Miss and Mrs. Asia USA 2009

Notes about the Mrs. Asia USA:

Mrs. Asia USA Cultural Pageant is the premiere showcase for Asian Women in the United States, who trace their ancestry to the 58 countries considered part of the Asia continent. The pageant presents the final twelve delegates that will compete in various categories such as the evening gown competition, national costume, the talent showdown and personality competition. Our mission is to promote harmony and unity among the 58 member countries and to increase awareness of the significant contributions made by all Asians in the United States.

Notes about Ms. Asia USA

Miss Asia USA Pageant is the premiere Cultural pageant participated in by Asian Women in the United States, who trace their ancestry to the 58 countries considered as part of the Asian continent. The pageant displays the rich ethnic diversity of our society and gives us a glimpse into the multitudes of cultures that surrounds us today. The lavish parade of National Costumes, grace and elegance of the Evening Gown competition, and the sensational Swimsuit competition create an atmosphere of excitement, surpassing the audience’s expectation, time and time again.

I heard about Miss and Mrs. Asia USA 2009 in Missosology.Org! This year’s pageant is extra special because the winner is the lady representing Philippines, Ms. Geramie Dizon . The pageant is under Virgelia Productions, which also handles Mrs. Asia USA! To us, Mrs. Asia USA 2009 is also extra special because the representative of the Philippines is Ms. Patricia Javier, a singer and actress in the country. However, I haven’t seen any news article about the winner of Mrs. Asia USA 2009. This really seems odd! Eye really hope Patricia did well…

The contestants of Miss and Mrs. Asia USA 2009 in their swimsuit competition last May 31, 2009

Miss Asia USA 2009: Geramie Dizon (Philippines)

1st Runner-up: Saruul Ganbaatar (Mongolia)

2nd Runner-up: Christina Wen (Taiwan)

Some of Germie’s pics:

Ashlee Walker represented Vietnam in Miss Asia USA 2009! Gorgeous Lady!

I wonder if she is eligible to represent Vietnam in any of the big 4 pageant…

Ms. Patricia Javier was the Philippine-representative for Mrs. Asia USA 2009 and she was in every inch a queen! Beautiful smile + Vavavoom Body + Great Catwalk = Superb Performance

If you have any idea who won Mrs. Asia USA 2009, feel free to comment!

Thanks a lot to

The Daily Telegraph


for the pics

and to


for the info!

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32 Responses to Miss and Mrs. Asia USA 2009

  1. maria isabel lopez says:

    Kattera, I know it is very odd that this organization has never really post any current infos or if you look at their website everything is so generic and vague (www.missasiausa.org) There is really nothing about their reigning or winners have or has done for our community. Their website website gallery shows no proof of any community involvement nor public apperances of their queens and court. Ms. Virgelia is a very aggresive business woman who knows how to suck people’s blood and wallet! Her pageant is not a good example of an event that would truly support the Asian Community and sorroundings. Her only interest in grow her wallet and manipulate people. Please check out these websites and their galleries, these pageants exemplifies and are truly supportive of their respective communities. Kudos to them!(www.missasianamerica.com, http://www.missasiaarizona.com, missasiatexas.com, http://www.missnationalasia.com etc).

  2. geramie dizon!! says:

    mrs. vietnam kimberly voedang won the title of mrs. asia usa

    thankx for the blog! 🙂

  3. Wilma Fernandez Ventura says:

    I’m happy Genesis Walcher did well in that contest. She was gorgeous! The judges were correct in choosing her as Mrs. Congeniality. And she deserved the People’s Choice Award, too. Congratulations! I was so proud when she won. I saw a lot of people swarming to her after the contest. That means people like her, trust her and they believe in her.

    I’m equally proud that Geramie Dizon also won as Miss Asia Philippines. She’s got the brains and she’s beautiful as well. This must be a good day for Filipinos like me! Won’t you feel so blessed to have an abundance of talented and beautiful women? Well, I am.

