Miss Philippines Earth 2013 (14th Update): Finale Admission is FREE!

MPE01Photo Credits: http://www.ajohnmichaelpalmero.blogspot.com

I am hoping that all of you are as excited as I am for the grand finale of Miss Philippines Earth 2013Carousel Productions gave us two (2) reasons to be excited for this weekend’s big event:

Admission to the Grand Finale is FREE!

This is probably the first in the history of Philippine beauty pageant that a pageant this big had a free admission during its grand finale. Anyone (literally) who is interested in seeing the finale LIVE, is welcome to attend! Please note that the finale is scheduled this Sunday (May 19) 7PM at the Mall of Asia Arena.

A One-of-a-kind Pageant Production


Stephany Stefanowitz – the reigning Miss Philippines Earth – is a promising a one-of-a-kind pageant production that will be done for the first time in pageant history! I don’t have any idea though on what will happen… Do you have any guess? 3D Production Number? How about involving more than a thousand performers? Live Animals? Water on stage? I am really not sure… It seems to me that Miss Philippines Earth 2013 found a way to overtake the memorable opening of Bb. Pilipinas Gold (Click HERE for a video). I just hope that their plan will be a success. I am sure though with the fact that I can’t wait for the big finale.

Click HERE to vote for your favorite Miss Philippines Earth 2013 candidate!

— Kattera — 

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