Bb. Pilipinas 2011 (20th Update): Swimsuit Shoot – Who’s HOT? Who’s NOT?

BPCI just unveiled the swimsuit pictures of our 40 delegates. With all honesty, I am underwhelmed with the results. I am quiet disappointed that the girls DID NOT maximize this opportunity. The poses, the facial expression and even the decision to wear the “sarong/scarf/whateverucallit” in their waists whick made them look so tacky! Next time, if there is one, the girls should remember 3 things: Bb. Pilipinas Universe Crown, Miss Universe and Fadil Berisha!

Now, let us check the pics and I am giving my verdict on Who’s HOT and Who’s NOT…

Credits to

Mr. Raymond Saldana


for all the pics below!

(1) Zephorah Mayon – NOT

Zephora is giving me a Tere Licaros (Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2007) vibe here. The pic is giving me the impression of her, trying to be sweet and timid but ended up looking so boring. Why can’t she give-out the energy she had during the press presentation? Bring it out baby and let it transcend to the still photos before it’s too late.

(2) Elizabeth Clenci – NOT

Another zzzz picture here! I am not just sure if they understand that in pageants, you are actually allowed to put you hand in other areas of your body and not just in your waist.

(3) Carolyn Ty – HOT

Finally! Just look at her stare and you will see what is missing in the first 2 pics above. Her eyes is telling me that she is definitely ready for the battle πŸ™‚ Her not-so-kept hairstyle highlighted the sexiness and edginess of this pic.

(4) Gianna Therese Quintos – NOT

I appreciate G’s attempt to have a nice photo but I guess the fake laugh killed it. She actually did good in positioning her body. It made her look taller and leaner.

(5) Jennielyn Natividad – NOT

She is almost there… Yay! I especially love the contract of the colors on her eye and lips πŸ™‚ Sweetness! But I guess what killed this pic is the position of her left hand which looked so awkward. It’s as if she got confused where to put it and on the last minute, decided to just put it on her shoulder.

(6) Patricia Tumulak – HOT

And this is what you called Hotness!!! Look at the attitude, the personality and the angst… Look at the contrast of the strong over-all vibe but with the cutesy little bangles that gives color to her gray suit πŸ˜€ Clever!!! Good job!

(7) Angelia Ong – NOT

Jaysel Arrozal, is dat chu? OMGeee! This pic is as dry as her facial expression and is messy as her hair!

(8) Marie Kristina May Marasigan – HOT

This is PURRfection at its best πŸ˜€ Yay! I love this… If you’ll check the fashion show video, you’ll see her acting it out on the opening… I am loving this girl all the more with this picture. It is just hardcore without trying so hard – unlike the others. Bwahahahaha!

(9) Bernadette Aguirre – NOT

This pic is heavy and forgettable. The only good thing here is her swimsuit… Now, i’m envious! Even the accessories are annoying. NEXT!

(10) Hazelyn Santos – HOT

It is really with the eyes πŸ˜€ Her body is not impressive. It could have been a BOMB if we can see the curves outright. Yet, I am still impressed with the emotions that her face is showing. I also love the hair!

(11) Diana Arevalo – HOT

Diana was thisclose in missing our swimsuit HOT list with this picture… Though I adore her smile and I am envious of those shoulders, it was a wrong decision to raise her legs since the picture was technically taken from her side and not front. It made her legs so back that she looked so heavy waist down.

(12) Carla Lacson – NOT

Jinkee Pacquiao, is dat chu?!? This picture is totally wrong. There is no spark at all! Gosh… The swimsuit didn’t fit at all and, with that swimsuit, she looked so thin and shapeless 😦

(13) Queenierich Rehman – HOT

Please put those scarf away and be proud! I guess this girl is in perfect shape and it is insulting to see her being wrapped with that pathetic scarf! I am not sure with the hair (seems fake and heavy to me) but I adore the jawline. More emotions on your eyes please πŸ™‚

(14) Marish Alyssa Marquinez – NOT

This is also an almost there pic… What killed this is her hair and make-up! It would have been better if she was given a big hair to match the heavy waist-down area. Her make-up also faded in her colorful beads

(15) Arabella Hanesh – NOT

Arabella impressed me with her headshot. This did the other way! I almost yawned while staring at her picture. I am not buying her empty stare. Just an observation, she loves putting her right hand on her head. Why?

(16) Sabrinne Al-Tawil – NOT

WTF happened to this pic? Did she arrive just before the shoot was about to end? It seems that it was almost “pack-up” time and some of the lights were turned-off already when they took the pic. Definitely, the worst picture of Sabrinne so far! And please, throw those necklaces away!

(17) Gerlie Lero – NOT

I call this the “pandanggo sa ilaw pose”!!! She looks awkwardly funny here! The pose is forced and boring…

(18) Teresa Pamela Ludovice – HOT

This pic reminds me of Rica Taylor – one of my faves during Bb. Pilipinas 2005. Good thing that Ms. Ludovice did not disappoint πŸ™‚ I love the attitude here and how her body twisted. Though the pose may be awkward, it didn’t register on her face. At first, you might think that her head was cut and just pasted on someone else’s body but i guess that is the very essence of this pic.

