Zoom In: Beyond the Pretty Face of Alma Cabasal (Miss Philippines Earth 2013)

What a way to close our Miss Philippines Earth 2013 coverage… I will then be sharing with you the last Zoom In article for this pageant. This is extra special because I will introduce to you the official representative of the Filipino Community in USA West Coast.

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Alma Cabasal is the proud representative of the Filipino Community of USA (West Coast). She is definitely proud of her roots because she can speak Tagalog fluently. One thing that I admire of her! With this interview, I realized how smart she is. I appreciated the fact that she was so candid with her answers. Let us then discover the real Alma Cabasal – beyond the pretty face 😀

Alma06Photo Credits: FB Page of Alma Cabasal

Quick Facts

Name: Alma Cecilia M. Cabasal
Nickname: Alma / Macel
School & Course: Concorde Career College (California) – Medical Assistant
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Hometown: Quezon City
Hobbies: martial arts, singing, clubbing, bartending, surfing the net, modeling
Pet Peeves: arrogance, selfishness, mess (I’m kind of an OCD person)

One-Word Meme

Your Cellphone? Free! 😉
Relationship Status? eh
Favorite Dessert? Madami! 😀
Favorite Pinay Beauty Queen? Miriam Quiambao
Your Shoes? affordable
Where did you grow up? QC
Your computer? Gateway
Your Car? Highlander
Favorite Color? BLUE! 😀

Alma05Photo Credits: http://www.missphilippines-earh.com

Pick One

Outgoing or Shy
Studious or Carefree
Serious or Fun-Loving
Half-Empty or Half-Full
Paper or Plastic
Cat or Dog
Beer or Wine

Alma04Photo Credits: FB Fan Page of Alma Cabasal

So let’s be serious…

Who motivated you to join Miss Philippines Earth?

My family motivated me the most. I was just about to join the US Navy when I received a call from my agent in California asking me if I was interested and I just said yes. When I told my family about it, they were very supportive and it made me feel good about my decision.

How did you prepare for the competition? And what makes you stand-out among all the candidates?

For the past year, I’ve been joining local pageants in Los Angeles,CA and an international modeling competition held in LA as well. I consider those competitions as my preparation for MPE. I honestly never thought that I would someday join a national beauty pageant in the Philippines and I consider this a dream come true already! Also, what makes me stand-out among the candidates is that, I may represent the Filipino community from USA but I am 100% Pinoy, SA ISIP, SA SALITA, at SA GAWA!  Yes, I am fluent in Tagalog po. 😉

So much is at stake in Miss Earth 2013 (we only missed the cut twice), what are your thoughts about winning the title?

I think that winning the title is something given to you by God. I always believe that things happen for a reason and things happen in God’s time. Pana-panahon lang yan. But of course, whoever wins title has a huge responsibility to make a change for a better world. And in this pageant, it’s not all about winning; it’s about making a difference for our planet and for the betterment of our children’s future.

Will you encourage a relative who is thinking of joining the pageant?

Funny that you asked ‘cause I’m already talking to my cousins who have beautiful daughters that if they ever want to join pageants, I’m all out in supporting them! Of course I would encourage my friends and family! I would love for them to enjoy the experience of meeting other beautiful people and learning a lot from the whole journey.

Alma01Photo Credits: FB Page of Alma Cabasal

Miss Earth 101

For you, what is more important sunrise or sunset?

For me, this question is similar to the infamous question “Which came first, the chicken of the egg?” If I say the sunrise is more important because it symbolizes new hope and new beginnings, is it wrong for me to say that sunset is not much of any importance because it’s the end of a day in your life?

If you have the chance to speak to the president about the state of the country’s environment, what would you tell him?

I would love to tell him that he and his subordinates are doing a good job in trying to do a bit of a change to improve our country’s environmental status. Because honestly, he can’t do it alone and in one term. It takes one small step to start a journey, and that journey started because of them. Special kudos to Mayor Hagedorn! 

How would you describe the beauty of Mother Earth to a blind child?

First, I would ask permission from the parents if I can take the child with me to a trip on the mountain/forest. To be able to describe the beauty of Mother Earth to someone who’s visually impaired, that person must experience the purity of the beauty first hand. And so, I’d take the child to a mountain/forest, have him feel the fresh air, smell the plants and flowers, hear the running water of the river, listen to different animal sounds, and taste some fresh exotic fruits. I’d use his other well working senses for him to experience the true beauty of Mother Earth.

Alma02Photo Credits: FB Page of Alma Cabasal

I really hope that you did enjoy this Zoom In article.

I wish Alma the best of luck in tomorrow’s finale.

She is worthy to be on that stage!

— Kattera —

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One Response to Zoom In: Beyond the Pretty Face of Alma Cabasal (Miss Philippines Earth 2013)

  1. Macel !!! hey cosuin congrats!!! the Mañeje ( Or. Mindoro) and Cabasal (Zambales) clan are very proud of you ….This will be the start of your way to STARDOM…. This girl is really on FIRE =)

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