Bb. Pilipinas 2011 (2nd Update): The unOfficial Headshots

FINALLY! After a million of lightyears since the Top 40 official candidates of Bb. Pilipinas 2011 have been revealed, the organizers decided to update the pageant’s site. We now have the faces behind the names 😀 I am looking forward to their official headshots. A swimsuit and beauty shot, together with a short bio, will help fans decide whom to support. Please check below for the headshots of the 40 official candidates of Bb. Pilipinas 2011.

Credits to for the pictures!

Jenette Meiko Noguchi

Elizabeth Durado Clenci

Gianna Therese Quintos

Shamcey Supsup

Diana Arevalo

Mary Jean Lastimosa

Jenilyn Oliver

Teresa Paela Ludovice

Marie Kristina May Marasigan

Queenierich Rehman

Camille Alexis Baltazar

Glennifer Perido

Krystle Ann Grant

Jennielyn Natividad

Patricia Tumulak

Paula Camille Figueras

Roxanne Cabanero

Marish Alyssa Marquinez

Hazelyn Santos

Arabella Hanesh

Carla Lacson

Martha Mc Culley

Dianne Necio

Luzelle Felipe

Jenn-Roe Gubat

Isabella Manjon

Ma. Paula Bianca Paz

Ladylyn Riva

Kathleen Subijano

Wendy Lucas

Sabrinne Al-Tawil

Janine Tugonon

Kenneth Dimaapi

Angelia Ong

Samantha Purvor

Zephorah Mayon

Carolyn Ty

Grendel Alvarado

Sarah Clenci

Suzette Hernandez

Now, express your support for your favorite candidate. Click HERE to vote!

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