Bb. Pilipinas 2010 (13th Update): My Favorites!

Though i’ve been inactive during the whole Bb. Pilipinas 2010 season, I am still updating you with my fave list. I have been carefully observing the girls – been watching videos, checking on pictures, saw the pre-pageant and even asked for the feedback of my friends who saw the candidates in person… I have to be honest with the fact that I already had my favorites at the onset of the season. Though there were names that I dropped, I still have my top 5 and I am very happy to share it to you! I would love to hear your fave list as well ūüôā

Thanks a lot to and Melvin Sia for the pictures!

Top 10

Selana Antonio

Selena started as one of the top-caliber ladies. I admire her capability to stand-out despite the PINAZONAS this year. No one can deny her a semifinalist spot with that vavavoom body and soulful eyes! I observed though that is slowly fading and was not her best during the pre-pageant. I am also disappointed with her catwalk which is I guess the area where she needs to focus into!

Mariella Castillo

With an international modelling experience under her belt, Ella aced every catwalk event this season. I am soo in love with her walk that I am willing to overlook her height :)) She has this unconventional beauty. Some may not appreciate it but I am loving the eye brows! Fierceness!

Dianne Necio

Disappointed… This might summarize the feelings I have towards her! Please don’t get me wrong… I sooo love this lady and I know that, if not this year, she should represent the country in an international competition in the next few years. She is 17 years old but I am seeing a 24 year-old lady trying to exaggerate everything¬†– from catwalk to poses to make-up even to her wardrobe! Hey, she is just 17 and I want to see the freshness and the youthful vigor!¬†I¬†hope that she would relax and take the competition easily because she already know the ins and outs of the beauty pageant world and overdoing it will surely kill her chances.¬†If ever she will be going home empty-handed, I want her to go home to Bicol and take a¬†looong rest! Then try to eliminate the bouncy catwalk and practice on her angles! Then join¬†again after a year or 2!

 Ana Marie Morelos

She is one of the most facially-gifted ladies this year. I love her face and I am sure that international beauty pageant fans will go gagaga over her! However, I am seeing that she is too raw to be sent abroad and compete. Don’t confuse it with the fresh vibe that I regularly mention. She still needs to work on¬†on her confidence. In all the videos I saw, I am seeing a very nervous Ms. Morelos! And it is just breaking my heart because she should be very confident knowing that she is one of the godesses this year!

Mary Ann Misa

She is indeed an Asian Goddess! No doubt about it… She reminds me of Miyako Miyazaki and if in case she will be winning the Universe crown, I hope that she will be repeating Miyako’s success! I love the face and I know that she also has a gorge body… My only problem is that she didn’t give her best during the season! I believe that she could have given more! Changing her hairstyle would surely make a difference and probably, smiling more ūüôā

My Top 5: Making-up my mind for my final Top 5 was probably the most stressful activity I had this week! I had to re-check several pics and played videos all over again… Gosh!

2nd Runner-up: Toni Hipolito

This is her second shot for the crowns and I am feeling that she has a very good chance to clinch one this year! She came back prepared! No one can deny that gorge face and some might not be a fan but I love her smile. Her pas Bb. experience would surely help her in positioning herself to make sure that she will not be left behind by her colleagues. The only problem I am seeing now is her height and a little improvement needed on her walk. Winning the International crown would be perfect for her!

1st Runner-up: Gwendoline Ruais

Putting her in this position is a risky decision on my part! However, for the past 2 months I am looking for something that she failed to deliver! Don’t get me wrong. I am excited if she will be going home with a crown tomorrow and it would be perfectly fine with me if she does so! A 6 feet tall beauty queen will surely be unnoticed and Gwen is a seasoned model that surely knows how to attract attention. I heard that she is a very nice and accomodating person so I am assuming that she will not be having problems dealing with other contestant. Honestly, I also can’t point that factor that I am looking for from her but I guess I just love other candidates and I will stand by it!

Bb. Pilipinas International 2010: Krista Kleiner

Others are saying that Krista’s presence this year is sort of GMA’s revenge on Rich Angalot’s placement last year. I beg to disagree. Krista is showing everyone that she is very much determined to win a crown and is taking the pageant seriously which is very admirable! She seems to be ready to compete internationally tomorrow… Beautiful, conversationalist, impressive catwalk and delivers on her pics. Yeah, she might need to work on her body but let’s give her a break because she is currently on top. The reason why I am rooting for her to be our rep for the Ms. International 2010 competition is because she is perfect for the title. I don’t want to gamble her chances by sending her to other pageants. She is just perfect for Ms. International and I am sure that she will not go home empty-handed. Our 5th Miss International crown might just be won this year by Krista!

Bb. Pilipinas World 2010: Helen Nicolette Henson

If there is one lady from this year’s candidates that has the best chance of winning our 1st Miss World crown, it is Ms. Henson. She personifies what Miss World is looking for in its winner. She¬†is not¬†the top favorite but we know that she is beautiful inside and out, well-mannered and converse well. She also had this young and fresh aura that Ms. Morley is looking for her girls. Remember how a simple yet striking Kaiane defeated the Godess Perla?!? I can picture Nicolette doing well in the Top Model competition. I just need her to work on her body to be noticed in the Beach Beauty competition. This girl can walk and talk and I am sure that MWO will love her!

Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2010: Ma. Venus Raj

I am proud to admit that Venus captured my heart the day she showed up in the screening. And she never failed me! She continued to shine and made sure that she is ahead of everyone else. Others may¬†accuse her¬†of overdoing it but I believe otherwise. She is just a competitive lady and her perseverance is showing in everything that she does. She might not be the most beautiful candidate but I am sure that everyone will agree that if she is on stage, no one can deny her place. She always know how to attract attention and command! Her beauty is again unconventional and a love-it or¬†hate-it beauty! However, this will be solved by the perfect styling for this lady. I can feel that her hairstyle is the most critical factor now since it shapes her face. The high ponytail she sported in their official photo is the best hairstyle for her… Again, NO TO BUN! Grrrrr! I am hoping for the best for this lady!

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