    Wilma Fernandez Ventura from San Diego, California

    • kattera says:

      Hi Wilma 🙂 Thanks for dropping by… I actually thought that Genesis a.k.a Patricia represented the Philippines really well!

  4. mgn says:

    Congratulation!!! MONGOLIAN MISS Saruul, you was best.

  5. Re says:

    Miss Ganbaatariin Saruul!!! You are best!!!

    Mongolians are best in the world!

    We are first nation!!!!

    Mongolia is birthplace of humankind!!

    If it would be not English language but Mongolian language is first language in USA then Saruul is MISS OF USA and WORLD!!!!

    When ancestors of some nations like Philippines , Vietnamese and Taiwanese wandered in the jungle ancestors of the miss Saruul conquered the world in the XIII centuries !!!!!!

  6. girls says:

    The mongolian girl is so Beautiful and she is very nice girl.

    I am sure Mongolia has more nice girl as well,

  7. jennifer says:

    Yeah, Virgelia pageants are all fixed, whoever paid more money will win the title. Mrs Vietnam, Kimberly, her husband is a doctor, no woner she won. I support Philipine, too bad, she was the second runner up. Mrs Vietnam has a plastic fake smile which scare me off….hahahah

  8. Unknown says:

    Please do not support Miss National Asia. http://www.missnationalasia.com. The winner is predetermined and it is all a scam. The runners up will NEVER get their prizes and the 1st winner Linda Phung is not a good example of a queen. She cusses constantly, is late on her appearances, and violated the rules of the pageant when she competed. This pageant looks good, but in truth, you will not get anything out of it.

  9. Peanuts says:

    Both Miss Asia USA and Miss National Asia are fixed. Virgelia has been running the production for years and for years have been pre-selecting the queens based on $$$. The contestant’s family might or might not have bribed Virgelia (there is no evidence), however, it is clear who she favors from the start base on monetary contributions. Keep an eye out for this if you are participating. The girl with the most ads usually takes the crown.

    Miss National Asia is a downright joke. Linda Phung’s boyfriend set up the pageant (the pageant’s name is registered under his name – big surprise) and of course, little midget pageant hopper Linda (who could have never won any other pageant if she tried fair and square) somehow ended up winning the whole competition. None of the winners received their prizes and shortly following the first pageant, her boyfriend/fiancee went to jail for credit card fraud. Such winners you people are.

    GIrls, beware what you give your money to. If you want to join a legitimate pageant, go for a Miss California local pageant where it is FREE (they are a part of the Miss America pageant) or if you have money to burn, go to Miss California USA. We need more Asian representation in real pageants anyway. Good luck to all!

  10. joe says:

    To the people who are downright bashing the pageants about them being “rigged”, I’m sure you are just a disgruntled contestant LMAO. It is always like that from every pageant I’ve attended. First you guys are the most gracious people (judging from photos, press releases and of course the pageant night), then after you cannot place or because you did not win queen title, you begin your little reign of going around spreading falsified rumors, its ridiculous. Maybe if you guys lost some weight, fixed your attitudes, practiced for your segments, you could have been a winner. But of course, it is good that you people did not place at all. Glad the judges saw the fakeness in you guys. The Miss National Asia Pageant I have seen at many localized and charitable events, never met their owners, but it seems they are very supportive all around. Miss Asia USA I have not seen whatsoever, they are never around as far as I have seen. Miss Asian America use to show for events, now they have dissappeared.

    Bottomline, the only thing rigged is your heads. Dont be mad because you did not win and claim false rumors. If a pageant is fake, show proof, dont yap online saying blah blahs boyfriend is the owner, or that the scores were fixed from a person who went to jail. You think that stops the pageants from running? You’re a joke. All of them are doing absolutely well and in fact growing, so get on with your pathetic lives and do something else instead of post on a site no one cares about. You losers are only bringing more publicity to them. Bring it to Obamas attention LMAO, im sure they would love you. Good luck on your way to posting on another page about rigged pageants.

