Miss USA 2018 (2nd Updates): The Official Candidates

Photo Credits: Miss USA

Miss USA 2018 is starting to get its wheels working for a grand finale scheduled two months from now. I will start my coverage by sharing with you the 51 beautiful delegates who will compete for the most coveted title in America.

Alabama (Hannah Brown)

Alaska (Brooke Johnson)

Arizona (Nicole Smith)

Arkansas (Lauren Weaver)

California (Kelley Johnson)

Colorado (Chloe Brown)

Connecticut (Jamie Hughes)

Delaware (Sierra Wright)

District of Columbia (Bryce Armstrong)

Florida (Genesis Davila)

Georgia (Marianny Egurrola)

Hawaii (Julianne Chu)

Idaho (Tea Draganovic)

Illinois (Karolina Jasko)

Indiana (Darrian Arch)

Iowa (Jenny Valliere)

Kansas (Melanie Shaner)

Kentucky (Braea Tilford)

Louisiana (Lauren Vizza)

Maine (Marina Gray)

Maryland (Brittinay Nicolette)

Massachusetts (Allissa Latham)

Michigan (Elizabeth Johnson)

Minnesota (Kalie Wright)

Mississippi (Laine Mansour)

Missouri (Tori Kruse)

Montana (Dani Walker)

Nebraska (Sarah Rose Summers)

Nevada (Carolina Urrea)

New Hampshire (Michelle McEwan)

New Jersey (Alexa Noone)

New Mexico (Kristen Leyva)

New York (Genesis Suero)

North Carolina (Caelynn Miller-Keyes)

North Dakota (Abigail Pogatshnik)

Ohio (Deneen Penn)

Oklahoma (Cheyene Darling)

Oregon (Toneata Morgan)

Pennsylvania (Olivia Suchko)

Rhode Island (Daescia Demoranville)

South Carolina (Tori Sizemore)

South Dakota (Madison Nipe)

Tennessee (Alexandra Harper)

Texas (Logan Lester)

Utah (Narine Ishhanov)

Vermont (Maia-Jena Allo)

Virginia (Ashley Vollrath)

Washington (Abigail Hill)

West Virginia (Casey Lassiter)

Wisconsin (Regina Gray)

Wyoming (Callie Bishop)

Remember these names because at the end of May 21, one of these ladies will be wearing the Miss USA 2018 crown.


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Miss USA 2018 (1st Update): An Exciting Competition Ahead

Photo Credit: Miss USA

After the successful run of Binibining Pilipinas 2018, I have now my sight on another powerful national pageant that will send its winner to Miss Universe 2018 – Miss USA 2018. With two months before the finale, I have here some of the information about the biggest and most prestigious American beauty pageant.

  • The Grand Finale will air LIVE on FOX on May 21 at 8PM ET.
  • It will be held at The Hirsch Memorial Coliseum in Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana.
  • This year’s pageant marks the 20th anniversary of the competition’s appearance in Shreveport-Bossier in 1998 which was won by Shawnae Jebbia representing Massachusetts.
  • Couple Vanessa and Nick Lachey were announced hosts

If Binibining Pilipinas 2018 had Catriona Gray as the candidate considered as the one to beat coming into the competition, Miss USA 2018 has Genesis Davila who is representing Florida. Genesis is a pageant veteran who represented Puerto Rico in Miss World 2014. She won Miss Florida USA 2017 but was disqualified. She gave the pageant another shot and won the same state pageant this year. With this background and her experience, Genesis will arrive in Louisiana being touted as fan favorite.

I will keep you posted for updates as I officially start my Miss USA 2018 coverage!


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Photo of the Day (03.19.18): My Thoughts in One Photo

As the Philippines’ most prestigious beauty pageant comes to an end, I am overwhelmed with so much joy. I have a gazillion of things to say but let this one photo from Sash Factor‘s Adam Genato summarize all of them.

I love you Madam Stella Araneta!


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Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Official Results

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

I can’t be happier with this official results ❤ ❤ ❤

Here is the new set of queens, the ladies who emerged victorious in last night’s Binibining Pilipinas 2018:

Miss Universe Philippines 2018
Catriona Gray (20)

Binibining Pilipinas International 2018
Ahtisa Manalo (17)

Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2018
Jehza Huelar (31)

Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2018
Eva Patalinjug (32)

Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2018
Karen Gallman (38)

Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2018
Michele Gumabao (19)

1st Runner-Up
Vickie Rushton (1)

2nd Runner-Up
Samantha Bernardo (14)

Top 15

Muriel Orais (3)
Aya Abesamis (11)
Juliana Kapuendl (15)
Anjame Magbitang (21)
Edjelyn Gamboa (24)
Wynonah Buot (26)
Sandra Lemonon (35)

Top 25

Ana Patricia Asturias (4)
Sigrid Grace Flores (7)
Shane Tormes (8)
Agatha Lei Romero (9)
Kayesha Chua (10)
Kristie Rose Cequena (13)
Ena Velasco (23)
Mary Joy De Castro (34)
Patrizia Garcia (37)
Trixia Marie Marana (39)

Catriona will be the first Filipina to compete in both Miss World and Miss Universe!



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Binibining Pilipinas 2018 – My Fave List

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

6 lives will forever change tonight! Who will be the next Binibini Queens?

