Bb. Pilipinas 2011 (9th Update): Another Round of Disqualification?!?

One of the highlights of our week was the RUMORS about the alleged disqualification of Grendel Alvarado and Jen Olivar. I still consider it as a rumor since there is still no official word from BPCI and in fact, pictures of both ladies are still in the website of BPCI.

While we are all digesting the flow of events, another rumor surfaced about another lady who was allegedly axed from the contest. Some fans mentioned the name of Roxanne Cabanero. This actually didn’t come as a surprise since  Roxanne, alledgedly, has some “not-so-nice” photo. The photo was supposedly taken years back and, for those who saw it, is supposedly worthy of a disqualification… Again, no official announcement from BPCI yet as of this writing.

I have seen the photo myself and man, it is a “serious” matter. I am hoping that BPCI did some investigation and did the “right” action in accordance to their own rules and regulations. You all know that I am against disqualification while the pageant is on going because I am for a proper background check prior to the announcement of official candidates. However, BPCI also has some rules that I am sure these ladies are aware of. If they personally know that they will be in conflict with these rules then they should either present it to BPCI upon screening for them to decide or just simply not participate. I also think that  BPCI should revisit these rules and create clear guidelines. For example, posing for a non-profit shoot to support a worthy campaign should be off the list — and yes, I am talking about the case of Grendel and Jen (if this was the reason why they were “booted-out”). They should also announce it during the screening and post it in their website for some of the ladies to screen-out themselves.

Roxanne may not be the fave of everyone but we all know that fans appreciated her Venus-like beauty that would have been another factor that could have made this year’s competition more exciting 🙂

Photo Credits: berncheema of

Fans will surely be glad to hear from you to shed light on these
disqualification “rumors”…..

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