Kattera’s Fave List – Miss Philippines Earth 2013

I can’t contain my excitement to see the culmination of Miss Philippines Earth 2013. This year might not be the strongest batch in terms of beauty, I still think that the group has several stand-out ladies to boast! In fact, I had a hard time filling-in my Top 10 fave list. I also feel that the girls in my alternative list are strong enough to penetrate the top 10 anytime tonight. Basing on the “reports” that the judges will be asked to rate the ladies in this way – 60% to beauty, face, poise and figure & 40% to intelligence, personality and attitude – here are my favorite ladies for Miss Philippines Earth 2013:

Thanks a lot to http://www.missphilippines-earth.com for the pictures!

The Alternatives


Athina Karla Chia (Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay)

Caneille Faith Santos (Marilao, Bulacan)

Kristel Suizo (Misamis Occidental)

Sarah Jireh Asido (Quezon City)

Lucena Rose Magdadaro (Sogod, Cebu)

The Semi-finalists


Jannie Loudette Alipo-on (Cabugao, Ilocos Sur) – Jannie did well in the challenge score sheet. I hope that this caught the attention of the organizers because she is one of the most beautiful candidates this year. Her official website picture is nothing compare to her candid pictures. I observed that the lesser the make-up the more beautiful she is.

Alma Cabasal (Filipino Community in USA West Coast) – I am crazy with Alma’s personality. She is fun, outgoing and seems to be very wacky! Behind the loud personality that I love, Alma has the brains needed for a Miss Earth queen. She did well in my Zoom In interview!

Katherine Lagrimas (Iriga City) – Katherine is another challenge performer. She is one of the top scorer in the challenges and with that charming face, I doubt if she will be left out in the cold.

Charmaine Hernandez (Taguig City) – After Ferina left the competition, I realized that Charmaine was given the spotlight that she rightfully deserves. I can compare her beauty to Ferina – the pretty petite mestisa lady! She is seizing every opportunity by standing out in every activity, pictures and videos.

Ma. Eliza Zosa (Talisay City)  – I was hesitant in putting Eliza here! Yep, she is pretty in person and her skin is really flawless. What turned me off during the Cebu screening was the fact that she was nervous and it was affecting her walk and her facial expression. She is much improved though in her MPE activities. Hope she realize that she is one hell of a beautiful beauty queen so there is no reason to sweat!

The Filipina Earth Angels

Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism 2013 – Teffanie Llamada (Cebu City)


Teffanie is my personal favorite this year! She impressed me with her vivacious personality during the screening. She was funny, spontaneous and genuinely pleasant to everyone! She is also smart – she placed 1st during the environmental knowledge challenge – so she can ace the Q&A surely! She is a natural beauty and I wish her the best in tonight’s competition!

Miss Philippines Fire 2013 – Nancy Leonard (Zamboanga City)


Nancy is, for me, the face of Miss Philippines Earth 2013! She is beautiful and sexy. She gives off this Latina vibe without trying so hard! I just adore this lovely lady from the South!

Miss Philippines Water 2013 – Angelee delos Reyes (Olongapo City)


Angelee is the complete package. She has the best body in the competition and ruled the stage in their catwalk challenge. She is a pageant veteran with pageant experience in national and international competition. It won’t hurt seeing her with the crown.

Miss Philippines Air 2013 – Kimverlyn Suiza (Nagcarlan, Laguna)


If there is an award about Elegance, Kimverlyn will probably be winning it. She is very graceful and elegant in her pictures and videos. She is one of the fan favorites and Carousel is definitely seeing her potentials. She is not a bad choice for the crown because (1) she is facially beautiful with that swan-like neck that I wish I have (2) she stands-out in the crowd and (3) her grace and finesse. I just wish that she will be more cheerful and fun to look-out. There were moments in the competition when she seemed to be a bore.

Miss Philippines Earth 2013 – Aura Donna Garon (Mabalacat City)


Aura leads this year’s pack! She is a dynamo armed with great personality, smart thinking, regal stance and a very lovely face! She looked much improved compare to her previous Miss Philippines Earth stint. What made me jump on board is that among all the ladies, she is the only candidate with a concrete environmental platform – no bs, no rehearsed answer, just a plain solid well-devised plan. I believe that she will be a very effective Miss Philippines Earth Queen!

This is it….

I hope that you did enjoy my list!

All the best to all the candidates!

— Kattera —

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