you the official candidates of Miss Earth 2016 HERE! Now, it is time to launch our Miss Earth 2016 Poll, which is a staple feature in my coverage. This will get the pulse of my readers on who they think should win the Miss Earth 2016 crown.

A few reminders before you start voting:

  • Voting is certainly for FREE and is UNLIMITED! So just go and keep on clicking that vote button.
  • This is an unofficial poll and will NOT affect the official results of the pageant
  • This poll will close on October 29 at 1PM (Manila Time)

So, go now and VOTE!!!

PS. If you are confused with the two buttons, please click the one above the name of the delegate that you are voting for!

Miss Earth 2016 (3rd Update): Press Presentation


The official candidates of Miss Earth 2016 were presented yesterday! The candidates sashayed in their swimsuit and introduced themselves to the members of the media. This tested the personality and confidence of the candidates. Some were clearly comfortable in front of the public and performed well. The candidates also sent out their environment message to the Earth – ranging from GMO issues to Environment Education to Climate Change. It was good hearing the candidates improvise and not just stick to memorized lines – such a preview of what will happen on the finals night.

Here is the full video from the Press Presentation

Video Credits: PageantBeauty of YouTube

Declared as the Darling of the Press were the following ladies:

Gold: Philippines (Imelda Schweighart) & Ecuador (Katherine Espin)

Silver: Venezuela (Stephanie De Zorzi)

Bronze: USA (Corrin Stellakis)

Looking at each of the candidate’s performance, these are the ladies who made a positive impact based on their confidence & personality: Austria, Bolivia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Hungary, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Suriname, Sweden, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela & Zimbabwe.

Best of luck ladies & Welcome to the Philippines!




Miss International 2016 (1st Update): The Official Candidates


Another Grand Slam pageant kicks off🙂 Oh, October!!! Miss International 2016 opens its doors for the 70 lovely delegates who will battle for the grand slam title.

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Poll

With a new slogan – “The Most Beautiful in the World”expect that this year’s edition will be bigger and fiercer. Who will reign supreme? Who will be crowned as the World’s Most Beautiful?

Here are the official delegates:

Argentina (Yoana Don)

Aruba (Tania Maria Nunes)

Australia (Alexandra Britton)

Belarus (Palina Tsehalka)

Belgium (Caroline Sophie Julie Van Hoye)

Bolivia (Katherine Anazgo)

Brazil (Manoela Alves)

Canada (Amber Bernachi)

China (Xinna Zhou)

Colombia (Yudi Daniela Herrera)

Costa Rica (Raquel Guevara)

Cuba (Dania Quesada)

Denmark (Sara Skals Danielsen)

Dominican Republic (Cinthya Maria Nunez)

Ecuador (Ivanna Abad)

El Salvador (Elizabeth Cader)

Finland (Emilia Seppanen)

France (Khaoula Najine)

Ghana (Cindy Kofie)

Gibraltar (Joseanne Bear)

Guatemala (Laura Maria Vadillo)

Guam (Annalyn Buan)

Guadeloupe (Presile Adolphe)

Haiti (Cassandra Joseph)

Hawaii (Guinevere Davenport)

Honduras (Andrea Nicolle Salinas)

Hong Kong (Kelly Yeuk Lam Chan)

Hungary (Csillag Szabo)

India (Rewati Chetri)

Indonesia (Felicia Hwang)

Ireland (Catherine Gannon)

Japan (Junna Yamagata)

Korea (Kim Min Jeong)

Lebanon (Stephanie Karam)

Luxembourg (Katia Dos Santos)

Macau (Sulin Ip)

Malaysia (Olivia Nicholas)

Mauritius (Shavina Hulkua)

Mexico (Maria Geraldine Ponce)

Moldova (Alina Kirchiu)

Myanmar (Ein Gyin Htoo)

Netherlands (Melissa Scherpen)

Nepal (Barsha Lekhi)

Nicaragua (Brianny Chamorro)

Nigeria (Ivie Mary Young Akpude)

Northern Mariana Islands (Peachy Quitugua)

Norway (Camilla De Souza Devik)

New Zealand (Jessica Tyson)

Panama (Daniela Ochoa)

Peru (Danea Juanita Panta)

Philippines (Kylie Verzosa)

Poland (Magdalena Bienkowska)

Puerto Rico (Gabriela Berrios)

Portugal (Carina Frazao)

Russia (Alisa Manenok)

Sierra Leone (Maseray Zelda Swarray)

Singapore (Huiqi Wang)

Slovak Republic (Michaela Menkyova)

South Africa (Tharina Botes)

Spain (Anabel Delgado)

Sri Lanka (Ayesha Fernando)

Sweden (Maria Taipaleenmaki)

Taiwan (Ai-ning Tan)

Thailand (Pattiya Pongthai)

Tunisia (Hiba Telmoudi)

Ukraine (Viktoriia Kiose)

United Kingdom (Romy Simpkins)

USA (Kaitryana Leinbach)

Venezuela (Jessica Duarte)

Vietnam (Pham Ngoc Phuong Linh)

This is getting exciting!


Miss Earth 2016 (2nd Update): I am Coming in Clean!


Before I go full throttle with my coverage of Miss Earth 2016, I will come clean to you dearies! I am in love with Stephanie De Zorzi of Venezuela. As of today, she is my favorite to win the title. She is a Goddess among our midst. She is tall and competitive. She has Alyz Henrich (another fave Miss Earth queen of mine) as her mentor. What else can I ask for?!?

If you don’t believe me, then here is a video for you!

Video Credits: Alyz Henrich IG

This is a competition so there is a huge chance that within the month’s pre-pageant event, someone may outshine Stephanie and I can’t wait for the pageant to be extra competitive. But for now, Stephanie is my bet for this Grand Slam crown.