Philippine Election 2013

I’ll be going home to vote in tomorrow’s midterm election. I encourage all Kattera readers to go out and vote! Let us exercise our right to choose our leaders and at the same time, be reminded that voting is our responsibility as Filipinos.

Upon voting, please make sure that you vote for the candidate not because of his/her last name and his/her catchy tv ad and jingle but on his/her stand on issues that matters to you. Again, your vote is sacred. Please don’t waste it!

This table on the stand of “senatoriables” on some issues should help you decide on who to vote:

ElectionPhoto Credit:

Just in case you want to know my choices, here are the “senatoriables” and party-list that I will be voting by tomorrow…


Angara, Sonny

I admire his focus on education; some concrete plans on our educational system

Gordon, Dick

Spirit Volunteerism; a man of action

Hagedorn, Ed

Clear Environmental Platform


Photo Credits:

Equal Rights for All…

I do hope that you take a look at the profile of these candidates and vote for them if you believe in the cause that they are fighting…

Off to the port now…

— Kattera —

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