GTKY (Miss International 2009): Germaine Li – Hong Kong

To continue my Asian roll call, I am putting the spotlight to Germaine Li, Hong Kong’s representative to Miss International. Hong Kong is not active in other beauty pageants but they regularly send a representative for Miss International. Hope they will be sending reps to other pageants. If Japan is doing good in Miss Universe, China in Miss World, and Korea in Miss Earth, I am sure that with the right candidate for the pageant Hong Kong will be in rewarded.

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Germain is a perfect example for the great potential that Hong Kong has in pageants. This lady is a fashionista and it is an advantage in every pageant. I am just hoping that she is good in styling and presenting herself well. I am seeing this ladies elegance and it is very admirable.

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I was searching You Tube to see her walk but I was unsuccessful… If you have her video from Miss Hong Kong, kindly send me a copy 🙂 This 21 year ols student from Hong Kong better be a champion in the catwalk department since we have a strong delegation from Asia this year. Japan, Philippines, India, and Indonesia to name a few are bringing their goons so I hope Germaine will be prepared. She also needs to choose the right hairstyle! I find her hairstyles very unhelpful in achieving the “pageant-look”.

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Good Luck!

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One Response to GTKY (Miss International 2009): Germaine Li – Hong Kong

  1. Germaine Li says:

    Hi there, this is Germaine, Miss Hong Kong 2009,
    I just happened to read your blog and i just like to say thank you for your kind words. Im very flattered =)
    i assume you are a big pageant lover?

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