Miss Indonesia 2013

Indonesia recently crowned their new Miss Indonesia. Though I failed to cover the pageant proper, i thought that it would be best to present to you the host delegate of Miss World 2013. The pageant will be staged in Indonesia later this year.

Vania Larissa won the title of Miss Indonesia 2013 and will welcome delegates to her beautiful country. Vania is a household name in Indonesia after winning Indonesia’s Got Talent (Indonesian talent reality competition) in 2010. Vania sings really well and in fact, released two albums already.

MIW01Photo Credits: http://www.missworld.com

MIW02Photo Credits: http://www.missworld.com

Vania is actually in a very good position because (1) Miss World doesn’t hesitate in crowning the host delegate – it happened before so it might happen this year, (2) Talent is a factor that Miss World values a lot – the reigning Miss World Wenxia Yu won the talent competition last year that gave her a huge advantage over the other delegate and increased her score in the tally board and (3) her subtlety and elegance is something that Miss World prefers in their queens.

Video Credits: pingkanism of YouTube

One of Vania’s performances in Indonesia’s Got Talent 2010!!!

I wish Vania the best of luck and I hope she continues to transform as she prepares for Miss World 2013!


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