Betting Time: Miss Philippines Earth 2009

Tonight, Karla Henry’s Miss Philippine Earth successor will be crowned. One of the 50 official candidates will have the opportunity to represent the country in this year’s Miss Earth. Here are my favorites…

Miss Philippines Earth 2009: Sandra Seifert (Province of Negros Occidental)

She was not a favorite of mine during her Bb. Pilipinas 2009 stint and I am still not a fan of her until today. However, I believe that she deserve the Miss Philippine Earth crown! This girl is, most of the time, on top of everyone’s list of favorites and she is very much deserving. She came prepared and swept major pre-pageant awards. She seems so determined to win the crown and i really like it. If in case she will be declared the winner, Miss Earth 2009 will surely be very exciting.

Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism/Miss PAGCOR: Paula Camille Figueras (Prov. of Ilocos Sur)

 She is my sentimental favorite in this year’s official candidates. Like in the case of Cai Kuijpers, I instantly fell in love with Camille the first time I saw her pictures. She is a clear stand out but is not a heavy favorite by other pageant fanatics. This is probably because she is not consistent. I saw some pics of her that were unflattering! Even her pics on the official website of MPE were not her best. I also have problems with her hairstyle and make-up. She can actually carry a Cynthia Olavarria (Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2005)  type of make-up and hairstyle (that is my advice for her look tomorrow!) If ever she will not win the crown, I really hope to see her in Bb. Pilipinas 2010! With proper training and make-over, I am confident that she will do well in Miss Universe!

Miss Philippines Fire/Miss Science & Technology: Patricia Marie Tumulak (Quezon City)

Another heavy favorite of mine! I love the sexyness that she is showing in almost all of her pics. She also has a very gorgeous body that adds to the over-all sexy appeal. I love her hair and how she is using it as a props to shine in every picture. She has a lot of pics together with Sandra and she was never outshone! My only concern really is her height 😦

Miss Philippines Water: Alexis Sy Go (City of Manila)

Alexis is no Carlene Aguilar BUT I still find her really strong. I love her skin – very flawless! I posted her cultural night costume above (2nd pic) and I applaud her for embracing her Chinese roots. I also love that she always look so happy in every picture. This is because of her great smile 🙂

Miss Philippines Air: Kirstie Joan Babor (Province of Cebu)

Kirstie is working really hard to shine. I am pretty sure about this because I already saw her in action… That is why I have high hopes for this lady. Though not a heavy favorite by pageant fans, this girl will surely shine tomorrow because of the freshness of her beauty and praise-worthy attitude and competitiveness.


(in alphabetical order)

Vanessa Johnson (Mun. of Apalit)

I have to applaud Vanessa for performing really well in MPE 09. She is very competitive! If you reas my Bb. Pilipinas 2009 articles, Vanessa was not a fave of mine. I can’t even accept the fact that she landed in the semifinal list. However, she is a fighter and didn’t settle with BBP experience. I believe that with this experience, she is a force to reckon with (and is surely capable of suprising everyone) tonight!

Jane Annalyn Sy (Mun. of Cainta)

Jane was not my favorite when MPE started. However, her competitiveness started to show when she won the Miss Photogenic award. She grew in me! I especially love her face – very lovely. I only hope that she will be strong in her swimsuit performance because she doesn’t have a nice body.

Tessa Kruger (Fil. Canada)

She is performing well and she was rewarded by clinching the Best in Evening Gown award. I don’t believe that she is worthy of the MPE crown but I think that she is a sure semifinalist player.

Karryl An Lopez (Pasay City)

Karryl was actually a fave of mine since MPE 09 started. She has one of the most gorgeous faces this year. However, her downfall is her body and her height.

Catherine Loyola (Fil. Sydney)

Catherine is also a fave of mine because of her “simple” beauty. She looks so pleasant yet she is also competitive. She is actually my fave candidate who is representing a Filipino community.


(the girls that are capable of delivering an upset to the heavy favorites)

Christine Barby Loreno (Prov. of Palawan)

Kathleen Jebulan (Sorsogon City)

Adie Adelantar (Victorias City)


Thanks to

ecurb & Blue (info) and Bruce Casanova (Photos)


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4 Responses to Betting Time: Miss Philippines Earth 2009

  1. adventuresofabeautyqueen says:

    How long did it take for you to choose your Top candidates? I had only about three days of going through their photos on different websites and then on the night when I had to announce my choices, I spent 6 hours making decisions while writing my blog…

    • kattera says:

      Actually, majority of my bets are my sentimental faves already! I fell in love with them the first time I saw them… Prior to writing this post, I already have names in mind 🙂

  2. alexis go says:

    hi thanks so much for the support. 🙂 i didn’t win miss water though but every time i come across blogs like this it definitely makes me feel like a winner. thanks os muhc!

    • kattera says:

      Hi Alexis! Thanks for dropping by… You did great last Sunday! Congratulations from your Kattera family…

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