Kattera’s Official Miss World 2009 Prediction List

Double the the unpredictability of Miss Earth and you will have Miss World! For the rest of my “beauty-pageant life”, I have seen Miss World ignoring the so-called godesses, crowning the underdogs and ranking the clear favorites second or third. I am not really sure why! Knowing this fact, I try my very best to come up with a prediction list: list consists of my faves, those who will enter because of politics and connections, the stand-outs and the Miss World prototype. This is surely not an easy task!

For this year, a total of 16 semifinalists will be declared. 5 of which have been named already through the pageant’s fast-track event. The winner of the “Beauty with a Purpose” fast-track and the 10 preliminary competition leaders will be announced during the finale. Here is my list for this year:

Miss World 2009: Scotland (Katharine Brown)

She is a true “natural beauty”… She fits perfectly into the requirements of Miss World Org!

1st Runner-up: South Africa (Tatum Keshwar)

A perfect alternative for the crown! I believe in her capability and I think that it is time for South Africa to win their 2nd crown.

2nd Runner-up: Mexico (Perla Beltran)

Perla deserves the crown… However, I am expecting an upset this year!

Top 7

France (Chloe Mortaud)

Unfortunately, I think she did better in Miss Universe!

India (Pooja Chopra) – also the winner of “Beauty with a Purpose”

Vietnam (Tran Thi Huong Giang)
Barbados (Leah Marville)

I would sooo love seeing her wearing the Miss World crown…

Top 16

Puerto Rico (Jennifer Colon)

She lost her spark along the way!

Jamaica (Kerrie Baylis)

Gibraltar (Kaiane Aldorino)

Philippines (Marie-Ann Umali)
I only hope that Julia will not be ignoring this Filipina goddess!

Sweden (Erica Harrison)

Another fave of mine from Europe….

Dominican Republic (Ana Rita Contreras)

This girl is sooo underrated!

Canada (Lena Ma) – Talent

Japan (Eruza Sasaki) – Sports

Sierra Leone (Mariatu Kargbo)

Dark-Horses – they might pull a surprise!

Namibia (Happie Ntelamo)

Croatia (Ivana Vasilj)

Ukraine (Evgeniya Tulchevska)

Korea (Kim Joo-ri)

Brazil (Luciana Bertolini)

Good luck to all the girls!!!


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5 Responses to Kattera’s Official Miss World 2009 Prediction List

  1. Liz says:

    I agree, Miss Scotland is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside, I have never ever seen her in a photograph without a huge smile on her face.

    • kattera says:

      @Liz, I supeer adore Katharine (Scotland)! I really wish her best 🙂

      @FPC, Tatum’s pic is not her official pageant headshot

  2. Eating grapes for her picture? LOL that is not a good pageant headshot! Please tell me that is not her headshot?

    Pretty girls though. I think that the Miss World pageant is underrated…Period.

    Good luck girls

  3. @Buhlebonga says:

    Apparently Tatum will win because of the huge amounts of money the host city paid… R90 million to host the event, after bailing the MWO last year… we shall see 15h00 GMT (17h00 SA time)

  4. Logan says:

    I think Tatum should have won….

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