My Top 10 Best Portrait Shots – Miss Universe 2012

As I promised you, I will be posting my top 10 favorite pictures from the glam, evening gown, swimwear and portrait shots released by Miss Universe. Being the least of my favorite among the set of pictures, i’ll focus first on the candidates’ portrait pictures.

To determine by best 10 portrait shot pictures, i considered the following: Expressions of her eyes, personality, and aura (the over-all vibe i’m feeling out of the picture). So here are my favorites:

Photo Credits:

10th: Peru (Nicole Faveron)

She might not be that impressive on her candids BUT you will never doubt her ability to deliver during shoots. I guess more will appreciate this photo if it has been taken from shoulder up (focus on the face). Look at the intensity of her eyes and how her mouth opened! Impressive.

9th: Georgia (Tamar Shedania)

This picture gives me the chill. I don’t fully grasp the expression on her face but  certainly I don’t like it… Just imagine this portrait on a wall in a 10th century mansion… How enchanting… How classic!

8th: Curacao (Monifa Jansen)

I love this lady and I adore this picture… This is like a portrait taken out of Romeo and Juliet story. Look at how her eyes shine bright with love and with hope. Such a happy portrait to watch! She would have ranked higher if not for the horrible gown!

7th: Ukraine (Anastasia Chernova)

It pains me seeing her this way… That’s probably my first reaction seeing her in this picture! This look is so classic! She looks so delicate, so fragile…

6th: Kosovo (Diana Avdiu)

A classic elegant beauty ripped from a James Bond movie poster – this is how I will describe this picture… I fell in love with that eyebrow arch… Sexy!

5th: South Africa (Melinda Bam)

Melinda is on a roll… This is dead right on target. Look at that imposing stare. She is letting everyone know how dangerous her beauty can be…

4th: Ireland (Adrienne Murphy)

This is an easy one – probably a personal favorite of mine. Just look at how she stared at the camera. It will reach the deepest level of your soul. It’s so powerful. Even her bright top can’t overpower her stare!

3rd: Bahamas (Celeste Marshall)

Another personal favorite of mine… I highly suggest that MUO keeps a copy of this picture. This has a classic Miss Universe written all over it – young, fresh, and elegant.

2nd: Venezuela (Irene Esser)

At the end of the day, expect nothing but the best from Venezuela. People behind Irene knows the perfect combination on how to deliver in every picture needed. She could have taken the top spot if not for that “tacky” red lippie.

1st: Spain (Andrea Huisgen)

Nothing highlights a beautiful face than a genuine smile 😀 Some of you have issues on her looking older on candids but she is a million lightyears younger here! This is my most favorite portrait photo this year because despite the fact that I can’t see her eyes, I feel the warmth of her laughter. The arch of her shoulders and the hands lifted this picture and made this a surreal experience. Congratulations!


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