Truly Filipina – Joyce Ann Burton (Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1985)

As what I have promised, I will be featuring Filipina Beauty Queens in this site. This is Kattera’s way of letting our queens know how we, beauty pageant enthusiasts, love them! To start this exciting series of interviews, I am featuring Ms. Joyce Ann Burton – Titular. She was the representative of the Philippines to Miss Universe 1985 in Miami, Florida. To see her in action, watch this video (5:08 to 5:16)

Ms. Jaedee, as what her friends call her, was very gracious enough to answer our questions. Check below for her funny/memorable/dramatic/witty answers to our queries…

Kattera (K): Who motivated you to join Bb. Pilipinas?

Joyce (J): My Mom.

K: What was your winning answer to the question asked during Bb. Pilipinas 1985 Question and Answer portion?

J: Hmmm…. I think it was – which is the stronger sex – male or female? and I gave a politically correct answer – men are strong in their masculinity and women are strong in their femininity, there is no comparison. To this day I regret that answer because now I know that WOMEN are STRONGER!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

K: Please describe your initial thought/reaction after the host announced your name as Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1985?

J: I cried like a baby. Like Hatton before Pacquiao.

K: How did you prepare yourself for the international competition?

J: I had NO time. ZERO time to prepare and that was a BIG, MAJOR, HUGANTIC mistake! When I won, I was given 2 or 3 days to pack up for the Ms. Universe pageant and had NO idea of what to expect NO chance to ask previous winners for their advice.

K: During Miss Universe 1985, who were the candidates that were closest to you?

J: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this question. Nobody has ever asked me this. Welll… interestingly enough, my bffs during the pageant were the Southern American girls – the most beautiful ones along with Ms USA who is half Mexican – she eventually starred in a movie – it think it was The Punisher – Laura Martinez Herring who changed her name to Laura Harring – she even sent me an invitation to her wedding to some German count, they eventually divorced but that’s her story to tell and not mine…

So I hung out with Ms. Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, USA etc… and I also got close to Ms. Guam (everybody got close to her, HELLLOOOO! She was Ms. Friendship!!!) and… my roommate was my katukayo – Joyce, who was Ms. Lebanon. It was hilarious with the south American girls because most of them couldn’t speak English so Ms. USA would translate everything for me. Ahhhh…. they are such wonderful girls and I miss them to pieces…. Oh… some chimis here – Ms. USA and I got close because she had a PINOY BOYFRIEND that she had broken up with before she became MS USA. But that’s all I’ll tell you, til the day I DIE!!!

K: Any unforgettable Miss Universe experience?

J: Yes, a million and one memories… a Cuban guy, drop dead gorgeous who chased me around during the pageant in Miami, Florida…

My chaperone – a funny old lady and I just can’t remember her name, she carried fur bags and boas where ever we went…

Being seriously anorexic at the time – healed from that now…

Eating Kiwi fruit for the first time in my life…

Having John Campbell singing to me during rehearsals, he looked like a Prada leather bag but I loved him anyway…

The hotel was amazing – I bought a camera in one of the stores in the lobby – security was SO tight even my Mom couldn’t enter the floor where we were in…

A group of Pinoy nurses who brought me adobo thinking I was homesick for Pinoy fooood, LOLOL!!!…

Oooooohhhh, will never forget my black leather corset which I bought at my San Francisco stopover on the way to Florida, the home of Ms. Universe that year…

The choreographer of the pageant was a totally gay drill sergeant and managed to organize ALL OF US CONTESTANTS into coordinated production numbers, he so reminds me my Bb. Pilipinas director Fritz Ynfante…

Bumping into one of my judges a month later in LA – she actually remembered me and I forgot her…

One Indian judge asked me two questions during the pre-pageant that stupefied me – What is your message to the world and What’s the population of the Philippines? As I told you, I didn’t PREPARE FOR THIS, arrrrrghghgghgh!!!

Having to wear the Bb. Pilipinas sash THROUGHOUT MY ENTIRE TRIP to Florida!!!…

Oh, in my stopover in Narita, I met this black boxer from Africa who said he was famous – um… okay… whatevah!!!

K: What is keeping you busy today?

J: I’m a professional voice over talent. Watch 2nd Avenue – I’m the continuity announcer and proud of it. I’m also a news anchor for Channel 9 and I am deeply involved in Christian Radio – visit

K: Will you encourage a family/relative to join a beauty pageant? Why/Why not?

J: I TRULY TRULY TRULY believe that every woman has a special gift. However, not all are gifted for pageants. And when you encourage someone who is obviously not gifted in BODY INTELLIGENCE to join a pageant then it’s all in vain. Literally.

K: What advice can you give to Bianca Manalo – our reigning Bb. Pilipinas Universe queen?

J: She’s beautiful. Just like the 70 plus other women who are joining the Ms. Universe this year. So the bottom line I think will be her content. She will need to know her PURPOSE IN LIFE then from there create a platform (like how politicians do) or develop an advocacy. Then she should focus on that platform/advocacy (maybe do volunteer work but please lang ha, it has to be honest-to-goodness volunteer work) and build depth of character in the process. Then she has to learn how to talk about these achievements (like as if she were an ambassador) and share them with the judges during the pre-pageant. Hmmmm… and of course practice practice practice answering questions. Memorize a few excellent quotations that might come in handy in the Q&A. And… read newspapers so she’s up to date… and build up vocabulary by doing crosswords and… basically beefing up her character and mind. And during the pageant Q&A to speak in the language she is most at home in. I’d LOOOOOOVE to see a Ms Philippines use a translator in the Ms. Universe for a change.

