Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Poll (April 22 Update)

In less than a month, we will witness the coronation of the next batch of Earth Angels as Carousel Productions will crown the queens of Miss Philippines Earth 2013. As we prepare for the biggest Earth event, let me give you a quick glance on our poll. This poll identifies the favorite Miss Philippines Earth 2013 candidate of my readers. Here are the results as of today:

(San Pablo City) Darian Bajade – 51.91%

Photo Credits: http://www.missphilippines-earth.com

(Negros Oriental) Harriene Banaybanay – 41.41%

(Nagcarlan, Laguna) Kimverlyn Suiza – 1.58%

(Marilao, Bulacan) Caneille Faith Santos – 0.92%

(Bacolod City) Alyssa Marie Villarico – 0.83%

As of today, two candidates are head-to-head in our top two positions but the field remains open to the other candidates. Ms. Nagcarlan just entered our top 5 and reached the 3rd position. It is a long way to the top but with loyal fans, this is not impossible!!!

Continue voting for your favorite Miss Philippines Earth 2013 candidate. Be reminded that voting remains FREE and is UNLIMITED!!!

Click HERE to VOTE!!!

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