Binibining Pilipinas 2017 – My Fave List

All roads lead to Araneta Coliseum today!

I am excited to witness the coronation of the 2017 Filipina flag bearers for the 6 of the biggest beauty pageants in the Universe. I expect to see a fiery competition tonight as the 40 official candidates are on top of the their game.

Without so much flare, I am sharing with you my list of favorites for Binibining Pilipinas 2017.

Miss Universe Philippines 2017
Mariel De Leon (15)

Binibining Pilipinas International 2017
Jehza Mae Huelar (10)

Binibining Pilipinas Intecontinental 2017
Sirene Sutton (13)

Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2017
Charmaine Elima (32)

Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2017
Rachel Peters (19)

Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2017
Chanel Olive Thomas (22)

1st Runner-Up: Nelda Ibe (18)

2nd Runner-Up: Katarina Rodriguez (31)


Ruffa Nava (26)

Angelique De Leon (12)

Dindi Pajares (24)

Arienne Calingo (2)

Elizabeth Clenci (39)

Gabriela Ortega (34)

Christagale Borja (20)

Best of luck ladies!
And may the best women win!


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Party! The Miss Universe 2016 Way…

Do you want to know how to party, the Miss Universe 2016 way?!?  If your answer is yes, then I can show you how! It includes colorful strobe lights, the most sought after DJs, dizzying LED lights, heart stopping aerial acrobats, a long list of glamorous and beautiful men and women and of course, Iris Mittenaere.

Video Credits: Cove Manila

Cove Manila officially hosted the After Party of Miss Universe 2016 on the evening of January 30. Onsite to celebrate the win the of the French beauty were Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015), Chalita Suansane (Thailand),  Maxine Medina (Philippines),  Andrea Tovar (Colombia) and even Parul Shah. I hope that Iris danced the night away to prepare for a busy year ahead. Congratulations Cove Manila and Miss Universe!


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Lady Gaga on Miss Universe!

Of course you have seen the epic performance of Lady Gaga during the halftime show of the 51st Super Bowl! Who hasn’t?!? It was everything that you can ask for in a live performance – drones, fireworks, bungee jumping, costume changes and live vocals. Though I am more of a Rihanna than a Gaga, I am a fan of her rise to the stardom. I know that it is not Thursday yet but did you know that Lady Gaga’s first few introduction into the pop audience was with Miss Universe?!?

Yes, you heard it right! Lady Gaga was a musical guest for Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam!

Video Credits: me encanta of YouTube

She really has the pipes and showmanship. I love her then and I still love her now!

PS. I was broken hearted when Taliana Vargas (Colombia) failed to get the crown 😦


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Miss South Africa 2017 – The Finalists

While Binibining Pilipinas 2017 is shaping up to be another beauty slugfest, let me set my sight on other national pageants around the world. First on my list is Miss South Africa 2017 which will crown its new queen on March 25. The winner will represent the country in both Miss Universe 2017 AND Miss World 2017

Though the pageant is still in search for its first Miss Universe crown (South Africa has one Miss Universe title but won via a different pageant), it prides itself with three Miss World titles. One of their most recent success story is Rolene Strauss – one of my favorite Miss World queens. Despite what I consider as a recent performance slump, we should not take the pageant lightly. It produced the likes of Cindy Nell, Claudia Henkel, Tatum Keshwar, Nicole Flint and Melinda Bam for Miss Universe. Consider those names as my word of caution 🙂

So here are the ladies who are vying for one of the most exciting titles:

01 – Ade van Heerden

02 – Boipelo Mabe

03 – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

04- Iman Mkwanazi

05 – Kayla Malherbe

06 – Nicole van Niekerk

07 – Nompumelelo Mampholo

08 – Odirile Sepeng

09 – Priyeshka Lutchman

10 – Shane Naidoo

11 – Shelbe Pretorius

12 – Yuta Raubenheimer

Do you have your favorites already?!?


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Miss Universe 2016 – Official Results


Credits: Miss Universe Organization

I am over the moon. My apologies if I need to take this day off. Watching Miss Universe live is a fulfillment of a childhood dream. It is pure sensory overload! Pure joy if you’ll ask me!

Here is the official results of Miss Universe 2016:

Miss Universe 2016: France – Iris Mittenaere
1st Runner-up: Haiti – Raquel Pelissier
2nd Runner-up: Colombia – Andrea Tovar

Top 6

Kenya – Mary Esther Were
Philippines – Maxine Medina
Thailand – Chalita Suansane

Top 9

Canada – Siera Bearchell
Mexico – Kristal Silva
USA – Deshauna Barber

Top 13

Brazil – Raissa Santana
Indonesia – Kezia Warouw
Panama – Keity Drennan
Peru – Valeria Piazza

Seeing France win the crown is a wonderful bonus. I saw how humble, how confident and how authentic she was and I NEVER DOUBTED HER CAPABILITY TO BE A MISS UNIVERSE! 6 of my favelist went through, plus 2 from my reserves! It is well within my hit rate of 50%-60%.

PS. Remember this?!?



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Miss Universe 2016 – My Fave List

And we are now at the final day before we meet the 65th Miss Universe! It has been a whirlwind coverage for me and I can not believe that it is ending (insert sad face here!) However, I also can’t wait for the finale to commence and see some serious competition on stage. I have seen the candidates both onstage showing their skills during the preliminaries and have seen them offstage as well, seeing them a bit unguarded. I must say that there are a lot of candidates who are capable of penetrating the semifinalist row and it was almost a Herculean task for me to complete a strong Top 13 (Yes, they are choosing 13 semifinalists instead of the original Top 12).

