Bb. Pilipinas 2013 (3rd Update): Another EXTENSION!!!

” Due to various requests, FINAL date for submission of application forms will now be on JANUARY 31, 2013, Thursday. Applicants can submit their forms at the Uniprom / BPCI Office located near the Red Gate of the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Office hours : Mon – Fri – 10am – 6pm / Sat 10am-1pm. Please help spread the word! Thank you!”

BB2013ExtensionPhoto Credits: Official FB Page of Bb. Pilipinas

I am frustrated and disappointed with Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI) in their decision to extend the deadline for submission of application forms for Bb. Pilipinas 2013. This is the 2nd time that they extended the deadline. Original deadline was January 15 then it was moved to January 22 and on the same date, BPCI announced that they are extending the deadline to January 31!

BPCI’s decision to extend the deadline they initially set might reflect negatively on how the organization functions. In planning for a big event or project, everything goes through series of planning sessions in which timelines are created and agreed upon. Then the implementation team is required to adhere to the agreed timeline in order to ensure the success of the activity. In this case, delaying the deadline for submission of applications may result to (a) the whole event being moved to a later date or (b) the pre-pageant activities will be cut short in order for them to stage the finale on the agreed date. The former will result to shorter time frame for the winners in preparing for their respective international pageants while the latter will result to a rather squeezed schedule and rushed activities which translates to disastrous pageant. All these will happen unless they already planned out the extensions of deadline, accounted it when timeline was created and made it look as if it was something that was not planned-out to create noise…. I hope this is not the case! It would be so “showbiz” of them to generate issues in order to create interest. BPCI is An Institution! They don’t need buzz because Bb. Pilipinas in itself is a big noisy buzz!

What made me disappointed was the explanation of their decision to extend the deadline! Saying that it’s all because of the “various requests” raises more questions rather than giving some answers. (1) Is BPCI controlled by several “powerful personalities” that when these people requested for an extension, BPCI agreed? I hope not! I am sure that BPCI, as a well-respected organization, can dictate to all interested parties to heed the deadline that they announced because it would be their loss and not BPCI’s if they fail to meet the timeline. (2) Is BPCI not contented with the quality of ladies who submitted their applications well within the deadline? I hope not! Based on the pictures of the ladies who submitted their applications, I actually a lot of girls with a BIG potentials and I admire them more for playing by the rules! and (3) Is BPCI waiting for some “high-caliber” ladies to join the national pageant and hopefully, add some “glamour” to the 50th year of the search? I hope not! It is a known fact for all Filipino pageant aficionados that Q1 of each year is Bb. Pilipinas season! So for someone who is considering or planning to join Bb. Pilipinas, she must know the season by heart. It would be unfair to the ladies who prepared for their application weeks/months/years ahead by preparing their documents, looking better than their usual them and making sure that they submit ON TIME! Not meeting the deadline originally set means your mind and soul is not into it! It applies to our studies, to our projects and it also applies to the deadline of Bb. Pilipinas 2013! Not meeting the deadline to submit your application means that you are really NOT interested in joining the pageant because if you are, you could have done everything in order to make sure that you will be submitting all of your documents on time. Dear, we call it commitment!


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