Binibining Pilipinas 2018 has to be one of the most controversial-free edition in the recent years. Save from few disqualification rumors and issues thrown to the batch’s clear front runner, this year’s competition went on without the unnecessary noise and negativity. For that, I must applaud BPCI

Without further delay, here are my favorite delegates. These represents the ladies who are beautiful, strong and consistent.

Miss Universe Philippines 2018
Catriona Gray (20)

Binibining Pilipinas International 2018
Karen Gallman (38)

Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2018
Sandra Lemonon (35)

Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2018
Vickie Rushton (1)

Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2018
Ena Velasco (23)

Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2018
Jehza Huelar (31)

1st Runner-Up
Michelle Gumabao (19)

2nd Runner-Up
Sigrid Grace Flores (7)


Kayesha Chua (10)

Aya Abesamis (11)

Samantha Bernardo (14)

Juliana Kapeundl (15)

Ahtisa Manalo (17)

Anjame Magbitang (21)

Eva Patalinjug (32)

Best of luck to all the ladies!


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Binibining Pilipinas 2018 (5th Update): The Battle of the Beauty Pageant Camps

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

You have met the 40 beautiful delegates of Binibining Pilipinas 2018. As we get to know these ladies, I will provide you with some facts and trivia. Today, let me start by sharing the beauty pageant camp affiliation of some of the ladies.

For those who are not familiar, Philippines has beauty pageant camps which sends ladies to national pageants. Two of the biggest are Aces & Queens which counts Pia WurtzbachKylie Verzosa and Megan Young as wards and Kagandahang Flores with Bea Rose Santiago, Karla Henry and Lara Quigaman as queens. We also have RL Angels which is still doing its best to win its first major crown.

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Binibining Pilipinas 2018 candidate!

Here are the delegates under these major beauty pageant camps:

Aces & Queens has 16 delegates this year!

Binibini 36 – Loren Mar Artajos / Binibini 4 – Ana Patricia Asturias
Binibini 15 – Juliana Kapuendl / Binibini 19 – Michele Gumabao
Binibini 17 – Ma. Ahtisa Manalo / Binibini 18 – Rosantonette Mendoza
Binibini 35 – Sandra Lemonon / Binibini 39 – Trixia Marie Marana
Binibini 10 – Kayesha Chua / Binibini 26 – Wynonah Buot
Binibini 11 – Aya Abesamis / Binibini 16 – Annalita Vizcarra
Binibini 31 – Jehza Huelar / Binibini 22 – Sophia Juliann Baina
Binibini 24 – Edjelyn Gamboa / Binibini 34 – Mary Joy de Castro

For me, flag bearers of A&Q this year are
Michele GumabaoWynonah Buot and Jehza Huelar

Kagandahang Flores has 19 candidates this year!

Binibini 32 – Eva Patalinjug / Binibini 23 – Ena Velasco
Binibini 38 – Karen Gallman / Binibini 1 – Vickie Rushton
Binibini 25 – Jerellen Rodriguez / Binibini 14 – Samantha Bernardo
Binibini 30 – Sarah Joson / Binibini 2 – Kathrine Ventura
Binibini 21 – Anjame Magbitang / Binibini 33 – Stephanie Joy Abellanida
Binibini 3 – Muriel Orais / Binibini 40 – Angelie Aubrey Asuncion
Binibini 8 – Sherry Ann Tormes / Binibini 37 – Patrizia Garcia
Binibini 9 – Agatha Romero / Binibini 28 – Angelica Corbe
Binibini 5 – Rose Marie Murphy / Binibini 27 – KC Cajandig
Binibini 29 – Samantha Kaye Avestruz

My flag bearers for KF this year are
Ena Velasco, Karen Gallman and Samantha Bernardo

RL Angels has a lone delegate with Binibini 7 – Sigrid Grace Flores!


We have 4 delegates who are courageous enough to join as INDEPENDENTS!

Binibini 20 – Catriona Gray
Binibini 6 – Janice Roman
Binibini 12 – Janette Sturm
Binibini 13 – Kristie Rose Cequena

Other than knowing who wins the crown, another thing to look forward to is knowing which camps dominate the winning group. Here are the breakdown of winning camps for the past three years:

2017 – Peters (KF), De Leon (A&Q), Thomas (A&Q),
Rodriguez (A&Q), Clenci (KF) & Ibe (KF)

2016 – Medina (A&Q), Verzosa (A&Q), Eden (KF),
Hammond (A&Q), Cordoves (A&Q), & Globe (KF)

2015 – Wurtzbach (A&Q), Lubina (KF), Catacutan (KF),
McGarry (A&Q), & Colis (A&Q)

So, who do you think will dominate this year?!?


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Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Poll (January 30 Update)

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

Binibining Pilipinas 2018 is heating up! Interview videos have been released and fans now have a good idea of what the girls can offer other than their beautiful faces. This is really getting exciting!

While we are at this, let me share with you a quick update on our Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Poll! As I announced here, there are now two ways to vote for your favorite Binibining Pilipinas 2018 candidate:

  1. VOTE via our website. Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite candidate!
  2. You may now VOTE for your favorite delegate via Facebook. Click THIS to access it and vote!

Here is the partial results as of today!

Binibini 20 Catriona Gray – 44.44%

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

 Binibini 19 Michele Gumabao – 16.67%

Binibini 26 Wynonah Buot – 11.11%

Keep on voting!!!


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