Patricia Tumulak (Bb. Pilipinas 2011) – On the Side Notes

Patricia Tumulak is probably one of the candidates that is making so much noise this season of Bb. Pilipinas. Local and international pageant fans, and even those who considers themselves pageant experts, are going gaga over Pat. And, no contention, she is simply worthy of this hype! 

Like a thunder on a peaceful evening, she swiftly stole the limelight…
While others seek, she commands attention
Fans may have doubts, but she simply earned the right
Patricia Tumulak – The Girl to Beat

Photo Credits: Pat’s FB Pics

Patricia joined Bb. Pilipinas 2011 and is creating so much buzz. She definitely had a headstart with a wonderful performance in Miss Philippines Earth 2009. Filipino pageant fans saw a ray of hope in her as she prepares for the big battle — the international beauty pageant stage 😀 She arrived into the screening hall prepared with not just the necessary armors (e.g. vavavoom body, “better” nose, gorgeous face and superb catwalk) but also the needed artillery (e.g. sex appeal and cofidence) to capture the hearts of every fans.

Photo Credits: Pat’s FB Pics

Now, On the Side Note, let us try to know Pat better and on a much personal level. Let us try to discover who is Patricia Tumulak away from the glare of spotlights and wails of fans…

1. Give us some personal information

a. Your Nickname – Patty, Push/Pusher (because of my last name)
b. School and Course  – Miriam College = Child Development and Education Minor in Special Education/ Year after, I enrolled at Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty (Ortigas Only) took Basic Glamour-Bridal Make-up
c. Shoe Size –  7 1/2 or 8
d. Favorite Hollywood and Local Movie – Hollywood: I am Sam, Butterfly Effect, Not One Less, My Sassy Girl (too many to mention, haha) Local: One More Chance 🙂 
e. Your Hollywood and Local Crush Actor – Hollywood: Ashton Kutcher, Josh Duhamel, Channing Tatum Local Actor: John Lloyd and Piolo Pascual 🙂
f. Favorite Color – Black and White

2. What made you join Bb. Pilipinas? – I’m here because it has always been a dream of mine to give myself the opportunity to someday represent my country at the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. I think that by having such a prestigious title, I would be in a better position to make a greater impact in my country and to help and inspire others.

3. If given a chance to win one of the titles, what would that be and why? – I grew up watching Miss Universe. It has grown to be the most sought after and prestigious title in beauty pageantry. The winner uses her title to champion HIV/AIDS prevention. and also get the chance to visit several countries. definitely beauty with a purpose 🙂

4. Tell us one thing that other people doesn’t know about you – I have a voracious appetite! I eat like a construction worker 🙂 I have a sweet tooth 🙂 and chocolate is my comfort food!

5. Please Choose:

a. Pizza or Pasta – Both? Haha
b. Black or White – White
c. Sunrise or Sunset – Sunrise
d. Heels or Flats – Flats
e. Coffee or Tea – Coffee
f. Beach or Mountain – Beach
g. Diamond or Pearl – Diamond
h. Clubbing or Shopping – Shopping
i. Los Angeles or New York – New York

6. Message to your supporters and Kattera readers – Thank you for following me on my journey to this pageant. Thank you for your undying support and love. To the rest of you who faithfully read, gives response and devote  time and energy to write nice and warm commentaries, it gives me a major boost. Thank you! It is you who keeps me going and gives me hope and determination. It is amazing to know that a lot of people believe that I could make my dream a reality 🙂 Pray for me and hopefully, with god’s grace, I shall make history and will make a difference. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Let us also support other candidates as well 🙂

Photo Credits: Pat’s FB Pics

As we count the days up to the most exciting night this year, It dawns on me that Patricia indeed put so much in her Bb. stint. She came prepared and ready to battle it out with 36 hopefuls. Others may criticize her height but I guess she can only do so much. I wish her well and hope to see more actions from Pat!

Photo Credits: Harley Tiu and Pat’s FB Pics

Now, if Patricia Tumulak is your favorite Bb. Pilipinas 2011 candidate,
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— That’s All —

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One Response to Patricia Tumulak (Bb. Pilipinas 2011) – On the Side Notes

  1. will says:

    i totally love her!!! She’s my favorite. As expected BPCI always make mistakes in choosing the winners…. You are the real winner Patty!!!

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