Miss Philippines 2013 Screening goes Bisaya

Over the past week, I’ve been telling you about the Cebu screening of Miss Philippines Earth 2013 and how excited I was to be with some of the aspiring ladies who will (crossing my fingers) represent Visayas in the pageant. (I will talk more about my experience in another post)

Last Saturday, I was given a chance to meet Cathy Untalan – Excutive Director of Miss Philippines Earth – and Karla Henry – Miss Earth 2008. I was in awe on how accommodating they were! In the event, the ladies introduced me to the beautiful people of SM Food Group – Miss Philippines Earth & Miss Earth’s trusted partner in advocating environmental awareness. Together, both organizations are working on several initiatives that will make the Earth a much more beautiful place to live in. To know more about this “beautiful” partnership of Carousel Productions (Miss Philippines Earth & Miss Earth) and SM Food Group, I am sharing with you this featured article.


The search goes on as the Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Screening touched down at SM Supermarket, SM City Cebu last Saturday, March 9, 2013. The Cebuanos at SM saw just how set and ready their lovely homegrown aspirants are to compete for this year’s Miss Philippines Earth crown and become the next voice of Inang Kalikasan.

The aspiring ladies from Cebu and its neighboring provinces showed the people and the judges just how much they want the crown and everything it signifies. The young advocates of the environment showcased their physical assets, talents, and their environmental platforms and commitments to preserving the environment.

No Ordinary Pageant

The Miss Philippines-Earth promotes not just beauty and brains but also the preservation of the planet. Aside from participating in local green movements, the winner of the pageant goes on to represent the Philippines in the international Miss Earth beauty pageant whose winner becomes the ambassadress of earth’s natural resources and the spokesperson of the Miss Earth Foundation, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and other environmental organizations like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

As Ms. Lorraine Schuck, Exec. Vice President of Carousel Productions said, “Miss Earth has been one of the most influential platforms in addressing the Earth’s degradation through its delegates and eventual winners; and we are happy to share our green advocacy with our partner – the SM Food Group.”

The Long-Time Green Partner

For years, the SM Food Group (composed of SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore Market) has been supporting both the Miss Philippines-Earth and the Miss Earth International beauty pageants in their efforts to spread environmental awareness. The SM Food Group stores have become platforms for the delegates to reach out and inform people of the importance of planting and reusing as they give away indigenous seedlings and promote the SM Greenbag, the first reusable shopping bag in the Philippines.

SM also organizes activities for the beauties for a cause to be able to interact with different children as they educate their precious minds on how they can help save the earth through their own little ways. And for the children to never forget, the SM Food Group incorporates the lessons to fun activities for both the girls and the children like going to exploration centers, free movie screenings, and more. Last but certainly not least, SM brings the delegates to the countryside to experience the beauty of the Philippines as they continue their mission by participating in tree planting activities and coastal cleanups.

Join the MOB and Save the World

I have one at home… Get yours NOW!

SM is very much involved in the preservation of the environment. Aside from using the latest technologies in lessening its carbon footprints in its daily operations, one of its main programs is the Join the M.O.B. (MyOwnBag) campaign which encourages shoppers to reuse their bags when shopping. By using the SM Greenbags, the consumption of plastic bags that usually end up clogging drainages and landfills are lessened. In line with the campaign, the proceeds of the plastic bag’s sales on M.O.B. days go to more environmental projects all over the country.

As much as a partnership is mutual in nature, Miss Philippines Earth and Miss Earth International aid the SM Food Group in its commitment to preserving the Earth and all its resources. Hand in hand, the partnership between SM and Miss Earth continues to plant seeds of hope all over the Philippines for a cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful future.


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