Miss Universe 2012 (17th Update): Rehearsals!!!

This post is breaking my heart, honestly! The competition started just last week but they are already on rehearsals today. Pre-pageant competition is this Thursday which signals the Finale 😦 Sigh! Anyhoo, lemme share to you some of the pics behind the rehearsals today. These include pictures of my ultimate “idol” – Lu Sierra who is the Fashion Walk Consultant of Miss Universe Organization. Oh how I love to meet her one day and probably talk about previous candidates’ lousy walks – probably over a cup of coffee… It’ll be nice if Paula Shugart can join us… Lol! Just dreamin…

Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com (Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP)

Lu Sierra and the MU Ladies

Australia (Renae Ayris)

Renae is looking good… I’m pretty confident of her placement!

Cayman Islands (Lindsay Japal)

She is not fashionable at all…

Costa Rica (Nazareth Cascante)

Gabon (Channa Divouvi)

Guyana (Ruqayyah Boyer)

India (Shilpa Singh)

Honey, this is Miss Universe and not a yoga session!

Jamaica (Chantal Zaky)

Nigeria (Isabella Ojong Ayuk)

Singapore (Lynn Tan)

Why wear this if you’re in a Miss Universe competition? I don’t care if its the rehearsals… Remember, this is a beauty pageant!

South Africa (Melinda Bam)

She is sooo IN! That is a winning aura there..

St. Lucia (Tara Edward)

Tanzania (Winfrida Dominic)

I am starting to fall in love with her!

USA (Olivia Culpo)

Vietnam (Diem Huong Luu)


Bulgaria(Zhana Yaneva), Romania (Delia Monica Duca)
& Trinidad and Tobago (Avionne Mark)

Japan (Ayako Hara) & Korea (Sung-hye Lee)

Belgium (Laura Beyne), France (Marie Payet) & Costa Rica

France stood out!

Venezuela (Irene Esser), Uruguay (Camila Vezzoso), USA & Vietnam

USA & Vietnam… Irene looks like a hot mess here!

Netherlands (Nathalie den Dekker), Namibia (Tsakana Nkandih), Angola (Marcelina Vahekeni) & Paraguay (Egni Eckert)

Paraguay owned this shot!

Dominican Republic (Dulcita Lieggi),
Norway (Sara Nicole Andersen) & Nicaragua (Farah Eslaquit Cano)

LOL at Norway!

Are you feeling the same way?!? Bittersweet huh!


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