Bb. Pilipinas 2013 (32nd Update): The JAG Photoshoot

JAG is a clothing brand and is one of the sponsors of Bb. Pilipinas 2013. Recently, the girls participated in a photoshoot wearing JAG apparel. I have the pictures below and I would love to hear your comments.

What made the shoot more interesting is that the ladies posed in groups of 5 or 6 and not individual. This brought the competition a notch higher because it is inevitable for fans to compare the girls from their own “groupmates”. Here, fans can confidently tell on who stole the spotlight and stood out and who sizzled-off and just blended with the background.

Thanks a lot to the beautiful people of Sash Factor ( for the pictures.

From L-R: (47) Aiyana Mickiewicz, (16) Cindy Miranda, (45) Imelda Schweighart, (08) Abby Monderin, (15) Pia Wurtzbach & (43) Rhea Nakpil

Cindy Miranda and Pia Wurtzbach owned this frame!

Abby Monderin was lost among the beauties!

From L-R: (50) Krisma Pascual, (39) Mutya Datul, (24) Cassandra Naidas, (36) Angel Villaduerte and (41) Ara Arida

Even with a partially-hidden face, Mutya Datul claimed this shot…

Posing beside the fiery Datul, Krisma Pascual felt cold!

From L-R: (29) Pauline Quintas, (46) Amanda Navasero, (37) Alaine Baccay, (48) Angeli Gomez and (34) Shan Apuad

I am so disappointed with these ladies. I am so not impressed with this shot.

If i’ll be forced to name a stand-out, i’ll probably say Amanda Navasero.

From L-R: (06) Yvette Mildenberger, (11) Anna Antonio, (01) Ria Rabajante, (17) Carin Ramos & (04) Nicole Donesa

Hands-down, Ria Rabajante is the best among these ladies!

Carin Ramos fell short with that awkward pose…

From L-R: (25) Merry Joyce Respicio, (44) Gabrielle Runnstrom, (30) Matet Gorgonio, (21) Lourenz Remetillo, (38) Mariz Ong & (03) Zandra Flores

Mariz Ong delivered the needed drama & stood-out!

Despite being taller compared to other girls, Lourenz Remetillo was “dwarfed” by others and blended-in 😦

From L-R” (07) Ivy Gonzales, (14) Mary Rose Pujanes, (10) Anna Aquino, (02) Bencelle Bianzon and (18) Christine Paula Bernasor

Oozing with sex appeal… That’s Bencelle Bianzon!

Christine Paula Bernasor was lost and unrelatable…

From L-R: (12) Camille Nazar, (26) Anna Buquid, (22) Noelle Punzalan, (05) Maria Sofia Mustonen, (28) Mercegrace Raquel & (27) Valiry Vispo

I can’t take my eyes off Maria Sofia Mustonen

Anna Buquid disappointed me! She could have owned this shot with her height!

From L-R: (23) Leona Santicruz, (09) Katherine Enriquez, (49) Kim Artugue, (42) Jacqueline Mayoralgo, (32) Cindy Abundabar & (40) Jen Villanueva

Kim Artugue and Katherine Enriquez  brought this picture to life!

Cindy Abundabar posed without emotions 😦

From L-R: (19) Hannah Sison, (20) Bea Santiago, (13) Charmaine Elima, (31) Mariel de Leon & (33) Parul Shah

Parul Shah and Charmaine Elima proved why they are dubbed as frontrunners.

Unfortunately, Hannah Sison is the weakest here!

This last photo is interesting because fans are taking this as a sign that these 5 will end up as the big winners this Sunday! Not a bad Top 5 if I may say… They are considered as the frontrunners and with a large fan base.

I thought that this grouping was just a mere coincidence, probably a tease or something BUT I saw this picture…

Are they the CHOSEN DESTINED ones?

However, after reviewing all the pictures above, I must say that this is the best photo and is worthy of being put in an EDSA billboard!

What do you think?

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— Kattera —

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2 Responses to Bb. Pilipinas 2013 (32nd Update): The JAG Photoshoot

  1. Julie Ann says:

    I love katherine enriquez! She’s the most beautiful filipina beauty there 🙂

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