  11. CHRIS says:

    Linda phung is not competing in the The Miss National Asia Pageant anymore. Matter of fact she is running the scam behind close door. Anybody ever been to the Vietnamese New Year’s Tet Festival Festival in San Francisco? the miss national asia pageant has a booth there with a hand full of asian dudes standing there looking stupid every year. Someone should come up there and just punch them in the face for being scam artists. Thank god it’s always a empty booth lol. Linda phung is also wayyyyyyyy too short and ugly to be in any pageant. Anybody that been in a Pageant before know you can’t be 5’1 lol. Better luck next life you spoil useless midget.

    Joe, fact is the same people been running The Miss National Asia Pageant for years. How can there be anymore proof then that? It happen like, what once a year? THE SAME person be winning for what? The next two years? Come on man. Linda phung and her boyfriend been doing that garbage for years. I’m sure 9 out of 10 people know The Miss National Asia Pageant is a scam. NO WHERE! AND I MEAN NO WHERE ON EARTH YOU HAVE TO PAY TO WORK! UNLESS IT’S A SCAM.

    My advice to every girl that want to be in a Pageant. Do a background on them. Do not and I mean do not pay to get in. It should be free to sign up.


  12. Kendra says:

    Obviously you have no experience in pageants. Please visit Miss Asian America, Miss National Asia, Miss Vietnam Global, Miss Vietnam USA, and you will see you have to PAY to be in ALL competitions because it covers the costs of your room & board, food, etc. Nothing is for free.

    Btw, if you have so much gripes about the Miss National Asia Pageant why didnt you go up to the booth and punch them like you said you wanted to? I’m sure you can only say this online since you will be safe from the “bunch of asian guys” at the booth. LOL

    Onto my next point, haven’t you noticed all new beauty queens are shorter now? Short is in!! Alex tran: 5’4, Linda Phung 5’2, Paula Tran 5’0.

    Its haters like you, who don’t know ANYTHING about people, love to trash talk, but can only do it online. Yeah, pretty sorry.

  13. Huy Tran says:

    Is Miss Asia pageant the one in LA that is being sued for giving the winner a leased car and defaulted on her payments?? Man, I hear so many stories about how pageants are rigged, but then again, its just stories you hear, and I’m sure only 0.0000000000001% of them are true. By the time you hear it, the story was passed on from your friend who heard it from their friend, who heard it from so and so’s sister, who heard it from her cousin, who heard it from your aunt’s great grandmother, who heard it from a cat. lol stories get more twisted and facts get added, so I hear things, but I just let them go in one ear and out the other.

    Joe, completely agree. My ex gf competed in pageants before and when she didn’t win, she’d go home saying about how it was unfair and rigged. lol. I just didn’t have the heart to tell her that the other chicks were better. I watched the Miss National Asia Pageant last year, bc on of my boy’s chick was in it. She ended up winning one of the runner up titles. The winner wasn’t as good lookin as my boy’s chick, but she spoke well and looked like she was most cocky & confident. I don’t think it was rigged. Most of the good lookin chicks got finalists or won something. That linda phung chick was mc with this white guy from the radio, and she didn’t look that short, or maybe she was wearing high heels. But she did look hot though. I went to their after party since my boy’s chick won and all the staff seems pretty chill. I met the owners too and they all seem pretty down and legit, so I’m not sure what everyone else is referring to.

    Chris: you do have to pay for pageants, and it is not cheap. I paid for MANY of my ex gf’s entrance fees, advertisements, and sponsorships. Believe me, that ho spent hella my money trying to win a crown. Have you ever watched any pageant before?

    I went to the tet festival this yr in SF, and saw the pageant booth, they had a lot of guys and also some pageant chicks too. The festival was kinda alright this yr, good weather, good food, and fake ass rent a cop patrol specials walking around. I go to this festival every year and usually there is a short ass rent a cop as tall as my knee, but he was suspended trying to wear his fake security costume he calls a uniform and blasting guns while off duty. (I saw this on the news and didn’t hear it from my grandmother’s cat) That boy always tries to hit on my homegirls every yr, but since he’s suspended this year, I didn’t have to worry about that midget boy.

