My Fave Miss Universe Opening Numberssss

In a beauty pageant, the opening number is the make or break part of the program. The production number should excite the viewers and should make them stick throughout the program. With the help of YouTube, I was able to browse several opening numbers of Miss Universe pageant and I will be sharing to you my faves:

Miss Universe 2005

Miss Universe 2004

It will be a toss between Miss Universe 2004 (Ecuador) and Miss Universe 2005 (Thailand) for the opening number that delivered the “sabungan” (cockfight) theme of Miss Universe. I love the choreography amd background music of both opening numbers. It was not your typical hand and leg routine for beauty pageants and both has the aura of ‘fierce’ competition as early as the lights went on. I specifically love the hip-swaying in MU 2004 (Shandi did it well) plus the clap in the 1:37 mark and the series of full turns (1:13 to 1:21 mark) of MU 2005 for they has at least 5 full turns required in the choreography (Jeez, i can’t imagine how they did it!). However, due to the wider stage of MU 2005 (I really hate stairs in beauty pageants), contestants of MU 2005 were able to dance freely and positions/blockings were exceptional. 

I also have to mention the opening number and the intro of Miss Universe 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago (for the video, please check a previous entry). I have to applaud the production team for the opening number. Noteworthy was the lady doing limbo rock (?) A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… Kaya nyo? 

Thanks to micha152 & lonelyichan of YouTube for the vidz!

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One Response to My Fave Miss Universe Opening Numberssss

  1. logicstic says:

    it was all great because of then choreographer legendary Scott Grossman who dedicated his 13 years to the organization from 1995-2007…. now someone else is doing that job… see 2008 opening number stands no when compared to these…

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