After hours of thinking it through, I was able to come up with my Top 13 plus 5 names who I call as “The Reserves”. As if the task of sizing down my original list of 28 was not enough, I had to sleep through the process of putting them in order. Geeeee! So, here are the 18 of my favorite ladies. Note that their placements are based on what I would LIKE see tomorrow (READ: Too bias for my personal favorites!)

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization

The Reserves
These are the delegates who can easily snatch a semifinalist and replace ANY of the names below!


I was in for a surprise after seeing the preliminary performances of Noelia Freire (Spain) and Zoey Ivory (Netherlands). Zoey was a fresh of breath air. She was current, classy and confident. Noelia, on the other hand, has one of the most beautiful faces in the competition and had a better-than-expected performance during the preliminaries. Andrea Tovar (Colombia) and Deshauna Barber (USA) are considered as fan favorites. I felt that they performed below MY expectations as fan favorites BUT i’ll be happy seeing them advance into the Top 13. I’d love to see Marina Jacoby (Nicaragua) place as a semifinalist (especially that she has a sweet National Director) but something was missing when I saw her earlier during the Red Carpet Event.

Top 10-13
Argentina-Mexico-Sierra Leone-US Virgin Islands


I must admit that the inclusion of Carolyn Carter (US Virgin Islands) is a risky decision on my part. But Carolyn’s work outside of her Miss Universe stint is impressive  and I am crossing my fingers that it was noticed during the closed-door interview. Her performance was just “okay” which is scaring me. Hawa Kamara (Sierra Leone) was a pleasure to watch on stage. She was confident without being too cocky or showy and her catwalk/presentation skills was above average. I feel that she had one of the strong performances among African delegates. Estefania Bernal (Argentina) and Kristal Silva (Mexico) aced their preliminaries. Estefania is blessed to have one of the best faces in the competition but her performance is not something to be taken lightly as well. Kristal, on the other hand, set the stage on fire! She was unstoppable and was giving some presentation skills lessons to the other candidates

Top 7-9
Thailand-Australia-Dominican Republic


This is a tricky group to handle. You have Caris Tiivel (Australia) who has a strong sash and a gorgeous face. Aussies are also expected to ace the closed door interview so I am giving that to her as well. In another corner is the underdog – Sal Garcia (Dominican Republic) – who was nowhere near my list before Thursday but surprised me with a calculated yet stand-out preliminary performance AND Chalita Suansane (Thailand) who is excellent with her showmanship. Each has strength that will deliver them the semifinalist spot (higher score for that matter) BUT keeps me second guessing with some of my issues. Caris lacked the energy for a candidate who is hungry for the crown. Sal pushed her luck but has to consistently stand-out for her not to be towered by a strong Latina delegation. Chalita is giving me variety of vibes every time I see her. I hope to see consistency in bringing the “real” Chalita – the down-to-earth and ever pleasant yet always the fighter Chalita.

Top 4-6


This batch was both easy and difficult – Easy because I am almost certain that they will place but Difficult because I can’t accommodate them all in my Top 3. Mariam Habach (Venezuela) owned the preliminaries. She was the main actress and everyone was just a supporting act. Raissa Santana (Brazil) is a class of her own. She is fresh and is very much current. I love her energy! Kezia Warouw (Indonesia) is a fan favorite. Her preliminary performance was on point but she won me over tonight during the Red Carpet Event – she knows her way to your heart!

2nd Runner-up: Aruba (Charlene Leslie)

Charlene reminds me of the queens in the 90s – Classic and Expensive. For me, she gave a very strong performance during the preliminaries. Her Evening Gown performance should be one of the benchmarks of future Miss Universe aspirants. I might be placing her too high BUT I feel that she deserves this. Whatever happens, Charlene will forever be my personal fave this year.

1st Runner-up: Philippines (Maxine Medina)

Let me be clear, Maxine was never my favorite for the Binibining Pilipinas Universe title. However, she is making me proud as a Filipino. Just the restrain not to answer those bashers – talking as if they have competed in Miss Universe ever [or recently]. Maxine fought hard and fair to be where she is right now. Her humility and hard work are the ONLY reasons why she is favored to place, place big and win the Miss Universe crown.

Miss Universe 2016: France (Iris Mittenaere)

❤ Humble. Smart. Confident. Beautiful ❤


Whatever the results are, I’d be proud of this batch! I’ve seen the hard work that they have invested in the competition and as a fan, I am forever indebted!
Best of luck ladies!!!


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Miss Universe 2016 – Readers’ Choice Award

If your remember last year, our Miss Universe 2015 Poll predicted the actual winner when Pia Wurtzbach was declared as the new queen. This year, we had another strong run for our Poll. The winner ended the run with a convincing lead but it was a tight race at the onset.

Friends, here are the winners of the Miss Universe 2016 Readers’ Choice Award!

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization

Thailand (Chalita Suansane) – 34.10% of the votes


Philippines (Maxine Medina) – 22.95% of the votes

Mexico (Kristal Silva) – 9.18% of the votes

These three are all fan favorites and all of them delivered strong preliminary performances. Two questions for you – (1) Will this be a viable top three for tomorrow? and (2) Can we (again) predict the actual winner?

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to confirm!

Congratulations Chalita!


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