Kattera’s Fave List – Binibining Pilipinas 2013

Binibining Pilipinas 2013 is coming to a golden close and I hope that everyone is prepared to welcome a new set of queens. Tonight, 50 of the loveliest Filipinas will engage in a fierce battle for the much coveted crowns and titles. We have seen them in countless pictures, multiple videos and TV guestings and because of these, much have been said – by fans, by bloggers like me, by the so called “experts” and even by those plain onlookers. Criticisms were hurled, others sang their praises and more bashing happened. Tonight is the culmination of all these buzz and when the clock strikes 8 tonight, all we need to do is to shut up and let the premier pageant of the land unfold before our eyes! Criticizing, Praising and Bashing can continue after the program!

As we anxiously wait for the start of the pageant, I would like to share with you the list of my favorites. This is not a prediction because I am not good at it – plain and simple! I also learned not to over analyze things. We can always speculate but 15 years of pageants taught me that there will always be surprises – pleasant or not! I arrived into this list after looking over my posts for the past two months- so yes, all of them are my favorites.

My apologies for the crappy designs… I am also not good with it (so what really am I good at?!?) But thank you, thank you for spending a minute or two with this post 😀


These girls were just below my Top 15! Checking my past favelists, it seems that  some of my alternative girls end up on top. I am wishing these girls the best of luck!


(25) Merry Joyce Respicio – this JDV girl is one of the tallest this year and you know I can’t let a tall girl pass without a very good look.. I usually end up loving them anyway! She did well during the fashion show with an amazing stage presence. That and her well-defined cheekbone matched with that chocolate-like skin color is a powerful combo.

(34) Shan Apuad – there is something about Shan that I like. She was one of my favorites at the onset but she slowly dropped and is now positioned well behind the favorites. But I just can’t dismiss him! Probably it’s the smile or the sunny disposition, I don’t know!

(26) Anna Buquid – I had high hopes for Anna! She is mighty tall and again, only a few are blessed with a towering height. I would have wanted for her to capitalize more on it but it didn’t happen; thus the placement!

(21) Lourenz Remetillo – I’ve seen her personally when I watched Miss Universe 2012 with Missosology Cebu and girl, I was impressed. This girl was our first representative to Miss Supranational. Despite not getting the title, I am sure that she learned a lot of things from the experience. So, please don’t discount her yet!

(46) Amanda Navasero – My Amanda! She is one of my sentimental favorites this year! She is not striking! You will not be convinced at first glance but as you stare at her, you will realize the BIGGG potential. And when she is fully made up, she will come out with what I call as a beautiful elegance!

The Semifinalists


15th Place: (05) Maria Sofia Mustonen – How I fell in love with one of RL’s angels during the primer. I love the raspy voice, the warm personality and her wit! Her body is amazing – more on crazy amazing! This and her ability to lit the stage on fire are her strengths!

14th Place: (03) Zandra Flores – How I hated her voice during the primer. It was annoying! But that voice can’t change the fact that she delivers well in photoshoots and runway tests! Amazing walk and one of the most photogenic in this batch.

13th Place: (16) Cindy Miranda – The fresh faced Cindy is one of the prettiest this year! How I wish she is a bit bigger. She looks really thin! Another strength of Cindy is her exposure as a TV Host. She communicates well and is very comfortable in front of the camera.


12th Place: (30) Matet Gorgonio – My favorite Cebuana is Matet! I already knew that she will be doing good but she did exceed my expectations! She is one of the few who sounded well and sensible during the primer and her catwalk skills is superb!

11th Place: (24) Cassandra Naidas – This half-Korean Pinay beauty queen is a “silent assassin”. She might be one of those shy and timid candidates but her elegance and class is what sets her apart from the crowd.

10th Place: (28) Mercegrace Raquel – I’ve said it before and will say it again now – Mercegrace is JDV’s best bet for me! She is tall and uses her height to her advantage. She is on fire on stage and even in front of the camera. She has enough flare and drama to be called a diva! Another sentimental favorite!!!


