Luo Zilin and Naomi Campbell: From Friends to Foes?!?

“Holy Molly! You don’t mess with Naomi!” This was my initial reaction after reading the story about Luo Zilin and Naomi Campbell!

So, for those who are not yet aware of the issue, let me give you a short background:

We all know Naomi- the supermodel! She has been dating Russian billionaire, Vladimir Doronin, for several years now, up until a rumored break-up last month.

Photo Credits: Getty Images and

Luo Zilin was the official representative of China to Miss Universe 2011  and was judged as the 4th Runner-up. After her Miss Universe stint, she participated in the reality show – The Face – which I featured here! This reality show features Naomi as one of the coaches and Luo Zilin was actually a member of Team Naomi. Luo ended up as a runner-up in the said competition.

Photo Credits: Zilin’s Twitter Account &

Photo Credits: FB Page of The Face &

Last week, Luo Zilin was seen WITH Vladimir Doronin in the party island of Ibiza. What made this really interesting was there were kisses, embraces and straddles involved! Check the pictures below and see for yourself….

Photo Credits: Splash News &

Photo Credits: Splash News &

Photo Credits: Splash News and

Photo Credits: Splash News and

Photo Credits: & Splash News

Photo Credits: & Splash News

Photo Credits: & Splash News

Now, it has been reported that Luo Zilin has been fired by her management firm due to “unprofessional conduct” and “unacceptable work ethic“. DailyMail UK reported that Zilin denied the romance. What is interesting here is that Naomi didn’t issue any official statement yet but tweeted this meaningful quote:

#omiquotes The moment a person loses appreciation for the goodness others have done for them is the moment they begin their fall. Blsd day x

Very meaningful right!?! I am definitely Team Naomi here! I adore Zilin but what she did was just too foul. I have read that Naomi and Vladimir are in an on-&-off relationship so, being the “side chick” in their relationship and being  with the ex-boyfriend of your mentor, who taught you a lot of things and probably considered you as a protege, just way too much for me!!! But since I adore you Zilin, I am hoping that if this story is really not true (despite the pictures above) like what you tweeted, I hope you have the best explanation when you give out your official statement!

Check-out the stories HERE in the Daily Mail UK Report and HERE in the Buzz Feed story.

— Kattera —

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