Miss Philippines Earth 2009 (1st Update)

While everyone is enjoying a looong vacation, Miss Philippines Earth 2009 is busy preparing for the start of the activities that will end with the crowning of Karla Henry’s successor this coming May 10, 2009 at the San Juan Arena in San Juan City, Metro Manila.  Prior to the start of the official activities after the Holy Week, some of MPE candidates are already in Manila and already participated in some events such as the Grand March versus Illegal Drugs and the Earth Hour 2009. I am posting some of the pictures below:

Here are some of the official candidates with

MP Air 2008 Marie Razel Eguia & MP Water 2008 Marian Oblea

during the Earth Hour 2009 Press Conference 

Some of the Miss Philippines Earth 2009 contestants

I still don’t have the official list of candidates but it seems that there are familiar faces (balikbayan) this year. As what I have mentioned in my previous posts, Sandra Seifert is surely an MPE 2009 contestant and is getting a lot of media attention. As a friend of mine commented, an daming chaka sa MPE ngayon! Surely, Sandra will be one of the top players….

Bb. Pilipinas 2009 semifinalist, Vanessa Johnson, is also an MPE 2009 contestant representing the Municipality of Apalit. Despite her “decent” performance during the BBP 2009 Q&A, I am still not a fan of Vanessa.


Just an advise Vanessa: your nails doesn’t really help… it is so ewww!

Despite the comments of my friend, I still saw some competitive girls and I am posting some of the pics here:


Karryl Ann Lopez – City of Pasay

She is not really your ultimate beauty queen! This angle works for her very well. She is beautiful but her beauty is not suited for international competition.


Alexis Sy Go – City of Manila

It seems that she is a good friend of Sandra. I already saw pictures of them in the net and the media mileage is really helping her. She is your typical Fil-Chi beauty but is not really competitive enough for an international pageant.


Kirstie Joan Babor – City of Cebu

The girl is not really photogenic but since I personallly saw this lady compete, I know that she will be doing well. If there is one reason to love this girl, it is because she is confident and knows how to win the crowd. I am not expecting her to win though….



 3 girls to watch-out for in this year’s MPE: City of Manila, Prov. of Negros Occidentl, & Quezon City


The girl representing Ilocos Sur is actually my favorite. The pic above seems to be the pic of the last two girls standing. Miss Ilocos Sure is beautiful, sexy and has an exciting appeal. If she can ace the Q&A, I am sure she can give Sandra an upset…. If ever she will not win the MPE crown, I hope to see her in Bb. Pilipinas 2011.


Thanks a lot to:

 www.opmb.com; ecurb of OPMB; Bruce Casanova for OPMB; t.y.g of OPMB; and Alexis Go for OPMB

for the pics….


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5 Responses to Miss Philippines Earth 2009 (1st Update)

  1. mark ng says:

    i saw ms bacolod and ms victorias during the pres presentation earlier today. i think they will also be those who will reach the top 10 and hopefully top 5. ms cainta was also doing great considering she won the ms photogenic award
    goodluck to all of them

  2. juliene says:

    go jayn sy!! she’s my batchmate.. go ate jayn!!

  3. henry says:

    Though all of them has a unique beauty. Ms. Ilocos Sur sure is standing out. Her appearance is a 100% beauty queen. She has my vote.

  4. gordi yull says:

    I vote for ms. ilocos sur 2.

  5. jessieboy says:

    ang ganda…
    good joob…

    galingan nyo lang..

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