9th Place: (41) Ara Arida – She joined and lost a pageant last year but she is back, ready for battle. She looks, walks and talks better! But what maker her stand-out is the subtlety of her beauty. Everything is not presented the moment you look at her but you will see her strength. She reminds me a bit of Shamcey!

8th Place: (19) Hannah Sison – My ultimate favorite this year! I love the geeky Hannah! I fell in love during the primer… I love and respect what she does behind the glitzy beauty pageant! That and her classic Filipina beauty is what I am crazy about.

7th Place: (01) Ria Rabajante  – She is situated just right behind the royal court members which means that penetrating the group is not an easy task for her. She is beautiful with an amazing catwalk and good communication skills. Her stage presence is superb and presentation is topnotch. What more can you ask for?!?

The Royal Court of 2013

2nd Runner-up: (33) Parul Shah


My gut feel is telling me that Parul Shah will be a revelation tonight! I placed her in this position because I believe in Parul’s capacity to penetrate the top tier. She is exotic and I am gaga over it – the accent, the personality, the unconventional beauty and yes, the abs that we’ve seen during the Fashion Show. I have some hesitations on her inconsistency, thus the placement, but a year in training will be good for her! If she will end-up in this position, I hope to see her in a year or two!

1st Runner-up: (31) Mariel De Leon


I bet she will win the Press Favorite Award – if BPCI will give one! “Insiders” are saying that Mariel is a favorite by you know who but legions of detractors are out there to slay her chances. This and her celebrity daughter status are the reasons why the press love here! My take on Mariel?!? Let me start with the good – she is beautiful face-wise. Her jaws might be prominent but surely the “experts” can work on it. I also see so much potential in her! She can be molded because she is a neophyte and is still learning. The bad – her confidence! A beauty queen is confident and can elegantly carry conversation. Mariel is shy at times and comes off awkward. The ugly – her body needs salvation! She can’t hide it. No one can in fact hide it! What I love about her is that she is determined to work on what is bad and ugly! She lost a great amount of weight when she started her Binibini journey. Will she be worthy of a crown tonight? I personally don’t think so! Giving her a crown means giving up on some worthy delegates who are ready for international pageants. If she is indeed a favorite, I hope that they will give her a runner-up position and transform her into someone who is pageant ready! Let her experience a Dianne Necio or Janine Tugonon experience!

Bb. Pilipinas Tourism 2013: (15) Pia Wurtzbach


Pia’s not-so offensive sex appeal is the reason why I am putting her into this position. She is beautiful and sexy without being too loud about it. Just like Justine Gabionza, Pia is not the loud one – she is silent but not cold. Here training as an actress will help her handle interviews and press conferences with ease and comfort. She is from Mindanao and the region needs a good Tourism boost. I would love seeing her campaigning for Mindanao and the beauty it offers to tourists!

Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2013: (20) Bea Rose Santiago


Bea is tall, energetic, bubbly and can communicate well – just what Supranational prefers in their queens. She is stunning and her body is in a very good shape! I think that she will be much appreciated in Belarus… Possibly bringing home our very first Supranational crown!

Bb. Pilipinas International 2013 – (13) Charmaine Elima


The Pinay Barbie Doll! Charmaine Elima reminds me of Venezuela’s Elizabeth Mosquera (Miss International 2010). They both have gorgeous faces, well-defined cheekbones and mocha skin. I understand that MI is looking for beautiful barbie-doll candidates. We’ve proven that the organization loves our mestizas but remember our last two MI crowns were from Morena candidates…

Miss Universe Philippines 2013: (39) Mutya Datul


The FACE of Binibining Pilipinas 2013! This type of fresh-faced beauty comes only once in a million lightyears. This is the face of a Miss Universe friends. I just feel the need to correct other fans – she doesn’t have communication skills problem! She has challenges speaking in English but she can articulate her thoughts well in Tagalog! Her ability to use English can be improved with proper training and she also has an option to use a translator! It is her beauty and personality that should not be wasted…

There!!! Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy the show!!!

The best of luck to everyone!!!

— Kattera —

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