History Written: Kattera’s Official Miss Universe 2009 Review

It took me 3 days before I completed this review. I wanted to absorb everything, making sure that what I saw were real, before I put them here. Miss Universe 2009 ended, leaving a lot of words to be written in the history books of beauty pageants. I am writing the official review below but after this, I will create another article that will focus on my “rants”.

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I was not impressed with the opening. It look dark and serious! Oh, how I miss the festive opening numbers of the 90’s… It also gave me the creeps that The Donald Trump did the background for the opening. The choreography was good and I think the song choice was great… I was very happy to see my baby, Italy, leading the group! Such a good dancer…. Billy Bush and Claudia Jordan were introduced! I adore Billy but Claudia was off for me! I found the stage and its design just ok. I thought, that the Miss USA 2009 stage was way better. Since Bahamas hosted the event, I was hoping for an opening similar to 1999, hosted by Trinidad and Tobago.

The Top 15 were then selected. Again, just to remind everyone, and I am quoting…”Prior to our show, a separate panel of judges viewed all of our contestants in a preliminary competition. Their votes along with the members of the Miss Universe Organization determine who would make tonight’s …. (did Claudia said final?) cut!” The names of the semifinalists were revealed: Puerto Rico, Iceland, Albania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Kosovo, Australia, France, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Croatia and Venezuela. I was shocked and surprised with the result. There were 9 from Europe, 2 from Caribbean, 1 from Africa, 1 from North America, 1 from Oceania and 1 from South America. Some of my babies were left in the cold and the biggest shocker, NO ASIANS IN THE TOP 15. I will focus more on these issues below. Next was Heidi Montag’s awful performance while the photoshoot of the Top 15 were shown in the giant screen. I guess, while Heidi was performing, a million viewers either turned-off their TVs or put it in mute. I really couldn’t understand why she was there. Grrrrr!

Photo Credit: hannah of www.missosology.org/forum/

Photo Credit: hannah of www.missosology.org/forum/

Photo Credit: hannah of www.missosology.org/forum/

The swimsuit competition was next with Australia leading the pack. I find it weird that nobody shone in this segment. Even Mayra Matos (Puerto Rico) who was known for putting the stage on fire with her fierce catwalk seemed to loose all her confidence and scored only 8.533 (7th place) . I felt for Albania, who settled with the 11th place after that very awkward turn in the middle of the ramp. USA, who barely made it in the Top 10, was surprisingly weak in this area. I didn’t understand Flo Rida. His performance was off and it was as if he was just rehearsing. Lady Gaga’s performance last year was way better than his. After the swimsuit competition, 5 Europans fell.

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Top 10 were announced: Australia, Venezuela, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, USA and France. The evening gown competition followed. Noticeably, only Puerto Rico and USA changed the gowns they used from the preliminaries. This segment was better than the swimsuit. I really thought that Kosovo delivered really well but I am not sure why Ada scored the highest. Venezuela attempted a turn which was really off and it gave her an 8.869 score for a 5th place finish. Kelly Rowland was glowing but her vocals was off and I thought that her song was better suited for the swimsuit segment. 


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The special awards winners were then announced with China winning Miss Congeniality and Thailand for Miss Photogenice (through online voting). Even before the finale, I really though China will win the award because I saw tons of her pictures with different contestants. Congratulations girls!

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Top 5 were announced: Dominican Republic, Australia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Kosovo. Ladies were asked different questions by the judges and Riyo Mori (through Skype). Hmmm, the drama behind Riyo Mori’s presence was, for me, a business strategy since Skype was a sponsor! I love the questions: mandatory HIV testing, women not allowed to wear swimsuit, beauty helpful or not and women in corporation. Very appropriate for me… Kudos! The best question for me came from Dean Cain (Superman) – What is it with fame that people wants to be famous? – which was answered by Kosovo. According to some source, the interpreter did not do well in interpreting Kosovo’s answer… Can somebody confirm this please?

Dayana had her final walk as Miss Universe and she was BEAUTIFUL! The dress and the hair was perfect… The winners were announced: Puerto Rico (4th Runner-up), Australia (3rd Runner-up), Kosovo (2nd Runner-up), Dominican Republic (1st Runner-up), and Venezuela (Miss Universe 2009). History was written! Venezuela achieved the unthinkable, the first country to win back-to-back in Miss Universe! To me, this is the seal to the accepted fact in the beauty pageant world that Venezuela is the true beauty pageant power house!  

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11 Responses to History Written: Kattera’s Official Miss Universe 2009 Review

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  2. adventuresofabeautyqueen says:

    Great review KATTERA!! I reallly agree with you that Venezuela is a BQ power hourse. I also believe that any of those 5 girls would have won if they answered as well as Venezuela did. Regarding Kosovo, I don’t speak their language but I could tell by looking at her facial expression while she was answering, that she wasn’t so confident; she seemed awkward – did you notice that too? Then it was made worse by the interpreter (if it was true that the interpreter did a lousy job). But then again maybe the interpreter got rattled by Kosovo’s nervous answer and tried to minimize the damage. Hard to tell… but Kosovo (whom I felt looked like a Hollywood actress) was truly truly at her most beautiful that night. THis is my first time ever to dig deep into a pageant and now I know that I have to look at the Miss U girls through Donald’s eyes. Bravo Kattera for the excellent work and for updating us snails through your Facebook!

    • kattera says:

      Thanks Ms. Jaedee for the comment 🙂 I believe that Miss Universe entered a new era this year! I will explain more of this in my next post… I will be posting an article re: in-depth view of current state of Miss Universe and what is next for Philippines! Thanks again for the support!

  3. johnk says:

    Great review. Unbiased and based on facts. Thanks for allowing us to have an objective review of Miss Universe 2009!!

  4. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂

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  8. Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

    I’m Out! 🙂

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