Miss Philippines Earth 2009 (11th Update)

Last May 6, Teatrino Theater and Bar hosted the pre-pageant Talent Competition. 19 candidates participated in the competition and it was Olongapo’s representative – Ms. Angelee Claudett Delos Reyes – that won the award with her comic monologue performance of desperate and wannabe stars. With her winning performance, Angelee recited a monologue, sang a song, danced, and mimicked a popular drama anthology host. Here are some of the pics:

Another winner that night was Ms. Victorias City – Adie Adelantar – when she was declared as the Face of the New Placenta.

Thanks a lot to

Tiennelynne, gharyjohn & Jory River (Photos) of OPMB



for the pics and the info!

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3 Responses to Miss Philippines Earth 2009 (11th Update)

  1. erin says:

    The winner, Claudett, did the same talent back in MUTYA NG PILIPINAS 07 were she became one of the finalist. she just made a little modification to it. she wasnt the BEST IN TALENT there, i wonder what made her the winner here in MPE.

  2. she says:

    can somebody upload miss olongapo’s talent in MPE? why she was best in talent so i can compare with her talent in MUTYA? TIA!

  3. sheikh says:

    talent does not have to change. it will be develope in time and through experiences. there were judges anyway. what’s not good is that she did the something less than what she did before. I think she deserves it. I was there.. she caught everybody’s attention by simply doing all that the other girls did in one.

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