(19) Wendy Lucas – HOT

Wendy nailed this shoot again. If you are an avid reader, you’ll know that her headshot was one of my faves… Then she came out with this!!! This deadly… Grrr! This gives me the chills and I really thought that I was staring at a swimsuit photo of a Miss Universe Japan contestant… Turn on the aircon baby ‘coz its getting HOT in here.

(20) Jeanette Noguchi – NOT

Sen. Pia Cayetano, isdatchu?!? Jen is making me crazy in this pic… You know what I thought the first time I saw this? She just had some diving activities, hit those sea weeds and brought some for her friends. Waaaa! So not liking this.

(21) Kenneth Dimaapi – NOT

I am not sure if Kenneth is happy to be on the stage of Binibini! I observed it through the videos of the fashion show. It seems that she always force her smile that is sometimes look so fake. This picture is of no exception.

(22) Paula Figueras – HOT

I super love this girl… And I amazed with this picture as she gives out this Gloria Estefan vibe πŸ˜€ I love the hair and how she accentuated her height by just standing straight! That’s what you call strategy. I am bothered with the neck-piece though 😦

(23) Luzelle Felipe – HOT

Her eyes might be at lost but I can’t let this picture pass with that gorgeous body contour! Grrr! She looks like a sexy tribe princess on that colorful suit. Luzelle is slowly becoming a chameleon that can transform into various sexy symbols. What is amazing thought is that she is young and fresh!

(24) Martha Chloe McCulley – HOT

This can certainly pass as a cover for FHM or Sports Illustrated (but BCI will not be happy about it) No one can deny that Chloe has probably one of the most beautiful faces in this year’s competition. This picture is also probably one of her best shots so far! How i wish there was lesser eye make-up ‘coz I can’t see those perfect pair of eyes.

(25) Isabella Manjon – HOT

Isabella is indeed stepping up… It started last Saturday during the photo shoot and now, this epic photo! Look at those beautiful jaw lines. It must cost billions πŸ˜€ If only they fixed that hair then it would have been perfect.

(26) Shamcey Supsup – HOT

One of her best pic so far! She is giving me that Miriam Quiambao vibe with this pic. The frame, the height and the lean body was highlighted here. If onlys she closed that mouth! Hahahaha!

(27) Janine Tugonon – NOT

It was her hands which killed this picture. I guess it would have been much different if she just drop her hands and focused on what she can do with her face. Amazing legs though…

(28) Bianca Paz – HOT

Bianca might be out of the competition already but i thought this picture deserves to be shared to the public. This has Miss Universe all over the place and definitely screams HOTNESS!

(29) Krystle Ann Grant – NOT

There is something that is missing in this picture… It is probably the Spark! There are pictures that will make you say “wow” at first glance and this is not just it.

(30) Kathleen Subijano – NOT

This was thisclose in being a HOT picture if not for that swimsuit which made her body so straight and left her without curves. It is so sad to see that million-dollar pose getΒ wasted by that suit. I love her face though!

(31) Samantha Purvor – HOT

Those RED lips are werqing for me… This surely is a smokin HOT pic for Samantha. Her body might not be that great but the hair, the hands and again, those luscious lips are just out of this world hotness.

(32) Jenn-Roe Gubat – NOT

Everytime Jen is on stage, she is a wildfire that even the strongest firemen can’t put out. However, it doesn’t translate to her still photos. Despite the wonderful body and exquisite make-up, her “wide smile” and “old” pose made it a not-so-hot photo.

(33) Dianne Necio – HOT

Dianne is definitely an Asian Hottie! Though I am not completely buying that face, her hair and body is making it more than enough to be on this list.

(34) Mary Jean Lastimosa – HOT

This reminds me of Venus Raj last year. I am not that ecstatic seeing her with a Venus pose but no one can’t deny that that waistline is rocking everyone’s swimsuit pic. And wait until she sashays on her swimsuit that you wil agree with my prediction of her winning the Best in Swimsuit award this year.

(35) Suzette Hernandez – NOT

What happened here? I guess I need to blame the stylist here… Who decided to let her sport that hairstyle and who the heck let her put on that green neck piece! It’s messy 😦

(36) Camille Alexis Baltazar – NOT

Camille is such a beautiful lady and it hurts me realizing that she badly needs to work really hard with her body. Gosh! It is almost shapeless… And putting her hand on that not-so-tiny waist of hers is not helping…

(37) Sarah Clenci – NOT

I guess i just hate seeing girls acting as if a “barkada” is taking her picture in another friend’s birthday party. Again, this is a swimsuit pic and if i’ll have my hand, i’ll make it sexy yet not too revealing, clean but hot, with sex appeal but definitely not porno-ish.

(38) Ladylyn Riva – NOT

Honey, this is not working for me… This looks so plain comparing it to her headshot… I want more…

(39) Glennifer Perido – NOT

I wonder why she looks so funny here instead of being sexy… Her pose is awkward and forced and I can’t figure-out her body and that suit 😦 But her face is just gorgeous here.

(40) Monique Manuel – NOT

Hmm… This is a NO for me this time. The pose was an attempt but her face did not cooperate… And honey, next time, you might want to drop your left hand and just work on your right πŸ™‚

Now, here are my Top 5 Swimsuit pics here:






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