K: Among all Filipina beauty queens, who are your sentimental favorites?

J: Gloria Diaz. Her sister Rio who SO inspired millions of us during her decade-long battle vs cancer. Another beauty warrior who fell to cancer – Chat Silayan who was my Mom’s classmate in PWU – she accepted my Mom’s phonecall to her hotel room when she had just arrived in the Philippines from her runner-up victory at the Ms. Universe – she remembered my Mom, and I’ll never forget that. Pebbles Asis – I got close to her but somehow we lost touch and now I can’t find her even on Facebook.

K: The following questions were asked in previous Miss Universe. If these questions will be asked again, how will you answer it?

What is the essence of a woman?

J: The essence of a woman lies in her purpose in life. When she finally figures that out, even if she doesn’t know that she’s figured it out, she can win the greatest pageant on Earth!

If a reigning Miss Universe will be pregnant, will you allow her to continue her reign?

J: Depends on what the contract says.

What makes you blush?

J: Red wine.

K: If you will live your life again, would you still join Bb. Pilipinas? Why/Why not?

J: Surprisingly, YES!!! I used to hate being a beauty queen because I felt that I was living my Mom’s dreams. But I have come to realize that my MOM was right and today I benefit SO much from the titles I won in 1981 (Ms. Young Phils) and 1985 (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe). It is also very humbling to know that I am part of Philippine history.

K: A short message to your Filipino beauty pageant fans and to all Kattera readers.

J: We live in a world of second chances. We have a God that, without hesitation, takes in prodigal sons and daughters; a God who can reshape even the worst mess of a person into someone of beauty and value. This is a world of second chances; don’t EVER let your defeats or mistakes or status take over your life. Though sadness is here today, trust and trust again that God will bring you joy tomorrow. Seek Him with all of your heart and He will give you the desires of your heart. And visit my blog LOLOLOL!!! 

 Today, Ms. Jaedee, is a deliriously happy mother of 2 and married to a wonderful man that she considers her bestfriend. Despite communicationg only through emails, I can personally attest to her sweetness, elegance, and beauty that exudes in every letter of her every word.

Joyce Ann Burton = Truly Filipina


Thanks to

benkscheihing of YouTube


Ms. Joyce Ann Titular

for the video & the pics!

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16 Responses to Truly Filipina – Joyce Ann Burton (Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1985)

  1. neuronshots says:

    What makes you blush?
    “Red wine.”

    I wish someone gave this answer on the night it was asked.
    Love it.
    So chica!

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  3. Hi Joyce,

    My name is Mikko from Dallas, TX. I’ve been an avid follower of pageants. I would like to ask u if you have a copy of the 1985 Bb. Pilipinas pageant (of course, this is your batch). I do have an incomplete video of the pageant which only showed the semifinalists and winners but not the rest of the 34 delegates.
    Anyways, pls check my message board, Mabuhay Pageants USA ( and then check the link ( and then find your year, 1985 Bb. Pilipinas. See, if the names are accurate.

    Thanks and God Bless 2 u.

    Mikko Gernale

  4. rocky says:

    hi and hello

  5. Richard says:

    Hello Joyce, grabe,…….!, di ako makapaniwalana nakita kita in person, together with your friends in Max San Pablo City…….. kami yung umupo malapit sainyo…….!!! GOD BLESS YOU Joyce…..!

  6. joseph says:

    hi ma’am joyce one of the candidates during that pageant is now my g.f. and her name is Myra and in that time i was only 5 years old and now i am turning 30 and i was shock “nung nalaman ko na isa si Myra sa candidate during that time but still she is so very BEAUTIFUL and VERY LOVELY just like you Ma’am JOYCE.. ty po and GOD BLESS pwede po b ako makahingi ng pictures nung buong contestant nung pageant during that day kasi wala yung Hon ko eh salamat po heres my email hintayin ko po sagot ninyo salamat po.;)

  7. joyce ann is very beautiful XD

  8. Awesome short article, well crafted I must say.

  9. hello joyce!

    i have seen part of Miss Universe 1985 when i was a child and i thought ou were one of the contenders that year. i digress. reading the interview, i am already in love with you (as a friend and pageant enthusiast of course). please visit washington, dc and i will be your personal tour guide…

    salamat po

  10. Ray says:

    do u remember when we were kids, we met and hung out in Nasugbu, Batangas on the Beach , not sure if iy was ur House or not, but we met on Beach. How u doing now? Heard ur a succesful Beauty Queen. All the Best to you Joyce!!

  11. norberto says:

    I’m a fan now… i saw you when you chaired the 65th Miss Silliman last week… i was impressed with your delivery of the final question… now I know why… you’re a professional voice over talent pala… and you have maintained your youthful look… still beautiful…. thank you for sharing your time and talent…. God bless…

  12. chelito putin says:

    hi joyce…would u happen 2 kno the birthdate of pebbles asis and chiquir brosas and desiree verdadero

  13. cecille says:

    hi joyce i dont know if you remember me i was there in your house with auntie laling i think it was your 21 first birthday!! canencia i am one of her niece my father name pedro from cebu city i would like to know if your mom`s ok my father have a stoke its been 9 years now.. would nice you say to your mom hello from all of us!! and thanks auntie laling died ages ago!!

  14. BAA says:

    Pebbles Asis is based in Roxas City. I heard she manages a hotel or bed and breakfast

  15. Luz de Jesus says:

    Joyce Ann Burton-Titular is not only physically beautiful but beeeutiful inside and out. A true essence of a Woman of God. She is clothed in strength and dignity. God created her tender, yet tenacious, humble yet confident, gracious yet unmovable. I’m an avid fan!

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