Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Leader Board (Week 4)

I am very happy to share with you my Week 4 Leader Board for Bb. Pilipinas 2013. This is a major turning point for the pageant for me as this Leader Board did not only cover the much awaited Press Presentation performances but also covered my assessment of each candidate and their performances since the pageant started. Click THIS for Week 1, THIS for Week 2 and THIS for Week 3 Leader Boards to see how my list evolved.

After reviewing my list, I realized that the trend follows the usual trend in beauty pageants. You will find three groups of girls in a pageant – (1) those who are consistently strong; those who were favorites even before the pageant started and were able to maintain the hype with strong performance (2) those who fizzled-out; they were favorites when the pageant started but due to several mistakes or lukewarm performances they are slowly falling from the top and (3) the rising starts; those who were unnoticed but when they saw an opportunity they seized it and are holding on! So let me group the girls here!

 Consistently Strong: Pia Wurtzbach, Ria Rabajante and Charmaine Elima survived week after week holding on to their Top 5 positions. This proves that these three are the ladies to beat this year. However, as always, no one is safe! Charmaine “underperformed” during the press presentation and I am disappointed. If this is her strategy then it is not working for her. If you remember, Venus Raj had a very timid and calculated presentation performance because talks were ripe that Mdm Stella Araneta prefer her queens to be timid on stage. But Venus is Venus and you can’t call it as “underperformance”.

Fizzling-Out: I will probably place here Mariel De Leon, Cassandra Naidas and Anna Buquid. I had high hopes for these three when the pageant started. Anna, with her height, stood out. As a fan who favors taller queens, I wanted Anna to capitalize on those “eternal” legs with an amazing catwalk, great styling and lovable personality. I am not sure on the personality factor but I can tell you that her catwalk was just average and forgettable and her styling is not the best in the group. Cass is also loosing steam after her name made the rounds of pageant forum with those celebrated candids. The problem is the fact that the candids did not translate to better pageant pictures. Her average press presentation performance didn’t help as well. Lastly, Mariel wasn’t able to capitalize on the spotlight she received after a successful talent performance. Her awkward catwalk and pauses made it very difficult for her to compete against the catwalk and pageant divas.

Rising Stars: I will put her Mutya Datul, Matet Gorgonio and Hannah Sison. These 3 started behind the heavy weights but slowly I am seeing them putting their cards one by one to the surprise of the fans. Mutya started strong even before the pageant started but she is always behind the heavy favorites. With her press presentation performance, she can now be considered as a frontrunner. Matet and Hannah were nowhere in sight when the pageant started but the both released fan-friendly candids telling everyone that their headshots were irrelevant. As the participate in activities, fans realized how beautiful and confident they are. Then they stole the press presentation spotlight with superb performances.

I am still adamant to put the rest into the three categories above. I will probably need another week or two to observe them. I have to welcome Gabrielle Runnstrom, Mercegrace Raquel and Parul Shah to our Leader Board. Oh how I love seeing them here!


15th Place: (31) Mariel de Leon

14th Place: (44) Gabrielle Monique Runnstrom

13th Place: (21) Lourenz Remetillo

12th Place: (28) Mercegrace Raquel

11th Place: (50) Krisma Pascual


10th Place: (33) Parul Shah

9th Place: (26) Anna Buquid

8th Place: (19) Hannah Ruth Sison

7th Place: (30) Matet Gorgonio

6th Place: (24) Cassandra Naidas


2nd Runner-up: (13) Charmaine Elima

1st Runner-up: (20) Bea Santiago

Bb. Pilipinas Tourism: (39) Mutya Datul

Bb. Pilipinas International: (01) Ria Rabajante

Miss Universe Philippines: (15) Pia Wurtzbach

There you go….

I would love to hear your thoughts…

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— Kattera —

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2 Responses to Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Leader Board (Week 4)

  1. Apoquis says:

    Prediction only:::
    2nd runner-up:#25 Mary Joyce Respicio
    1st runner-up:#31 Mariel de Leon
    BBP Supranational:#20 Bea Rose Santiago
    BBP Tourism:#16 Cindy Miranda
    BBP International:#13 Charmaine Elima
    BBP Universe 2013:#39 Mutya Datul

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