Miss World Philippines 2013 (1st Update): The Search Begins…

After Bb. Pilipinas had their deadline for submission of application forms yesterday for Bb. Pilipinas 2013 and Miss Philippines Earth started accepting applications for Miss Philippines Earth 2013, the spotlight now is on Miss World Philippines as it also opens its doors for the ladies who are interested in joining Miss World Philippines 2013. Under the leadership of the ever-gorgeous Cory Quirino, MWP is the organization that is responsible in sending the a Philippine representative to Miss World. This would be the 3rd national pageant for Ms. Cory Quirino and her team. Their queens did well in Miss World and I am hoping that the streak will continue as Philippines is still trying its best to win its very first Miss World crown.

To those interested, Miss World Philippines is NOW accepting applications. Please click THIS for the soft copy of the Contestant Entry Form. On the 4th page of the form, you will be able to read the Terms and Conditions. If you are contemplating to join, please make sure that you read this. Closing date of application as stated in form is May 24, 2013. Girls must present this form and other requested documents during the screening which will be announced later.

You have enough time to think this over!!! So go and consider your options…

I heard that Mary Ann Ross Misa is planning to join again this year! She is such a strong candidate 😀 I am hoping that this is true indeed…

If there is one person who I really want to see on the Miss World Philippines 2013 stage, that would be Kris Tiffany Janson – Miss Cebu 2009. I have said it a million times to my friends that Kris’ beauty will be such a hit in Miss World. She is perfect for Miss World! She has this angelic face, statuesque body, natural elegance and eloquence that Miss World is looking for in their queens. I’ve been waiting for her to conquer national pageants for 4 years now and i think this year is the perfect year for her. I saw her twice this month and she is at her peak… So, if Kris will (by any chance) read this or if you know her personally and you are reading this, please tell her how I think that she is perfect for Miss World and I would be her ultimate supporter if she decides to give Miss World Philippines 2013 a try! If I can only beg her to join, I will!!!

Photo Credits: http://www.crunchyroll.com and Dan Douglas Ong

Photo Credits: http://www.88db.com and http://www.missosology.org

Isn’t she perfect for Miss World Philippines?!?


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One Response to Miss World Philippines 2013 (1st Update): The Search Begins…

  1. den says:

    i think some candidates they join miss world philippines because their are beautiful but they heart & mind are not dedicated to serve to the need most. being miss world you must be dedicated to give love and services to world especially to your family.

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