Beauty Queens as Read-Along Ambassadors

I am always in pure joy every time I hear a beauty queen uses her “powers” for something good. I am overjoyed seeing them in action and setting a very good example to everyone who looks up to them. Such is how I felt upon learning that Anna Theresa Licaros (Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2007) and Cathy Untalan (Miss Earth Water 2006) were chosen as Read-Along Ambassadors by Philippine Daily Inquirer – a Philippine broadsheet newspaper.

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Launched in May 2007 by the Inquirer Research department and Junior Inquirer, the Read-Along Program brings together children for story-reading sessions with celebrities, famous role models for the youth and achievers in their respective fields. Since then, the team has conducted more than 250 sessions with more than 16,000 children and over 300 celebrity readers.

Theresa and Cathy are part of the first batch of ambassadors, chosen along with famous personalities in the country. I would like to thank Cathy and Theresa for committing their efforts and time into a very meaningful project. I hope that more beauty queens will dedicate their energies and time to programs that will help change the lives of Filipinos for the better! Again, Good Job to Cathy and Tere!

Anna Theresa Licaros

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Cathy Untalan

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One Response to Beauty Queens as Read-Along Ambassadors

  1. Miner says:

    They are definitely not just pretty faces. They are achievers, before and after they got their crowns. Both are UP honor grads, Cathy a Pyschology cum laude and Tere a Mass Com summa cum laude. After they got their beauty titles, they went back to school. Tere got her law degree while Cathy got her masters degree. In all, we chose them to be the read-along ambassadors because we know that they do read.

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