Truly Filipina – Gionna Cabrera (Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2005)

 All pageant enthusiast surely enjoyed Miss Universe 2005. Dubbed by Billy Bush as “The Superbowl of Beauty”, 81 of the most beautiful ladies in the world competed for the Miss Universe crown. The show was “perfect” – from the candidates to the production. In the end, it was Canada’s Natalie Glebova who won the much coveted title. In that year, Philippines was represented by a very beautiful and intelligent lady.  Though she was unplaced, the lady made all Filipinos proud by winning the Royal Silk and Miss Photogenic awards, as well as by placing in the Top 5 of Best in National Costume. This former contributing writer of Philippine Business Mirror, Manila Times, and Inquirer is now an entrepreneur and a fashion designer of accessories ( 

Gionna in Action: National Costume (MU 2005)

Gionna in Action: Swimsuit (MU 2005)

Gionna in Action: Evening Gown (MU 2005)


Kattera is very proud to introduce this witty/creative/beautiful Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2005, Ms. Gionna Cabrera. Learn more about her by reading her answers below:

Note: Kattera is very much impressed on her answers… The best!

Wikipedia Entry:

Gionna Jimenez Cabrera (born on August 28, 1982) is a professional model and beauty pageant winner from the Philippines…. Cabrera was raised in the metropolis and studied in private schools, Miriam College and St. Paul College…. She has been travelling since four, and has been to China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States where she was exposed to different environments and learned to adapt easily with the different cultures. 

Quick Facts

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Paris or Milan: This is the only question I can not answer! They are both fashion capitals with varied differences, I like them both as I love New York, London, and Santiago, Chile!!!

Rose or Lily: Rose

Diamond or Pearl: Diamond

Flats or Heels: definitely HEELS! I get lonely when I am not in heels.

Prada or Gucci: Gucci


Kattera (K): Who/What motivated you to join Bb. Pilipinas?

Gionna (G): Jonas Gaffud, who now is a very prominent talent handler invited me to join Bb. Pilipinas 2005 in November 2004. I was not planning this as I was finishing my majors in Advertising at the University of Asia and the Pacific, an elite business school. I wanted diversion, I suppose. I was always into fashion and style, but never into beauty pageants, so this was an opportunity I have explored and exposed a different side of my personality.

K: What was your winning answer to the question asked during Bb. Pilipinas 2005 Q&A Portion?

G: I can not be too verbatim, but from recalling it, the question was “What is the most important social issue concerning women today?” My answer was sharp and straight to the point with women’s right being trampled upon in some societies in the world – oppressors promulgating it such as the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

K: Please describe your initial thought/reaction after the host announced your name as Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2005?

G: I was ecstatic – like it was destiny. My discipline during the process of the competition and the time i’ve spent aside from my priorities in academics have finally paid off. It was a blessing hitting two birds with one stone. Everyt5hing worked for me – the favor those sorrounding me, the media, my family and friends’ encouragement.

K: How did you prepare yourself for the international competition?

G: Mental readiness (as always), physical exercises to keep fit despite a healthy appetite, makeup sessions with top Colombian artisans.

K: During Miss Universe 2005, who were the candidates that were closest to you?

G: Miss Germany (Asli Bayram), Miss Ecuador (Ximena Zamora), Miss UK (Brooke Johnston), Miss Peru (Debora Sulca), Miss Puerto Rico (Cynthia Olavarria), and Miss Latvia. We were always laughing and exchanging trivial info about each other’s culture and personalities. Until today we are in touch and would have a reunion when everybody’s already settled.

K: Any unforgettable Miss Universe experience?

G: Being chosen by the crown princess of Thailand as Miss Royal Silk amongst the 15 ladies who were chosen to model traditional Thai couture.

K: Other than yourself, who was your other bet/s for the Miss Universe 2005 crown?

G: Miss Dominican Republic who eventually bagged the 2nd Runner-up title.

K: Despite the challenges of being an MU contestant, what/who kept you motivated to fight?

G: My belief in Filipino ideals.

K: What is keeping you busy today?

G: My business. To keep improving the systems, to expand and sustain itself. I supply my GC woodenbags in a few countries and get energized when I am most creative in coming up with new designs.

K: Do you think beauty pageants are still relevant in today’s society? Why/Why not?

G: Yes, they represent the vigor of youth, the discipline of beauty, and the passion of pursuing causes, either personal or collective. It is really all subjective. Miss Universe, being the mother of all pageants, exemplifies the dream of coveting that prestigious title.

K: Will you encourage a family/relative to join a beauty pageant? Why/Why not?

G: Yes, for additional experience. For wider perspective with life in general, psychology, and overall character. Patience is also fostered as one deals with elements that challenge one’s ability to relate and work for a higher aim rather than to just being plain dumb, useless and pretty. One has to have more than that because I believe that being beautiful is deeper than what is passing.

K: What advice can you give to Bianca Manalo – our reigning Bb. Pilipinas Universe queen?

G: To savor every moment of her reign, think of the highest good to clinch the title as Miss Universe 2009 in the upcoming Bahamas competition. I advise Bianca to avoid negative people who gossip all the time and concentrate on improving her already evident physical assets.

K: Among all Filipina beauty queens, who are your sentimental favorites?

G: Aileen Damiles (1996) and Melanie Marquez (1979) for their physical facial beauty. Aurora Pijuan for her composure and Miss Gloria Diaz for her total personality.

 K: If you will live your life again, would you still join Bb. Pilipinas? Why/Why not?

G: Yes, because opportunities are overflowing and if you use your title wisely, it will lead you closer to your aspirations, in whichever field of choice. I have a sister whom I am preparing to join in a year or two.

K: The following questions were asked in previous Miss Universe pageants. If these questions will be asked again, how will you answer it?

What is the essence of a woman?

G: Femininity is the essence of womanhood. It is the marriage of her personal qualities and characteristics that define her being a gift of nature for the propagation of God’s creations, and for the eternity of the beauty of life.

If a reigning Miss Universe will be pregnant, will you allow her to continue her reign?

G: Yes. It is natural to have a child as long as you know your future responsibilities and welcome love in your life without violating specific rules of conduct against one’s title. While reigning, you will not be prevented from fulfilling activities unless they would be physically exhausting as to endanger the queen’s health. There is no connotation of immorality as it is a choice and an incident to be embraced in all respects, foremost as a woman who celebrates life.

What makes you blush?

G: The words I want to hear from a loved one, and becoming more beautiful everyday because I am in love.

Slum-book questions:

Love is – the crowning jewel to one’s existence on Earth as it gives birth to more inspiration, and confirms the goodness of living.

My first crush was – Chris O’Donnel in “Scent of a Woman”, I was in 4th grade back then, and when I saw the movie I was like: I want to marry him!

My ideal guy is – a person of integrity – committed to causes, unwavering in faith, persistent in work, extremely attractive and personable, witty and intelligent, emotionally and financially stable with a healthy lifestyle, and at least four inches taller than me. He is already present in my life.

The last time I felt “kilig” was – when I was in high school. I honestly forgot why!

My favorite color is – the verdant glamour of emerald GREEN

My favorite movie is – Gladiator

My life’s theme song is – Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan

 To all Kattera readers:

Know your heart’s desires, but mind over the emotions – because we can only trust

what God wants for us. That is the ultimate discovery we all have to seek.


Gionna Cabrera = Truly Filipina


Thanks to

MU1000BC of Missosology.Org

chrisypageant of YouTube



for the info, vidz, and the pic!!!

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  1. brew says:

    she is pulchritude, poise and personality personified…from a gionna cabrera admirer

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