Ceska Miss 2011 (Miss Czech Republic 2011)

Ceska Miss (Miss Czech Republic) is one of my favorite national pageants in the world.  They only have few contestants but they manage to send the right girls to the right pageant. As a result, Czech Republic became of one, if not, the best pageant powerhouse in Europe. They have been consistent in landing a semifinalist slot both in Miss Universe and Miss Earth. They were able to clinch the Miss World crown last 2006.

Last night, the new queens of this powerhouse country were selected and I should say that everyone did a good job. Should I be expecting another Miss Universe placement this year?

Here are the winners:

Miss Czech Republic Universe 2011 – Jitka Novackova

Miss Czech Republic Earth 2011 – Sarka Cojocarova

Miss Czech Republic World 2011 – Denisa Domanska

From L to R: Sarka Cojocarova (E), Jitka Novackova (U) and
Denisa Domanska (W)
Photo Credits: Sabiondo of www.missosology.org/forum/

Please check below for more pics of Jitka…
Photo Credits: SantifromItaly of www.missosology.org/forum/

Good luck Ladies!

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