Inquirer Interview of Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Queens

The queens of Bb. Pilipinas 2013 visited Philippine Daily Inquirer and had a quick chat with the entertainment/beauty pageant writers of the newspaper daily. Check below the video as they answered the questions of the writers:

Video Credits: inquirernews of YouTube

I actually enjoyed watching the video and I think I learned a lot about our reigning queens. Here are some of the things that I observed:

Mutya Datul – Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2013 – is telegenic! As always, she looks amazing in this video and I think she is the most beautiful Binibini queen this year! Despite the pronunciation issues that I observed, I think she is slowly improving with her English communication skills. She carried the interview quiet well with answers that were personal and had emotions. I also love it wwhen she smiles every time she answer. It puts so much expression on her eyes!

Pia Wurtzbach – Bb. Pilipinas 2013 1st Runner-up – is, in every inch, a queen! She looked regal in the video and her face was divine! I can’t wait for her to jojn next year’s Binibini. How I wish PDI gave her more airtime!

Bea Santiago‘s – Bb. Pilipinas International 2013 – styling aged her! I am really not sure on what happened but the hair, the outfit and those loop earrings seemed as if a decade was added to her age. I must say that this not her best look! I also think that her voice – with the accent and all – and how she delivers her answers, sometimes make her approach so “off” to me. Is there such a thing as “sounds unfriendly, literally”?!? She sounds so strict and “un-beauty queen”. I don’t know! I am just probably not used to her accent. Lemme know if you feel the same way!

I am indifferent with Ara Arida – Miss Universe Philippines 2013. And this video made me realize why I am not really interested with her beauty….It’s the area below her nose to her chin! (Hahaha!) So specific right?!? I actually don’t get it but I feel that something is wrong with her upper lip that I feel awkward seeing  her speak! The straight hair is starting to wear me out as well. I feel that she needs a big change with her look now. Ara is thisclose of being boring to me!

Cindy Miranda – Bb. Pilipinas Tourism 2013 – is the Best Speaker in the group. She probably learned this from her hosting experience. Her voice modulation is perfect and she sounds good in both English and Tagalog. She also looked beautiful in the video! What turned me off was when she starting covering her legs/lap with the pillow! I thought she looked silly with it. She probably wore a dress that exposed much of her legs when she sat down thus the pillow. However, look at how Bea, Mutya and Pia made sure that everything was secured upon sitting down. Every beauty queen aspirant should also know how to sit – the beauty queen way. To Cindy, kindly go through this video. Lu Sierra of Miss Universe Organization will give you a tip on how to properly sit down in an interview if you are a beauty queen. Kindly check 1:04-1:30 of the video!

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

— Kattera —

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