    It is really sad to hear people say “the pageant is rigged” out of poor sportsmanship and anger. I would expect that from bitches like my ex-gf, but to hear guys gossiping, come on man, don’t be a pussy ass bitch. If its rigged, then its rigged. Fuck it, it ain’t effecting my life in any way at all. And for your sake, I hope its not affecting you you either, unless you are about to go and apply for miss national asia and be in a two piece swim suit. Move on bro, unless they doin something to affect you, then fuck it.

  14. Bex says:

    Miss National Asia is not a scam. I repeat…..NOT a scam! Its a business where the girls pay Linda Phung money, she becomes your “friend” and then you get to play dress up with the rest of the girls. Just don’t get Linn pissed off, you need to give her plenty of money (hire her to do your makeup, bring in a BIG sponser) and you are guaranteed a title on the royal court!

    The owners of the pageant is Linda Phung, her boyfriend Alvin Ma (aka Vin) and his brother Calvin Ma. Linda Phung has the final say in everything (she holds his balls in the relationship) And the oldest among the group is Alvin, 25 years old! The rest of their friends who help run the show are barely legal. Heck, I bet they don’t have pubic hair yet.

    It was fun competing in this pageant cus I met some new friends but the sorority in college is much FUNer. Don’t expect an intelligent convos from the owners…..only Johnson has the intelligence to hold a decent convos. Its just too bad this pageant is run by kids.

  15. Chris says:

    Kendra why are you lying your butt off? Ain’t you the winner of Miss National Asia Pageant two years in a row? Need I say more? Speaking of scam, eh? I’ve seen your ugly ass at the fest …shoot people was wondering were you a dude or female ..No joke.

    Linda pung is hot? Are you for real? I’ve seen shi* that come out my dog ass that look hotter than that rat face ugly looking transsexual. I mean really? She don’t wear make-up ..no,no,no she abuse it. Looking like a drag queen.

    I’m sure miss usa don’t charge a fee and it’s on T.V. Matter of fact, any pageant (s) that is host and showed on T.V don’t charge a fee. Just letting you know that. If you’re dumb enough to pay a fee lol then you should be scammed.

    Back to you Kendra Obviously ‘Chris’ is not a girl name. Miss National Asia is a scam. Linda boyfriend aka Alvin ma was in jail for a scam he pulled in 2007. you want proof? Take a look slow person.


    Kendra now take your head out your behind and stop saving your friend butt. Just letting you know Linda phung think you’re very ugly and she’s using you for money because your dad has money shhhh pass it on.

    Any short person that win a Pageant is

    1. Not on T.V
    2. Not famous
    3. Wannabe
    4. Rigged

    I mean really? A midget pageant? Even walkway model average height are 5’8..Look it up you unintelligent ignorant moron.

    It’s quite easy to make up a pageant that looks just like it’s coming from a legitimate company. You could just rent a hotel and kiss up to yourself..It’s not hard. Ask Alvin ma, he did it. Haters? You mean facts right? I don’t need to lie to make money. I work.

    I think our community has the right to know what’s real and what’s not. We do pay to get in. I don’t want anyone daughters to go run out and sign up for that pageant that they will not win fair or get anything out of it. My advice to all parents is DO NOT Support miss national asia. DO NOT PAY TO GET IN. Let them die slowly.


  16. Lita says:

    Who the hell is linda phung? Unknown, my guess. I did a research on Miss National Asia, it look like some bootlegged pageant that some locals made up.

    As Chris sated you don’t have to pay to enter a legitimate pageant. Matter of fact they pay you to win, not enter. Pageants are also paid for by their sponsors, and whoever watch or come to their show, to watch.

