Miss Russia 2013: My Favorites

I have introduced to you the official candidates of Miss Russia 2013 here! Despite the minimal coverage, I still feel the need to monitor the event. This is because of the fact that the pageant winner will be representing Russia in both Miss Universe 2013 and Miss World 2013. Don’t try to underestimate the capabilities of the organization because the were able to produce my ultimate favorite beauty queen Oxana Fedorova and one of the most beautiful Miss World in the past decade – Ksenia Sukhinova.

Now, let me share to you my favorite girls in the competition. Disclaimer: I only saw several pictures and these are the girls that are consistently good in it. These are the ladies that I think can excel in both international pageants. I have 10 here in  my list:

01 – Elmira

49 – Anna

38 – Alina

50 – Liana

12 – Margarita

04 – Julia

33 – Elizabeth

17 – Anastasia

08 – Catherine

13 – Taisa

Tonight’s finale will be of an epic proportion!

It seems that both reigning queens – Olivia Culpo and Wenxia Yu – will be attending !!!

— Kattera —

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