Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Leader Board (Week 2)

After the successful launch of my Week 1 Leader Board HERE, I am very happy to share with you the results of my Leader Board for Week 2. So what are the things that I took into consideration when I came up with this list? I look into some random pictures of the girls pre-pageant, the pictures and video of the Operation Smile event of Bb. Pilipinas 2013, pictures taken by fans after the personality development and catwalk training of the girls and the results of our Bb. Pilipinas 2013 poll.

Apologies again for the crappy graphics but hoping that the beautiful ladies will suffice ūüėÄ


15th Place: (20) Bea Santiago

14th Place: (47) Aiyana Mickiewicz

13th Place: (48) Angeli Gomez

12th Place: (46) Amanda Navasero

11th Place: (34) Shan Apuad

This is¬†Aiyana‘s first entry into our Leader Board. The other four were present in our Week 1 but they slipped from their former positions. This can be attributed to the lesser exposure that these girls received within the pas week.¬†Shan¬†fell sharply after her wonderful head shot which topped our list of favorites. This week, she was silent and I hope to see her bounce back!¬†Amanda¬†and¬†Angeli¬†were consistently boring during the week. Angeli participated in the Talent competition yesterday, will this be enough for Week 3?¬†Bea was lukewarm during the week. Her only photo was taken by a fan after their training and it wasn’t her best.


10th Place: (31) Mariel de Leon

9th Place: (35) Theresa Fenger

8th Place: (39) Mutya Datul

7th Place: (29) Pauline Quintas

6th Place: (19) Hannah Ruth Sison

We have two newcomers in this group –¬†Mariel and¬†Theresa. Mariel is slowly becoming a favorite of several fans with her meek attitude and personality. She seems to be silent but behind the scene, she is working really hard to be on top. I am seeing a big improvement on her body!!! She is looking good. Theresa is another performer in the group and has been very visible within the week.¬†Speaking of visibility, I am uber impressed with¬†Hannah. Several random pictures taken by fans were posted online this week and she is uber gorge! The Gloria Diaz – vibe is alive… Mutya¬†and¬†Pauline are not doing well ūüė¶ Being invisible is not helping… What will happen to them next week?


2nd Runner-up: (1) Ria Rabajante

1st Runner-up: (24) Cassandra Naidas

Bb. Pilipinas Tourism: (15) Pia Wurtzbach

Bb. Pilipinas International: (13) Charmaine Elima

Miss Universe Philippines: (26) Anna Buquid

We have an almost intact Top 5 coming from last week.¬†Cassandra is the newbie in this group but she deserves the placement. This fresh-faced beauty dominated the Bb. Pilipinas 2013 scene last week and I am expecting her to stay in this group after next week.¬†Pia also is moving up after she dominated the Operation Smile activity. My eyes were locked on her!¬†Charmaine and¬†Ria¬†went down a bit but only because they are consistent with no fuss whatsoever during the week.¬†Anna¬†is on top with that picture showing her “endless” legs! I also feel that her face can be transformed into whatever type BPCI will package her after winning! This “almost 6’0″ beauty” will be a big hit in Miss Universe.

I hope you enjoy this post and please watch out for my week 3 Leader Board!!!

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— Kattera —

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