    Thank you for the information Chris. I’ll make sure my kid wont join Miss National Asia. Shame on the person that scam.

    Huy Tran, how about you learn how to type straight , then reply. Me no understand you.

    Kendra, is ghetto hoe like your that give Asians a bad name. Do us all a favorite and shut the hell up. You’re statement are worthless and ignorant HATER.

    Bex, LOL you had me going there. Good one.

    After summing everything up. I must say, Chris has the most knowledge out of the bunch. Hopefully we’ll see this Linda person do jail times.

  17. sammie says:

    chris i agree with you. you don’t pay to work,unless you’re stupid. huy your ex is stupid for dating someone stupid as you. the community has the right to know everything, stop making excuse.

    kendra, linda,alex,paula are all no names. professional modeling and professional pageant female models should be around 34-24-34 in (86-61-86 cm) and at least 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) tall. something these posers don’t have. notice, when you watch the miss u.s.a/ miss universe pageants everyone is almost the same height. the taller, the better..truth hurt? deal with it. also anybody that has wear the miss u.s.a crown in the past 10 years height is 5’7 or taller, get your facts right kendra.

    just like a body building contest, you think a skinny guy or fat guy would look right in a body building contest? i think not. if everyone could enter these contest via paying , then it’s a pointless contest. the director pick who could be in, not charge them a fee.

    i’m pretty sure džejla glavović wasn’t 5’1. she was 5’11, so tell me something different? shoot even zhang zilin aka miss world 2007 was not short. physical appearance, does matter.“unattractive” contestants are unlikely to win, no matter how talented, poised, intelligent, educated, resourceful or socially conscious they are.

  18. Chris says:

    Lita and Sammie, no problem peeps.

    Kendra, didn’t had a point, she was just typing in fear. Fear of the truth. Rattle are we? Next time when I come to the feast, I’ll make sure to stop by the miss ugly national asia boot and punch them short asian dudes, got that kendra? Good.

    Sammie, that’s what I been saying. You don’t pay to work. Who the hell pay to work, please stand up and get smack in the face. Really? Like really?

    Most likely them no names, made up this Miss Ugly National Asia Pageant to get notice. They’re a bunch of rejects, with pimples face, short, ugly, saggy body, nasty dry skin, ugly make -up, she-male looking ghetto stank.

    Everyone, make sure you guys don’t pay attention to that Miss Ugly National Asia Pageant crap and ignore them. They’re a bunch of attention whore- gold diggers, with no jobs. Let the FBI crack them freeloaders down. I’m pretty sure soon .


  19. becky says:

    you should write a yelp review on the pageant. let the world know the truth

  20. Linda Phung says:

    It’s true Vin owns the right to Miss National Asia pageant. I’m a Mc for Miss National Asia pageant at the moment. I’m no longer competing.

    When you Google 1618 Sullivan Ave #500 aka where MNA is hosted. my name shows up.

    (1618 SULLIVAN AVE #500. DALY CITY, CA 94015. Search LINDA PHUNG in ZabaSearch … 11702 GABLE AVE SW PORT ORCHARD, WA 98367 360-874-1723 …)

    I’m coming clean. I’m the first Miss ntainal asia queen because of vin’s. It’s true I cheated… I didn’t want to harm anybody . I was a nerd in high school and was picked on by pretty girls.

    I didn’t want the truth to come out but it seem like you people found out anyway. I’ve deleted myspace and yelp accounts, due to the fact nobody cares enough to add me as a friend.

    I am sorry to all that I hurt. I don’t want to go to jail. I’m a selfish person. My action are unforgivable. I hope in the near future my parents can forgive me. Sorry to all that I hurt because of my jealous act.

    Linda Phung

  21. liane says:

    My question is why didn’t she serve any prison time for being an accomplice for stealing other people’s credit card numbers and identity. We all know her pageant was started on stolen money

  22. Chris says:

    WOW . she’s getting mad exposed . The dirty did a story on her lol.


