Zoom In: The Latina Vibe of Nancy Leonard (Miss Philippines Earth 2013)

It is time for another Zoom In Article for Miss Philippines Earth 2013. I shared with you the stories of Miss Mabalacat City HERE and of Miss Fil. Community in Canada HERE. Now, I will be bringing you down south to the beautiful Zamboanga City. It is the industrial and commercial center of Zamboanga Peninsula.

This year, Zamboanga embraced its nickname as “Asia’s Latin City” by sending a gorgeous lady full of what we call as “Latina Vibe” to Miss Philippines Earth 2013. She has, no doubt, one of the best faces in this year’s batch of candidates. She brings to the competition a whole new level of unparalleled sexiness. Despite the beauty and the sex appeal, I was initially hesitant to throw my support because I thought she was one-dimensional. Then we had this interview and I learned more about her personality. She is funny in a very unintentional way and is strong with her beliefs. I am very excited to share with you the story of Nancy Leonard!

Nancy05Photo Credits: FB Page of Nancy & Seed Interactive

Quick Facts

Name: Nancy Lee Leonard

Nickname: Teng

School & Course: Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. / BS Psychology

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hometown: Zamboanga City

Hobbies: Surfing the net, Reading articles, watching movies

Pet Peeves: Picking your nose and spitting in public

Nancy06Photo Credits: FB Page of Nancy

One-Word Meme

Your Cellphone? Irreplaceable

Relationship Status? Taken

Favorite Dessert? Chocolate

Favorite Pinay Beauty Queen? Karla Henry

Your Shoes? Rare

Where did you grow up? Zamboanga

Your computer? Necessity

Favorite Color? Green


Out-going or Shy

Studious or Carefree

Serious or Fun-Loving

Half-empty or Half-full

Paper or Plastic

Cat or Dog

Beer or Wine

Nancy02Photo Credits: FB Page of Nancy

So let’s be serious…

Who motivated you to join Miss Philippines Earth 2013?

My family and friends. They are the major factors that motivate me to have the urge of joining. Without them, i think i wouldn’t have the confidence to stand on stage.

How did you prepare for the competition? And what makes you stand-out among all the candidates?

I made sure that i’ll first graduate from college before joining any national pageant so that I can focus on what I am aiming for. Aside from that, being a candidate of Miss Philippines Earth alone has actually helped me become prepared.

I think what makes me stand-out among all the candidates is my determination to win and passion to be an icon of mother earth.

So much is at stake in Miss Earth 2013 (we only missed the cut twice), what are your thoughts about winning the title?

If I will be given the chance to represent our country in Miss Earth 2013 pageant, I will surely do my best to be included in the Top Five. Yes, there might still be aspects in me that need improvements but I am certain that I will always bring the pride and especially humility that is instilled in me.

Will you encourage a relative who is thinking of joining a pageant?

Yes, of course! And that would not only be limited to my relatives but to my fellow Zamboanguena who also wants to become a beauty queen. So in that sense, people around the globe will be awakened that there are truly beautiful women in Zamboanga.

Nancy03Photo Credits: FB Page of Nancy

Miss Earth 101

What would you consider as your defining moment as a woman?

My defining moment as a woman is that I am a woman that possesses a motherly instinct that makes me a loving and caring person not only to myself but to others as well.

For you, what is more important sunrise or sunset?

I’ll go for sunrise, because it symbolizes that nothing is too late. There is always  tomorrow!

If you have the chance to speak to the President about the state of the country’s environment, what would you tell him?

I will address him to be part of my advocacy of using water appropriately and to apply proper waste management in areas that are prone to environmental problems such as air, water and soil pollution. With his power, I know that he will effectively help his people become aware of our environment.

How would you describe the beauty of Mother Earth to a blind child?

Our earth has a lot to offer and the beauty that lies within it are not limited to seeing. I will simply close my eyes, and with that child, we will together smell and feel the fresh air that mother earth is giving.

Nancy01Photo Credits: FB Page of Nancy

I hope you enjoy this Zoom In article…

Vote for Nancy in our poll. Click HERE to VOTE!

— Kattera —

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