Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Poll (April 6 Update)

As we enjoy the weekend, let me give you a quick (1st) update on our Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Poll. At this stage, fans are sizing up on several strategies of other fans. However, you can see a trend on who’s strong and who’s not based on the few votes that we count. So, here is a quick view on the results of our poll:

(Calapan City) Kristia Kaye Nable – 20.69%

(San Pascual, Batangas) Darlene May Reyes – 17.24%

(Zamboanga City) Nancy Leonard- 17.24%

(Candon City) Dianne Tongol – 6.90%

(San Marcelino, Zambales) Janine Asanion – 6.90%

(Sogod, Cebu) Lucena Rose Magdadaro – 6.90%

Continue voting for your favorite Miss Philippines Earth 2013 candidate!

Click THIS to VOTE!

Click THIS for the complete list of candidates!

— Kattera —

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