    Ladies, don’t sign up to these scam, it’s not good for your mind. Lesson one, don’t trust Linda, she has scam running all over her blood and lies on her mind.

    I’m surprises this junkie ain’t in Jail yet. I’m glad someone is exposing this piece of shit. Nobody should get scammed and I mean NOBODY.

    Linda, I hope you burn in hell with vin aka dirty little gutter boy. I know who you guys are, so yall better watch your back. People are coming after you guys. Only time will know when the FBI bust these scammers and take them away for good. Let’s hope soon.


  23. The REAL BEX says:

    Ok for the record, let me just clear up some things. I did not write any of the comments above. Please do not use my name for the purpose of posting false comments on my behalf. And if you people are hiding behind fake names of MNA winners, im sure other statements are fake too. And Liane would not say something like this! Wow you people are not only malicious, you have a lot of time on your hands.

    Please be advised that Identity fraud is a felony and we will report this website for impersonating us.

  24. Dave says:

    If there are fake comments on here, the credibility and other facts posted on this site is questionable. I highly doubt MNA’s own court members would have such negatives comments to say about the organization. If so, they wouldnt be still going out, making appearances, wearing their sashes and then posting it on their facebooks.

    Everyone do your research, cant really depend on what people say, because the people who talk about these pageants probably have never stepped foot into a pageant auditorium before. I used to be skeptical about certain pageants when I would hear “its rigged,” but you know what? people will always talk their shit. I want to see the proof this is rigged. Seems like all you people do is talk. SHOW me something. Lets see some proof, otherwise, get over this chick. All you’re doin is giving her more attention, which is probably what she wants anyway.

  25. Chris says:

    Dave & The REAL BEX, Has down’s syndrome. With that being said. Don’t misinterpret the fact that people came froward and speak out on this MMA scam.

    MMA reps have zero creditability what- so- ever. MMA so-call “organization” is as confederated as a wall. It has no organization. Matter of fact, there is a MMA 2010, which coming around July I believe, make sure you guys come down there and trash the place. I’m pretty sure it’s all rented out for $200 par a night.

    I’m pretty sure nobody is coming, but the same scammers them self . Make sure the educated people don’t buy-in this crap. Matter of fact, report it to the FTC.

  26. LLiu says:

    Do not support ANY asian pageants in the community. THEY ARE ALL SCAM AND RIGGED. No LIE. My sisters friend from 2006 miss asian america pageant told me the scores are set up based on if the owner rose chung can control you or not, and also about sponsorships. if rose knows you can be controlled and you can bring in enough sponsorships or benefit her in the long run, YOU WILL WIN. there have been a score sheet which was exposed, but i cannot seem to find it as of this moment, i think miss asian america tried to cover that year up and send out some fake bullshit coverups. this is not a legit pageant, i ask that you all do your research first before falling into rose chungs scam. she appears to be humble, but if you ask previous contestants that did not win or place because miss asian america is a scam and setup from the start. i would tell the authorities to jump onto this fraud pageant miss asian america!!! DO NOT JOIN, TAKE YOU MONEY TO MISS ASIA USA!!

  27. Mister X says:

    Here’s some more proof of the owners Alvin (Vin) Ma and Calvin Ma.


  28. testing2 says:

    yes, and? LOL theyre balling, get off of your a$$ and make some money…get on their hype or get the fuk out

  29. wenD_Maa says:

    ITS ALL TRUE!! MNA is scam and they take your money! LOok at owners, Linda Phung, Vin Ma, Calvin Ma, and Patrick Ma drive the Ferarri or Lamborghini and all live in the new houses!! Linda has a new LV bag almost every week. Vin Ma own the thousand dollar turtle and Patrick ma have expensive fish and pocket monkey. They always go to vacation. All from the pageant money. Too much money giving to them. Must stop madness!!!

  30. SHino says:

    Anybody that believe those morons are packing with money are dumber than their scam. They live in a damn studio.

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