Bb. Pilipinas 2013 (11th Update): The Head Shot Pictures

I am certainly impressed… Days after the official candidates of Bb. Pilipinas 2013 were announced, Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc (BPCI) already released the 1st official set of pictures – the candidates’ head shots. Behind the camera is BPCI’s to-go-to photographer  – Bruce Casanova, I am under the assumption that these pictures were taken during the candidates’ screening. That is such a good move for BPCI to make sure that the official pictures of candidates (as well as updates) will hit the web the soonest possible time! You don’t want to bore the fans with unending “silence”. Now, i’ll be the happiest person in the Philippines will fix their websites with updated information!

Photo Credits: BPCI and Bruce Casanova

(1) Ria Rabajante

(2) Bencelle Bianzon

(3) Zandra Flores

(4) Nicole Donesa

(5) Maria Sofia Mustonen

(6) Yvette Mildenberger

(7) Ivy Gonzales

(8) Abby Monderin

(9) Katherine Enriquez

(10) Anna Aquino

(11) Anna Carmina Antonio

(12) Camille Nazar

(13) Charmaine Elima

(14) Mary Rose Pujanes

(15) Pia Wurtzbach

(16) Cindy Miranda

(17) Carin Ramos

(18) Christine Paula Bernasor

(19) Hannah Ruth Sison

(20)  Bea Santiago

(21) Lourenz Remetillo

(22) Noelle Punzalan

(23) Leona Santicruz

(24) Cassandra Naidas

(25) Merry Joyce Respicio

(26) Anna Buquid

(27) Valiry Vispo

(28) Mercegrace Raquel

(29) Pauline Quintas

(30) Matet Gorgonio

(31) Mariel De Leon

(32) Cindy Abundabar

(33) Parul Shah

(34) Shan Apuad

(35) Theresa Fenger

(36)  Angel Villafuerte

(37) Ma. Teresita Alaine Baccay

(38) Mariz Ong

(39) Mutya Datul

(40) Jen Villanueva

(41) Ara Arida

(42) Jacqueline Mayoralgo

(43) Rhea Nakpil

(44) Gabrielle Monique Runnstrom

(45) Imelda Schweighart

(46) Amanda Navasero

(47)  Aiyana Mickiewicz

(48) Angeli Gomez

(49) Kim Artugue

(50) Krisma Pascual

Over-all, I am actually happy with the pictures!

Congratulations to Bruce for another wonderful set of pics 🙂

Expect the list of my favorite shots before the weekends!

VOTE for your favorite Bb. Pilipinas 2013 candidate HERE!

— Kattera —

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