Zoom In: Revealing the Real Ria Rabajante

You guys are probably busy checking pictures of the Parade of Beauties of Bb. Pilipinas 2013. I’ll be posting pictures of it later! However, I have another treat for you. As promised, I will try my best to introduce to you the candidates on a much more personal level. Our Zoom In articles will present with you the candidates behind the flashes of the cameras, behind the videos you see on YouTube and behind the scripted interviews given by pageant organizers. This article will be much more candid than their usual interviews. Answers are not edited for you to “hear” directly from the girls.

I may not be able to present with you all candidates. I sent out emails and Facebook messages to the candidates and their handlers. Being featured here means that the candidate or handler accommodated my request. Just a chika, some candidates and handlers were just deadma! I hope that they are just busy hence the no reply 😀 Being featured here doesn’t mean that they are my favorites or their handlers are close to me (just clarifying), they are the ones who were kind enough to accommodate my request for an interview… There 🙂


First to be featured here is a candidate from Bb. Pilipinas 2013! Ria Rabajante is our Binibini 1 and she regularly opens the show with an unforgettable “bang”. This mocha-skinned beauty solicits an undivided attention from viewers with her stand-out styling, amazing catwalk and great stage presence. She has the ability to balance the sex appeal of a sexy siren, elegance and class of a beauty queen and the subtle but distinct Filipina beauty! Early on, fans compared her to Miriam Quiambao (not an easy feat to follow) but her one-piece swimsuit during the announcement of official candidate and her pony tail during the press presentation are unforgettable, putting her as one of the most interesting and a beauty-to-watch this year. So, here is Ria!

Revealing here the Real Ria Rabajante:

RIA05Photo Credits: Ria Rabajante

Name: Ria Rabajante

Nickname: Ria

School & Course: Assumption College – Media Production

Hometown: Pasig & Bicol

Hobbies: Skyping with Family, Biking, spending time with my bestfriends

Pet Peeves: Getting Tickled

Ria04Photo Credits: Ria Rabajante

One-Word Meme (Answer in One Word)

Your Cellphone? Blackberry

Relationship Status? Single

Favorite Dessert? (sorry, can’t answer this with one word) sticky date and toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream

Favorite Pinay Beauty Queen? Miriam Quiambao

Shoe size? 8 1/2

Where did you grow up? Pasig

Favorite Color? Whack (White & Black)

Ria03Photo Credits: Ria Rabajante

Pick One

Outgoing or Shy = SHY

Organized or Disorganized = ORGANIZED
(Edited the answer because of typo error, my bad!)

Studious or Carefree = both

Serious or Fun-Loving = both

Half-Empty or Half-Full = HALF-FULL

Paper or Plastic = STONE :p

Cat or Dog = both

Beer or Wine = WINE

Ria01Photo Credits: Ria Rabajante

So Let’s Be Serious!

Who motivated you to join Bb. Pilipinas?
I believe it’s God’s will. He motivated me.

This year is so special because BPCI is celebrating its 50th pageant, how did you prepare for the competition? And what makes you stand-out among all the candidates?
It was a 2-year mental preparation and a year of physical and personality development training. What make’s me stand-out is that I am confident, equipped and empowered.

You’ve been with 49 other candidates for about a month now, how’s your relationship with your co-candidates? Who are the candidates that are close to you?
Everyone’s nice. I’m blessed to be given the opportunity to get to know 49 uniquely and equally beautiful ladies. I’m closest with Binibini 4 (Nicole Donesa).

So much is at stake in Miss Universe 2013 (we placed 2nd last year) and Miss International 2013 (we were a semifinalist last year), what are your thoughts about winning a title?
If it’s God’s will, it will be done.

How’s your Bb. Pilipinas 2013 experience so far? Will you encourage a relative who is thinking of joining the pageant?
It’s smooth and I am really enjoying it. Yes, my younger sister perhaps.

Miss Universe 101 (Answer these infamous Miss Universe final questions)

What is the essence of a woman?
To me, essence of a woman is when she is able to rise above the narrow confines of her individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. A woman to me is selfless.

What makes you blush?
To see my family in one home after 10 years of being scattered around the world. That would make me blush like “woah”.

Some people are saying that beauty pageants disrespect women, convince them that they are wrong.
It doesn’t. Sometimes it’s the way you see a lady in a swimsuit that is disrestpectful. We shall not misunderstand women who aim only to promote good health, physique and beauty.

What is the lesson that you learned as a child that still affects your life today?
1, 2, 3 begins with one. A, B, C begins with A. Life is a process and we do not skip the beginning to be able to grasp it well. There’s no shortcut in life.

Ria02Photo Credits: Ria Rabajante

Did Ria impressed you here?

I hope that this article helped you in knowing more about Binibini 1 😀

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(Mabalacat City)

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One Response to Zoom In: Revealing the Real Ria Rabajante

  1. Edgar P. Casimiro says:

    Of course I’m impress. She’s si gorgeous and elegant. She’s the only one among candidate has a Brilliant Elegant Purely Fillipina Beauty.
    She can get the crown for Bb. Pilippinas Universe 2013.

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