MABUHAY – Miss Universe 1994 song…

Don’t ask me how old I am when Miss Universe was staged here in the Philippines last 1994 because I will never tell. Actually, I was still busy playing chinese garter then! I wasn’t able to see the pageant live but thanks to YouTube, I can relive the moment any day. One of the best things that MU 1994 offered was the fabulous and colorful opening and, for me, the best Miss Universe Theme Song ever, “Mabuhay”! This song is unforgettable and it is still a favorite among beauty pageant fans today.

For us to appreciate the song, I am posting the video of MU 1994 Opening Number and the lyrics of MABUHAY!



Here in the Philippines, they have a word.
A great way to start up each day,
When you want to say “Welcome, we wish you the best”:
Just smile up a smile as you say,
Oh, oh, Mabuhay!
You’re smilin’, Mabuhay!
You’re stylin’, it’s a great salutation, Mabuhay!
Mabuhay! Persuasion! Hello! You are delicious!
It’s a one word flirtation, Mabuhay!
Won’t you join us and try out this Philippine way,
To say welcome, we’re glad that you came.
It’s a neat little greeting to start up each day.
Just smile up a smile and exclaim,
Oh, oh, Mabuhay!
Hello there, Come join us.
Let’s go there, Mabuhay!
God bless you, Mabuhay!
Mabuhay! you’re singin’,
Mabuhay! we’re swingin’,
May you have a wonderful day!
Well, there’s one thing about it you can’t live without!
Don’t doubt it.
Just shout it.


 Thanks to Zarly & for the video!

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10 Responses to MABUHAY – Miss Universe 1994 song…

  1. ana says:

    love this song mabuhay!

    best opening ever.

  2. Junejiee says:

    Love this song. Mabuhay!

  3. danilo says:

    nice song….. best for bb pilipinas. 😀

  4. i love the song.. welcome mabuhay

  5. LoveBeauty says:

    Very sweet and simple and you quickly catchup with the lyrics

  6. Lily says:

    those were the days! Miss Universe fever in Manila… parang teleserye lng noon 1994… inaabangan ng lahat …

  7. rolan cubillas says:

    nice one… love it! have fun watching to all! MABUHAY!

  8. 13tonton says:

    I hope that I can heAr this song again in 2014

  9. edison paul bambico says:

    Very nice song it reminds me those were the dsys but the presentation were great and fantastic god bless.

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