Bb. Pilipinas 2013 (10th Update): Announcement of Official Candidates

See the girls of Bb. Pilipinas 2013 in motion! Check who’s telegenic and who’s catwalk will reign over the others… This is it! I would like to thank for the videos!

This is one of the strongest batches. I like Anna Buquid. Her towering height is really her biggest plus factor. She looks thin though thus I suggest gaining more “muscles” specially in her arms. Catwalk is ok but she needs to work on her smile.  I adore Amanda Navasero! She’s fresh, timid and definitely not a beauty pageant patty! Her rawness is addicting! Mariel De Leon needs to work on her catwalk. Ria Rabajante is channeling Miriam Quiambao! She looks amazing in that 1-piece suit but I wanna see her body more so i hope to see her in a 2-piece next time! Pia Wurtzbach came and all I saw was her twins… Angeli Gomez is DIVINE! I am actually proud that she is representing Cebu and she’s doing it really well with that gorgeous face and catwalk!

Parul Shah‘s smile is also addicting. I don’t like the straight hair though. Merry Joyce Respicio reminds me of Cathy Untalan – the classic Filipina beauty. Bea Santiago‘s body is to die for… Valiry Vispo also towers among the other candidates. She badly needs to experiment on hairstyle ‘coz that straight hair is not giving the magic. Mercegrace Raquel reminds me of Janine Tugonon.

Jacqueline Mayoralgo‘s face is lovely but she’s weak with that catwalk. Charmaine Elima is the real deal. I just wish that she acts more naturally and less on the pageant patty factor. Bence Bianzon is Miss Universe ready… If only she it two or three inches taller! I am so happy with the inclusion of Lourenz Remetillo. That cheek bones look fabulous! And stop crying because you deserve to be in there. Another Cebuana beauty with Matet Gorgonia. I am confident with Matet’s catwalk skills. She needs to focus on her hairstyle – find something that will frame the face! I love Ivy Gonzales‘ face… I wanna know her more.

Other candidates should learn from Zandra Flores‘ catwalk… Hers is one the best so far! Angel Villafuerte looks like Shamcey Supsup’s twin sister… Not good 😦 Maria Sofia Mustonen is miles better with light make-up! Her face is gorgeous so why hide it behind those ultra dark eye shadows? Mutya Datul is another candidate who is Miss Universe ready and again, I wish she is two or three inch taller!

Shan Apuad is unrecognizable with that hairstyle. I still love her on a very simple ponytail. Pauline Quintas is a Pinay glamazona… I lurve her! Ara Arida must get out from Pia’s shadow! She can offer a lot more! Cindy Miranda is indeed beautiful!

Do you have your favorites already? Brace yourself for we will open our Bb. Pilipinas 2013 poll tonight.


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