Miss USA 2013 (4th Update): Road to the Crown Videos (Alabama to Florida)

While we all anxiously await for the official pictures and videos of Miss USA 2013. Let me share with you the Road to the Crown videos of the first 10 Miss USA 2013 candidates – Alabama to Florida. These videos give us fans a peek on the lives of the candidates. The girls shared some photos and stories about their lives – their families and some unforgettable experiences. This is also a chance for us to decide on who registers on TV well and who can communicate her ideas well to the target audience. Here are the videos:

Alabama – Mary Margaret McCord

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

I find her beauty really pleasing. I specifically adore her eyes. It seems expressive. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same with her voice! She sounded so monotonous! Her voice sounded off while she was talking about the supposedly “emotional” tornado experience.

Alaska – Melissa McKinney

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

Melissa’s experience in Sudan is big plus on her Miss USA profile. This might sound wrong for others but highlighting her charity experience just boosted her profile. I actually like the fact that she already had a first-hand experience with charity. My concern here is her outfit. That turtleneck is not flattering at all! It will also not hurt if she can style her hair a bit.

Arizona – Rachel Massie

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

Her interest in the beauty industry shows a lot with her beautiful skin. I think she looks amazing and her teeth is close to perfection! It seems to me that she is living a very active lifestyle thus I expect her to have one of the best bodies in the competition! I can’t wait for her swimsuit presentation.

Arkansas – Hannah Billingsley

Video Credits: Official MissUSA of YouTube

I am now a fan Hannah! Now a fan… I love her face and I adore her accent. I also love the fact that she focused more on her life as a kid, her achievements and even inserted funny experience. Her video really stood out. What I think Hannah needs to work on is her make-up. Her make-up in this video is too heavy for her face. I prefer the beautiful lady in red top in this video!

California – Mabelynn Capeluj

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

Mabelynn is one of my pre-arrival favorites for Miss USA 2013. This video just sealed the deal for me. Her Latina-flare will surely help her Miss USA campaign. I love her beauty and her styling in this video. She also sounded well in the video. Another plus for me is on how she emphasized the importance of education and how she worked hard for her studies. Good start Mabelynn!

Colorado – Amanda Wiley

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

Amanda’s curls aged her in this video. I must say that she looks younger and better on her graduation photos! I hope that she will be very careful with her styling the moment she touched the Vegas sands. Her work on Breast Cancer awareness is a big boost to her profile because if I am not mistaken, this is one of the causes that Miss USA is supporting.

Connecticut – Erin Brady

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

What’s wrong with her left eye? Did Erin just bumped into something? I had a hard time finishing the video because I was bothered with it. This makes me sad as she is one of my pre-arrival favorites. I still want to give her another chance. I hope she will bounce back in time for the competition proper! Just a piece of advice to Erin, that eye brow is “not friendly” at all. Fix it quick!

Delaware – Rachel Baiocco

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

Rachel surprised me in a lot of ways. I thought that she looked beautiful in this video, even more beautiful than her pictures in Miss USA website. I think she has a great facial structure.  She also surprised on how she sounded so monotonous in the video! She sounded like an alarm clock that keeps on snoozing. I also think that she needs a bit of training on how to answer questions the beauty queen way. Answering with “It’s literally the best place ever” and “we decided to do something fun, whatever” is really not the smartest statement to say. I did laugh when she said that “I don’t want kids ever so I will have all my dogs…would be my children”. It’s really not the thought/idea that i’m laughing at but on how she composed her statement. It was so “unqueenly” for her!

District of Columbia – Jessica Frith

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

I admire the things that Jessica achieved in such a young age. Planning for a PhD is something that is not discussed normally by young ladies her age! However, I find the video really shallow. I think I am missing the personal connection or that statement or moment that is real and genuine. I do think that she looks good here!

Florida – Michelle Aguirre

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

I really feel Michelle’s Latina roots and it makes her even more beautiful! I am also expecting a great swimsuit performance and an amazing catwalk from her especially that she is a dancer! A piece of advice to Michelle, change the color of her hair and be easy on the make-up!

So there… Our first 10 candidates of Miss USA 2013! I certainly learned a lot from our queens. I was impressed with Arkansas and California! How about you? Any thoughts?

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— Kattera —

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